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MACH Software

A Web-Based ERP Solution for B2C and B2B Operations 5
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MACH Software is an ERP solution that manages all of your key business operations through a cloud-based or on-premise solution. The MACH suite of products include Accounting, Purchasing, Order Processing, Customer Management, Inventory Management, Marketing, and more, eliminating the need for multiple software programs.

MACH’s browser-based interface is secure, user-friendly, and can be accessed from remote locations. Furthermore, MACH Software is a PA-DSS certified application for PCI compliance.

MACH can store millions of records, and combined with the MACH Internet Connectivity creates an extremely scalable environment. Currently MACH has clients ranging from 10-400 workstations processing 50-20,000 orders/day, with an inventory of 100-500,000 items, 1-36 warehouse locations, and 0-40 retail stores.

MACH Software has been in the multi-channel industry for 30+ years. By combining our software with our support team’s extensive knowledge/experience and our ever-increasing user group, we successfully deliver long-term solutions.

MACH Software Standard Suite

MACH Software is a fully integrated on-line system designed to meet the order processing, purchasing, inventory management, marketing and accounting requirements of today’s multi-channel merchant operation. All modules are fully-Integrated.

Modules included in the MACH Software Standard Package are: Accounting (including AP, AR, and General Ledger), Order Processing, Inventory Control, Warehouse Management Wireless Technology, Purchasing, Financials, Marketing, Sales and RFM Analysis, List Management, Credit Card Processing, Internet Integration.

Operating Environment:

Client software:
  • None required – Browser based application using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome with IE Plug-Ins.
On-Premise and Hosted Solutions:
  • Server Software: Microsoft Windows Server or UNIX platform.

Accounts Payable

In the MACH Accounts Payable module, you can manage bills, schedule payments, forecast cash flow, take advantage of discounts and write checks.

This module will track all vendor invoices, check payments and adjustment histories.

Special Features:

  • Browse Vendor and G/L Expense Distributions
  • Integrated with Purchasing and Inventory
  • Vendor Accessed by Number, Name or Special User Definable Fields


  • Unlimited Number of Vendors, Number of Open Items and Terms Codes
  • User Definable Vendor Open Fields
  • Cash Forecasting - With or Without discounts
  • A/P Aged Trial Balance
  • Detail Open Item Payment History
  • 1099 Reporting
  • General Ledger Posting from Journals
  • Context Sensitive Help
  • Automatic Discount and Payment Scheduling
  • Comment Fields
  • Manual or Computer Checks
  • Pre Check Voucher Register
  • Check Registers
  • Voided Checks System
  • Cash Account Reconciliation
  • Bank Check Reconciliation


  • Invoice Entry
  • Multiple Expense Distributions
  • Dollar Amount or Percentage Distribution
  • Invoice or Account May be Placed on Hold
  • Automatic or Manual Selections of Invoices for Payment
  • Partial Payments
  • Laser or Pin Feed Checks
  • Write Checks from Multiple Bank Accounts
  • Reports Outstanding Checks

Accounts Receivables

Using the MACH Accounts Receivable Module, you will always know the customers’ current balances, invoice history, high credit and aging. Statements may be printed at any time.

This module will track all customer invoices, payments, credit memos and adjustment histories.

Special Features:

  • Access Customers by Name, Zip, Telephone Number and Other User Definable Cross References
  • Unlimited Number of Customers, Open Item Transactions and Lines of Detail per Invoice
  • Applies Payments Oldest to Newest or to Specific Invoice
  • Tracks Average Days to Pay and High Credit Balance/Date
  • Word Processing Merge can be used to write Collection Letters
  • Reprints Prior Invoices
  • Records Cash Receipts
  • Calculates and Reports Salesman Split Commissions
  • Summarizes Cash Receipts Journal and Deposit
  • Prints Refund Checks Directly From A/R System
  • Print or Fax Customer Statements
  • Posts to General Ledger From A/R Journals
  • Processes RMA’s and Credit Memos


  • Integration of Order Entry and Billing
  • Field Level Tool Tips
  • Customer User Definable Fields
  • Aging by Invoice Date or Due Date
  • Payment History
  • Customer Definable Terms Based Upon Discount %, Discount Days and Net Due Days
  • Definable Finance Charge Calculation, Customer Specific


  • Partial Payment of Invoices
  • Payment to Open Account
  • Entry of Non A/R Cash
  • Print or Fax Credit Memos
  • Debit and Credit Adjustments
  • Aged Trial Balance
  • Payment by Credit Card


The MACH Repetitive Orders/Continuity Module provides an integrated solution to setup an item for scheduled shipments on an automatic basis. Items may be setup for the number of times you want to ship the product and the number of days between auto order generation. You may also specify the day of the week for shipment, how many weeks to maintain the schedule of shipping or the day of the month (i.e. the 25th day)

Special Features:

  • It is fully integrated into the MACH order processing system
  • Creates orders on schedules set by users
  • Items can be pre-designated as Continuity or amended while in Order process
  • Module creates the order, controls the continuity order, charges the credit card and applies the charges to the customer’s account
  • Has the ability to charge for one item in “N equal payments” (Example 3 equal payments of $29.95– 30 days apart)
  • Module has the capability to charge a credit card for multiple payments or create an AR open account entry to track payments as received
  • Automatically creates an order on the day of shipment during the prescribed period and obtains the authorization of the credit card prior to picking and shipping


  • Automatic distribution of items to your customers when they need them on a regular basis
  • Ability to process multiple kits as continuity sales
  • Assistance in planning for inventory requirements and scheduling shipment dates
  • Automatic credit card authorization begins process of picking, shipping and settlement of the charges


  • Designation of unlimited number of Continuity items in inventory
  • Create flexible schedules that can run indefinitely or until the maximum number of shipments has been reached
  • Designate the number of shipments required and the interval between shipments
  • Adjust to customer requirements by operator in the order entry system
  • Establish continuity defaults per item in the inventory item master file
  • Captures the day of the month for shipments of the inventory item

Ecommerce Interface

MACH Software provides the best of both worlds in our Ecommerce Interface modules. You can choose a real-time automated and integrated interface or a more controlled batch download in order to review each order before it is placed in the system. Either way, you can automatically import your web orders and catalog requests directly from the web site into MACH without rekeying data.

You also have the ultimate control over content and pricing with immediate or batch updating of items, prices, copy or graphics.

Processing credit cards, picking and shipping of a web order is fast and easy just like any other MACH order. Our powerful mapping system will take your internet orders from a downloaded file so that you may review them for accuracy or create automatic entry before quickly and seamlessly adding them into MACH. Automatically send e-mail order confirmations or shipment notifications.

Special Features:

  • Accurate mapping of your current web store orders for easy insertion into MACH.
  • Fast Queue and Review process prevents duplication of customers into your house file.
  • Eliminate problem orders or fictitious customers before they get into your system.
  • Quickly add new prospects to catalog request file for prompt responses.
  • Updates master addresses from internet order data.
  • Easily locate internet orders by CSR with web-store reference number.

General Ledger

The General Ledger System is the core of the software. It is the accumulation of all financial transactions into one consolidated set of books. These transactions are summarized by account and all transactions flow into this Ledger from subsidiary ledgers and journals.

Timely and accurate financial reporting with detailed audit trails provides you a powerful management tool for controlling your business.

Special Features:

  • Integrates with sales, A/R, I/C, A/P and purchasing
    • Maintains figures for up to 3 full years including prior year
    • Prevents postings of unbalanced transactions
    • Postings may be made to prior or future periods (with warnings.)
  • Flexible chart of accounts structure
    • Unlimited number of general ledger accounts
    • Unlimited departments or profit centers
  • Financial reporting:
    • Very flexible user defined financial reports
    • Multi-company and divisional reports
    • By department, company or companies and consolidated reports
    • General ledger detail report
    • Current year, prior year and budget reports


  • Consolidated statements
  • Supporting schedules
  • Financial reports to assist tax preparation
  • Automatic closing and roll over into the new year


  • 3-year open accounting period
  • Fiscal or calendar year
  • Budgets by month with comparative reporting
  • General journal standard entries system
  • Automatic reversals
  • Screen inquiry of general ledger detail report
  • Working trial balances

Integrated Email & Faxing

Integrated Email

The MACH Integrated Email module will pay for itself quickly in labor and phone cost savings plus reduce customer service calls. It allows MACH forms and reports to be emailed easily and effectively. The software runs as a Windows service.

Special Features:

  • Confirms orders entered from phone, mail, fax and internet or third party call center download.
  • Notify customers of shipment dates with tracking numbers and link to website of shipper
  • Optional formats include minimum information to full status of back-orders
  • Send marketing and urgent email broadcasts to opt-in clients
  • Merges file information into e-mail body text (Dear John Smith)
  • Supports all standard mail headers (cc, bcc)
  • E-mail as easy as printing
  • Sends out email from MACH to any standard SMTP mail server
  • Requires a constant internet connection


  • Built in Editor – e-mail Messages contain all standard functions:
  • Send-to
  • Carbon copies
  • Blind copies
  • Subject
  • Attachments
  • Body Text


  • Your entire customer file and vendor file may be your address book.
  • Broadcast E-mails with email addresses and data merged from:
    • Customer lists
    • RFM selection
    • Orders file, etc.
  • Supports standard attachments, both text and binary attachments from:
    • Word
    • Excel
    • Other
  • E-mail purchase orders, quotes, statements and any other MACH forms
  • E-mail reports directly from the system through Outlook
  • Select e-mail as the printer designation for forms as though you were printing it on your printer
  • HTML Format

Integrated Faxing

No more wasting time while waiting in line to fax a document only to find the line busy and have to come back and try again later. The MACH Integrated Fax will pay for itself quickly in labor savings alone. System includes a fax modem and software from GoldFax and DMA, which will integrate faxing into your business management software. You may also fax from any standard windows application.

The software runs on Windows Server 2003, 2008.

Special Features:

  • Create Custom cover pages for each user for one-page and multiple page faxes
  • Fonts, graphics, signatures, logos & letterhead
  • Personal and system wide fax phonebooks store frequently used numbers
  • Unlimited number of entries in a GoldFax phonebook
  • Distribution lists for broadcast faxes
  • Automated calling specified by system manager for the number and interval of retries
  • Reduce costs with GoldFax by sending faxes during evening hours when phone rates are lower
  • Automatic routing


  • High speed FAX modem provided by DMA
  • GoldFax software totally integrated to system
  • Fax purchase orders, quotations, acknowledgements and other normally printed forms
  • Built in text editor to setup your cover pages and body text
  • Attachment support including: Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point
  • Supported graphics: BMP, GIF, TIFF, JPEG


  • Plain paper fax
    • Received faxes can be routed to HP or postscript laser printers, the equivalent of a plain paper fax
  • Status reporting
  • Management reporting
  • Fax as easily as printing by simply changing from your current default printer to the GoldFax printer
  • GoldFax viewer displays received faxes on Windows desktops
  • Faxes can be scaled, rotated and automatically sized
  • Faxes can be mailed to other users from the viewer


The Inventory Control System is the core of the order processing and purchasing modules. Inventory is automatically committed and updated by orders, increased by purchasing and adjusted by physicals.

The Inventory Module is designed to be fully integrated with the Order Entry, Point-of-Sale, Quotations, Accounts Payable, Purchase Order, Kit Building and Sales Analysis Modules.

Special Features:

  • Purchase from Multiple Suppliers for Same Item
  • Tracks Quantity Usage by Period for three years and Life to Date
  • Look Up by Description, vendor part number, competitor part number, user definable indices
  • Multiple Line Unlimited Descriptions
  • Quantity on hand, Committed, Backordered, on Purchase Order, Usage, Reorder Point, Review Point, EOQ, Coverage and Maximum
  • Optional RF Wireless Handheld for Receiving Inventory Control and Physical Inventories


  • Purchasing and Stocking
  • Stocking and Purchasing Units of Measure Conversion
  • Complete Pre-assembled and on-the-fly Kitting Modules
  • Physical Inventory System with cycle counting
  • Automatic Replenishment Report and Purchase Order Generation
  • Multi-location Transfer System and Journals
  • Item Inventory, Cost and Sale General Ledger Account


  • Unlimited Inventory Items or SKU’s
  • Real Time Inventory Updates
  • Multiple Bulk Bin Locations
  • Flexible replenishment from Bulk to Primary
  • Item Weight Tracking
  • Product Group Codes
  • Standard Package
  • Active / Inactive Inventory Flag
  • Bar Code UPC, CODE 39 and other Bar Code support is available
  • Multiple Pricing Methods
  • Multiple Price Levels
  • Multiple Quantity and Dollar Price Breaks
  • Contract Pricing
  • Average, Latest and Standard Costs

Order Processing

A critical function of any business is the processing of customer orders. MACH software handles orders quickly and accurately. Order processing is fully integrated with the Inventory, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger and Sales Analysis Modules.

Special Features:

  • Convert quotes to orders automatically
  • Cue and review - Import internet orders directly into the system
  • Add customers “on the fly” without leaving order entry
  • Extensive cross-referencing capabilities
  • Entering stock and non-stock items
  • Display sales notes, technical notes and item graphics
  • Automatic shipping charge calculation
  • Rate shopping for shipping
  • Authorize credit cards in real-time or batch
  • Scan check coded items at packing
  • Integrated real-time shipping manifest system
  • Optional kit processing module
  • Optional gift certificate module


  • Enter and track orders by promotion, catalog and page
  • Real-time availability and price
  • Displays the due date
  • Pricing by catalog, category and quantity
  • Individual contract pricing
  • Optional bin location sequencing on pick list and batch picking
  • Control over backorder fill - automatic back order fill
  • Full customer invoice history
  • Payment method, credit limit and holds


  • Enter orders from phone, fax, mail or internet or third party call centers
  • Browse database for customer name, zip, phone or other user definable lookup
  • Display customer credit and shipping information
  • Browse inventory by description, previous purchases or user defined lookup
  • Lookup product by size, color and style
  • Create drop ship purchase orders automatically
  • Unlimited product descriptions, comments and items
  • Payment by cash, check, credit card open terms
  • Unlimited number of ship-to addresses


The Retail Point-of-Sale (POS) system provides an integrated solution for the retail operations associated with a catalog business. The system works in multiple locations on stations with cash drawers, receipt printers, pole displays and integrated on line credit card authorization to record the sales and perform inventory control and analysis for your retail stores.

Special Features:

  • Touch screen
  • Fully integrated with the MACH system
  • Easy sale entry and cash drawer operation
  • Database browse and lookup for customers and inventory
  • Bar code scanning for item entry at register
  • The software runs on the Windows .NET platforms.
  • Real-time stock status from other stores
  • Backorder directly from catalog
  • Add new customers or update current customer information


  • Ability to ring miscellaneous sales
  • Multiple pricing capabilities
  • Set sale items with start/stop dates
  • Real-time cash register reporting
  • Reports:
    • multiple management reports by register
    • product recap
    • group code recap
    • register recap by hour
    • daily cash drawer report
    • daily register recap
    • daily sales drawer cash validation
    • sets dates and pricing for sales items
    • post POS sales


  • Cash, check, credit card, gift card, open account or split terms of sale
  • On-line credit/debit card authorization
  • Layaway sales
  • Process payments on an open account
  • Transfer stock from warehouse to store
  • Process gift certificates and coupons
  • Save and recall current sale


The Purchasing System provides the purchasing agent with reorder reports, movement history and pricing information. Purchase orders are easily created, received, and reconciled. Inquiry programs allow tracking of inventory ordered and expected dates. Drill down to any applicable vendor or item information during the entry process.

Special Features:

  • Creates replenishment reports when below order points
  • Suggested reorder quantity based upon usage history, safety stock, lead-time, standard package and vendor unit of measure
  • Stock number and vendor item number print on PO
  • Automatic or manual purchase order numbering
  • Automatic purchase order creation for drop ship orders
  • Print barcode labels or tags for received stock
  • Intuitive backorder fill processing
  • Vendor debit return system
  • Multiple purchase order receiving modes – complete, open items, all items, or by item
  • Integrated with A/P, Inventory and GL


  • Automatic creation of line items on purchase orders
  • Additional item and vendor information through drill down links
  • Expected delivery date by item
  • Line item weight, PO total weight, line item cost, and total cost retained on PO
  • Receiving put away report with bin locations
  • Warehouse receipts register
  • Purchase order and vendor invoice reconciliation
  • Open Purchase Order report
  • Purchase history by vendor item MTD and YTD
  • Entry of non-stock items that are linked to customer orders
  • Vendor data editable from within purchase order system


  • Stock or non-stock item entry on purchase orders
  • Multiple description lines per item
  • Entry of inventory item during entry of the PO
  • Entry of vendor PO address from PO entry screen
  • Print PO selectively or in batch
  • Automatic faxing/emailing of PO to vendors
  • Creation of Purchase Orders for miscellaneous supplies

Sales and Marketing Analysis

The Sales and Marketing Analysis Module provides extensive reporting of what was sold to whom and when. It allows you to plan sales, determine profitable product lines and customers, and respond quickly to changing market conditions. It analyzes your marketing efforts and assists you in selecting the most profitable place to spend your marketing dollars.

Special Features:

  • Square inch analysis by catalog, product and page
  • Campaign, catalog, promotion and family/title analysis for number of sales, dollars and profit by period
  • Customer item detail report; 3 year history by month and life to date
  • Life to date customer sales, item sales, product group sales and vendor sales, by cost, or profit
  • Billing history detail inquiry by customer, item, purchase order and order number
  • Order analysis by date range for catalog, type of sale, payment method, order source and promo
  • Export mailing lists to other software or media, via NT or Unix based file export formats.
  • RFM and mailing list selection management with flexible test generation, multiple test selection and combined lists


  • Month to date sales analysis
  • Summary sales reports
  • Sales detail reports
  • Commission reports
  • Return product analysis
  • Inventory movement log
  • Top Sellers

Allows: * Inventory serial number tracking * Order-fill rates * Day end sales summary * Customer lead tracking * Sales analysis based upon lead generation

Reviews of MACH Software

An anonymous MACH Software user says...

The program has a basic kitting module which is nice but it doesn’t talk to our digital press. And although the company offers web services, they are not easy plug-and-play solutions that work with our website. Besides the web integration, the software has served us well. Having reviewed other options, I would rate the software pretty high compared to others I’ve seen.