MultiFlex ERP

A full ERP system designed by Microhouse Systems for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.

About MultiFlex ERP

MultiFlex ERP system manages warehouse, production, inventory, customers, accounting and suppliers data across multiple locations & incorporating: best business Practices and advanced software technology to enable you to achieve more at reduced cost. All MultiFlex group of programs are designed with an innovative technology that separates the entire “business” logics from the “Technology” logics, protecting your investment in software against technology obsolescence, while providing extensive flexibility to manage changes in both.

Following Are the Highlights of MultiFlex ERP Features.

Products & Inventory Management

  • Product Management
    • Hierarchical inheritable product / product attribute classification structure.
  • Inventory Management
    • Lot / Serial numbers support.
    • FIFO/LIFO inventory issue strategies (customizable up to a single item)
    • Physical count management.
    • Integrated RF device support (Optional).
  • Inventory Valuation
    • Real-time inventory valuation per item.
  • Material Requirements Planning

Price Management

  • Pricing Management
    • Integrated Landed and Manufacturing Cost calculations.
    • Multicurrency Price Lists.
    • Customer-specific Price Lists.
  • Discounting Management
    • Supplier discounts tracking.
  • Tax calculations
    • Unlimited & Flexible Tax definitions.

Customer Relationship Management, CRM

  • Customer Management
    • Hierarchical customer structure support (Company/Branch).
    • Integrated “CRM” Customer relationship management.
  • Sales Representative Management
    • Support for “Individual” and “Company” sales representatives.
  • Sales Management
    • Closely integrated Sales Order Master.
    • Integration with digital phone system for call management.

Suppliers & Purchase Management

  • Supplier Management
    • Hierarchical supplier structure support (Company/Branch).
  • Purchase Management
    • Purchase Order Requisition Master.
    • Highly integrated Purchase Order Master.

Manufacturing Management

  • Manufacturing Management
    • Multi BOMs per “parent” product.
    • Multilevel Bill of Material support.
    • Processes and Routing support.
    • Work Center Equipment management.
    • Work Order Master.
    • Repair work order management.

Warehouse Management

  • Receiving Management
    • Multiple Receiving Staging Area support.
    • Integrated Units of Measure conversion.
    • Put-away “Lot” / “Serial Numbers” assignment.
    • Integrated RF device support (Optional).
  • Picking, Packing and Shipping Management
    • Sales and Work order Fulfillment Masters.
    • Support for wave picking by fill rate, destination, customer, carrier, etc.
  • RMA Master
    • RMA number generation and receiving support.
    • Repair / Replace / Credit RMA support & tracking.
    • Warranty management, reporting & tracking.

Automated Notifications & Workflow

  • Notification Master
    • Notify customers, suppliers, staff or any individual, based on your preferred business “events”
    • Approval management
    • Receiving concerns.
    • Purchase requisitions.

Quality Control Module

  • Quality control covering:
    • Purchase orders
    • Sales orders
    • RGA’s (returns)
    • Receiving
    • Work order Finished Products
    • Work order Raw Materials
    • Work order Processes
  • Quality documents management:
    • NCR (Non-Conformance Report)
    • CCN (Customer Complaint Notice)
    • MDR (Material Deficiency Report)
    • CAR (Corrective Action Report)
  • Highly flexible in defining rules, parameters and settings to minimize data entry allowing reusability and data accuracy.
  • Facility Management.
  • Units of Measure Management
  • Multiple currency support
  • Payment Terms Management
  • Transportation Services.
    • Integrated transportation company suggestion depending on customer / supplier preferences, service type and regional settings.
  • Plant/Distribution Management

Accounting Main Modules

  • Accounting for Manufacturing & Distribution systems supporting single & multiple companies, with multiple branches & multiple plants & multiple currencies and more&
    • Automations with the set-up for accounting operations.
    • General Ledger
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Accounts Payable
  • Reports.
    • Built-in reporting capabilities allows “Multiple” sorting & filtering criteria to customize & print quick reports or import into third party programs to manipulate data.
  • Business Intelligence (BI) reporting tools using MS SQL & Excel with utmost flexibility to create your own reports.
  • Customizations & Modifications.

MultiFlex ERP is designed for small & medium organizations, especially for those working internationally. We welcome modifications & enhancements to meet your exact requirements. With our “Advanced” design and “Automated development techniques”, we welcome your “Unique” requirements and guarantee satisfaction at shortest time, lower cost & highest reliability.

MultiFlex group of ERP products also allow you to define your own “User defined fields” at different levels, within different modules. This allows the end users & our business partners to extend the program on their own (within limits), at no extra cost.

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