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About GOIS Pro

Goods Order Inventory Management System Pro (GOIS Pro) is an innovative cloud-based inventory management solution, which has been designed to help small and medium retail businesses and organizations with their inventory recording, tracking and management needs. This ‘all-in-one’ inventory management solution leverages the modern IT support to automate and simplify all you inventory management tasks, which need quality time and efforts. You can rely upon GOIS Pro for 100% accuracy and security for your crucial inventory database. One can access this inventory management system through any web browser or mobile application, which can be downloaded on iOS and Android platforms. Goods Order Inventory System Pro is being used by more than 50,000 users across the globe, who completely rely upon its innovative features and tools.

Multiple Categories

GOIS Pro allows the user to add products/items in defined categories, which further eradicates any type of confusion while tracking or viewing inventory records of any specific product/item, lying with numerous other products in the stock. The user can add as many categories s/he wants, as per the individual business needs and requirements.

Barcode Scanning

This is one of the best and most brilliant features added to the Goods Order Inventory System Pro. Now, the user can easily maintain the unique identity of any product/item lying in-stock, by assigning it a unique bar code in its #SKU field. And for the barcode scanning process, s/he simply needs to use a smartphone’s or tablet’s camera. This suggests that no additional investment is required for buying any barcode scanning device.

Inventory With Multi-Location

With the entire inventory database being recorded on a centralized and secured server, the user can access this inventory management solution from any part of the globe. The user needs a compatible device, a PC, laptop or any mobile device which runs GOIS Pro App and an internet connection. After which, s/he can add, view, edit, track and manage the inventory records from multiple locations. This feature is helpful for all those business owners, who are always travelling for business purposes.

Easy & Fast Import/Export

GOIS Pro has been added with a Self-Import feature, which allows the users to easily and quickly import inventory data and reports in the .csv file format. However, if you need assistance for importing or exporting complex inventory data, the GOIS Pro support team will be always available for you.

Multiple Platform Compatibility

Goods Order Inventory System Pro is one of the best inventory management applications, which is compatible with all leading hardware and software platforms. The user can access this web-based inventory management application on any Windows, Mac or Linux running PC or laptop. The user can also download the free GOIS Pro App on his/her Android smartphone/tablet or Apple iPhone and iPad.

Multiple Users

The multiple user functionality added to Goods Order Inventory System Pro allows the admin to add up to 25 users together with assigning different levels of accessibility and modification rights, as per their associated roles and the business need. The head admin can decide and customize the administration privileges for each and every user coming on the GOIS Pro dashboard.

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