An ecommerce software to optimize your Amazon and eBay marketplace.

About Monsoon Pro

Designed for high volume sellers who want a market-leading tool, Monsoon Pro provides you an end-to-end solution for multi-marketplace listing, inventory and order management, automated re-pricing, and reporting.

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Since 2001, Monsoon Commerce has concentrated on designing, implementing and supporting enterprise software for small and mid-sized multi-channel retailers. Today, thousands of marketplace sellers rely on Monsoon Pro to optimize their listings, drive their sales, streamline their operations, and enhance their customer service levels. We attribute this success to superior products, attentive customer service, unrivaled expertise, rapid implementations, and enterprising employees.

  • Unrivaled Industry Expertise – Our team includes some of the industry’s leading Internet marketplace experts. With the lowest turnover rate in the industry, Monsoon Commerce are constantly building on the knowledge and resources. Employees are also the driving force behind the “customer-first” philosophy.
  • Customer Focused – Product design involves collaboration with marketplace sellers to assist Monsoon Commerce in identifying industry needs. The result is a product that meets–and surpasses–customer expectations.
  • Superior Product – By investing over 30% of revenues in research and development–one of the highest percentages in the industry–the Monsoon Pro solution sets the standard for the industry.
  • Rapid Deployment – The efficient implementation methodology brings your operation online much more quickly than competitors, whether working directly with your team or in partnership with a consultant.
  • Higher Value – Monsoon Pro offers more value for your investment due to its reasonable fees coupled with its depth of functionality.

Dynamic Pricing

Automated Price Adjustments

Automatically price and re-price your marketplace listings throughout the day everyday using business rules you define.

Out Price Your Competitors

Define your pricing strategy to beat your competitors and let Monsoon Pro execute your strategy; just set it and forget it.

Inventory Management

Efficient Inventory Receiving

Quickly receive items using barcode scanning, classify them, and designate shelf locations for easy fulfillment at order time.

Inventory Placement

Using Monsoon Pro, uploading and dynamically synchronizing your new inventory across dozens of marketplaces is both quick and easy.

Multi-Marketplace Inventory

When an item sells out of inventory, Monsoon Pro automatically removes your listing from all marketplaces to ensure fulfillment.

Multi-Marketplace Listing

Marketplaces That Matter Most

List and sell your products on the marketplaces that matter most. Amazon, Amazon UK, eBay, Shopping, and dozens of other marketplaces are fully supported.

Robust Listings

Create professional, detailed listings that attract buyers using tools like image overlay. It allows you to superimpose branding and promotion messages on product images.

Order Management, Warehousing and Fulfillment

Fulfillment Prioritization

Monsoon Pro will fulfill priority orders first and track them throughout the order process until they leave the warehouse.

Physical Inventory Optimization

Streamline your order processing and improve your overall efficiency with Monsoon Pro’s add-on Warehouse Module. It allows you to map your warehouse location schema, and control the physical location and inventory picking process.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Full FBA support lets you leverage Amazon logistics services, qualify your products for Amazon Prime, and obtain preferential position for your Amazon listings.

Robust Integration

You benefit from automated, 2-way data integration with business systems including POS, accounting, eCommerce platforms, and shopping carts.

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User Reviews of Monsoon Pro

Submitted on December 7th, 2016 by Chip

It increased our sales where our biggest problem was product sourcing. All we have to do is keep getting products and we can sell it, which is a good problem to have as a business owner. I knew I could pay the right place, and sell everything that I buy as products. Automated repricing has let us accomplish that. We can buy 1,000’s of units and have Monsoon price them at the right price. It’s huge.

Submitted on December 7th, 2016 by Anthony

We sell on ebay and alibris. As soon as we launched with them we saw the power and leverage these websites have with so many customers and our sales exploded. We had a need for what Monsoon was doing, as we didn’t know how to manage our inventory on multiple marketplaces.

We didn’t have dynamic inventory adjustment system… just in our visible stores. In a few months, we’ll keep trying to open up new marketplaces, we’ll keep trying to source new inventory online with Monsoon Pro.

Submitted on December 7th, 2016 by Will Land and Laura Land

We sell cell phone accessories. We sell our own brand. We have about 260,000 SKUs which sounds like a lot but we have about 12,000 products so we do a lot of kitting.

We used to handwrite the orders down and keep them in two separate piles. We were an ebay seller in the beginning of ebay but started to see more of a demand. It grew with the industry and we’ve tried to keep up with the evolving market.

We’ve became so efficient in the past year. We moved to a new warehouse and restructured around Monsoon 4. We used to be very unorganized but now I’m so proud of where we are.

We went with Monsoon because of their repricing. Then we realized all the other benefits we had. Over the past 5 years, there are so many levels we can use Monsoon for.

Submitted on December 7th, 2016 by Martin

We’re a media center that sells music CDs and DVDs. We’ve been a Monsoon customer for 6 years. We only do ecommerce. We sell most of our product on marketplaces, principly Amazon and eBay and other 3rd party sites.

I started selling on marketplaces 10 years ago in the early days of eBay and Amazon. I was doing everything myself like packing boxes and going to the post office. Gradually I’ve scaled up by adding staff and 3rd party tools to enable me to continue growing. Monsoon has been key in that process.

The tipping point for us was when we were trying to begin selling internationally through multiple Amazon sites. We quickly ran into problems with overselling inventroy. Using Monsoon, all of those problems evaporated overnight. It’s very good at inventory.

The biggest change to our business since starting Monsoon has been our efficiency. We’ve been able to focus on sourcing and processing our product and shipping it out the door. We don’t have to worry about keeping on top of inventory control. We’ve been able to leverage Amazon FBA which has led to growth over the past few years.