A full ERP system designed by Magic Information Systems for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.

About eWholesale

eWholesale, our banner product, provides a simple, yet comprehensive business solution for importers and exporters with distribution and light manufacturing activities. Outside of the normal features that you would expect such as multi-company, multi-branch, multi-warehouse, multi-currency and landed-costing, eWholesale" stands alone in providing accurate profitability analysis on a per inventory item basis. With stiff competition and declining profit margins being the norm, this capability is critical to making those close pricing decisions necessary to winning new business.

Multiple Currency Processing and Automatic Landed & Delanded Cost calculations provide meaningful sales and margin information for all shipments as well as the control of foreign currency Receivables, Payables and Exchange exposure.

Inventory Management capabilities utilize actual historical data to dynamically calculate Order Point, Order Quantity and Maximum Inventories to manage the reordering process and identification of excess inventories. The Investment in Inventory is monitored on an ROI basis and tracks turnover and earnings ratios by product, group, supplier and other defined ways.

Extensive Pricing and Costing options support the extremely powerful Order Desk processing capabilities to provide a high level of customer service.

eWholesaler utilizes BAR CODING, EDI, IMAGING, REMOTE PROCESSING and CLIENT / SERVER technologies to improve efficiency and minimize overheads, along with dynamic file space allocation and free space allocation to ensure that the software is taking the greatest advantage of your systems resources.

Accounts Payable

Cash flow control is the ability to make informed decisions, knowing where your money is going and why. Precise management of Accounts Payable provides you with the most efficient means of obtaining control over cash flow and expenses. eWholesale gives you that control with the ability to preview cash requirements to plan and execute cash disbursements accordingly.

eWholesale’s Accounts Payable module generates several standard reports. Their aim is to provide management with efficient tools for cash flow control and total business activity monitoring. All reports are available on demand and always completely up to date. You can print any number of report copies and the information included in the reports can be selected according to the company’s requirements.

Accounts Payable works closely with eWholesale’s Purchasing/Receiving, and the General Ledger programs.

  • On-line inquiry
  • Powerful drill-down search options
  • Aged payables reporting
  • Reflects payable currency
  • Automatic Landed & Delanded Cost Processing (Incoming and outgoing cost monitor and control)

A user-definable table is setup to establish the ýcostý components, and then linked to General Ledger accounts where the actual as well as any differences between actual and estimated amounts are reflected. In turn, a template is created from the table, and a matching code is stored in the inventory, vendor and/or customer master files.

During a Receipt of Goods, the template is displayed to confirm and record the estimated amounts. If more accurate figures are available, they can be inserted at that time. The inventory costs are recorded in the home currency, while the Accounts Payable is recorded in the appropriate foreign currency, jointly reflecting all the related landed cost components.

Likewise, the Delanded Cost feature captures all the outgoing (distribution) costs incurred from sales but not shown on the invoice. Both of these primary system features provide accurate bottom-line figures.

  • Cost templates with unlimited user-defined cost components
  • Fully linked with the General Ledger
  • Delanded costing to track non-invoiced distribution costs

Accounts Receivable

Achieving efficient cash flow control and management becomes almost impossible without a correct Accounts Receivable function. An aged trial balance at the end of the month or any other time can reveal to the management a lot about the status of the company’s receivables. Automation of the Accounts Receivable function should lead to more timely management reports, prompt billing, and regular collection follow-up, all as aid to cash management and cash flow.

eWholesale’s Accounts Receivable programs are designed to handle automatic posting for cash receipts and post dated cash receipts, adjustment entries, calculation and posting of interest charges, to handle customer account inquiries and statement printing. These programs also accommodate both, balance forward and/or open item customers.

eWholesale’s Accounts Receivable module generates several standard reports. Their aim is to provide management with efficient tools for cash flow control and total business activity monitoring. All reports are available on demand and always completely up to date. You can print any number of report copies and the information included in the reports can be selected according to the company’s requirements.

  • On-line inquiry
  • Powerful drill-down search option
  • Aged receivables reporting
  • Reflects receivable currency

Financial Report Writer

eWholesale Financial Report Writer allows you to make your company’s Financial Reports more flexible. With the Financial Report Writer you can manipulate the Chart of Accounts to create new Financial Report templates by combining, and/or excluding General Ledger accounts from different sections.

Once you create a number of templates, you can select one of them when printing a Financial Report to achieve the results you are looking for.

General Ledger

eWholesale’s General Ledger module makes use of the most recent technology to take care of these time consuming, error prone tasks.

Automation of the General Ledger means accurate information at your finger tips at all times. The financial reports produced by eWholesale’s General Ledger in conjunction with the Financial Report Writer utility and Crystal Reports, are a significant aid in controlling assets, liabilities, revenues and expenses.

The main benefit of a computerized General Ledger is the ability to produce up-to-date financial information. Managers will then consider this information when making decisions.

eWholesale will not only give you up-to-date information, but with such reports as the Trial Balance and Financial Reports, it will help you gain a better control over financial transactions. Furthermore, with the purchase of the Financial Report Writer, eWholesale gives you the added flexibility to create any Financial Report required by the company.

Powerful yet easy to use Bank Reconciliation programs give you complete control and flexibility in managing multiple bank accounts and other General Ledger accounts.

Tracking Foreign Exchange gains and losses is easy with eWholesale’s Foreign Exchange programs.

  • User defined accounting periods
  • Supports prior period posting as required
  • Supports recurring transactions
  • Financial Report Writer

Inventory Management

The Inventory Management feature tracks and records the fluctuation of stock levels. After establishing the desired inventory levels and using the ýOrder Point, Order Quantity and Maximum Quantityý factors, the system allows you to review and readjust the buying patterns based on true historical usage.

User-defined templates are created, containing predetermined inventory levels, for a product or group of products and the corresponding code is stored in the inventory master file. At any time, these factors may be recalculated. You may choose to insert the new inventory levels or, on an exception basis, keep the existing levels in place.

As a by-product of the information which flows through the system, you are able to manage your inventories more carefully. Consequently, reports such as Inventory Alert, Excess Inventory, Margin on Inventory Investment, Inventory Turn & Earn and Inventory Fill Rate, are powerful tools to assist in making crucial business decisions.

  • Real-time posting, perpetual inventory
  • Projected inventory forecast
  • Cycle counting
  • Physical inventory
  • Dynamic re-order points
  • Inventory valuation including landed costs
  • Excess inventory report
  • Inventory turnover report
  • Margin on inventory investment report
  • Inventory fill rate report

Multiple Currencies

As a core component, the Multi Currency feature enables business to be conducted in an unlimited number of currencies. Currency codes are defined by the user and linked to the General Ledger accounts, which maintain all postings and related exchange. In addition, ýBuy & Sellý rates are kept to manage and control your ýForeign Exchangeý exposure as rates fluctuate. Any differences (unrealized gains and loses) are available in reports and may be posted if required.

All business is routinely conducted and recorded in the foreign currency while Inventory is maintained in the home currency. In turn, the related exchange amounts are recorded in separate accounts, to value the General Ledger in the home currency. As well, aged Payable and Receivable reports can be printed either using the foreign currency or converting to the home currency at the historically recorded rate or any input rate.

  • Unlimited currencies
  • Foreign exchange exposure as rates fluctuate
  • Realized and unrealized gains/losses


The Purchase Order module provides the purchasing and receiving of goods functions that your business requires.

Purchase Orders can be processed in currencies other than that of home currency and printed in other languages to meet the needs of your customer. In addition the Landed costs are effectively captured during the Receipt of Goods entry. This module also allows you to process returns, which can go back into regular inventory or are tagged as damaged.

Fully integrated with our Inventory Control, Bill of Materials, Sales Order and Accounts Payable modules, eWholesaler’s Purchase Order keeps your inventory current and helps you to track your payables. A number of inquiries with powerful drill-down capability and reports are available to you to assist in effectively and efficiently running your business.

Sales Order Entry

eWholesaler’s Order Entry module takes care of your order entry and invoicing needs. You can track orders through a variety of inquiries or via our reports, which can be viewed on-screen or printed.

Sales Orders can be processed in currencies other than that of home currency and printed in other languages to meet the needs of your customer. In addition the De-Landed costs are effectively captured during Invoicing.

Order Entry is completely integrated with the Inventory Control and Accounts Receivable modules, giving you current inventory levels and up-to-date information of your customer accounts. This integration also allows you to take advantage of our drill-down capabilities when doing both entries and inquiries from any of these modules.

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