Stone Edge

A web-based multi-module management system designed by Monsoon Commerce for retail trade companies.

About Stone Edge

Monsoon Stone Edge is the flexible, open source system designed for multi-channel retailers. It’s easy to customize and seamlessly integrates with over 20 eCommerce platforms and shopping cart systems, 10 payment gateways, and several popular third-party accounting packages. In addition, the system is fully interoperable with leading warehouse management, drop shipping, barcoding, and EDI systems. By combining our rich functionality with that of our best-of-breed complementary solution partners, all of your employees have accurate information at their fingertips at all times, enabling them to make rapid, proactive decisions that eliminate costly errors, increase inventory turns, minimize out-of-stocks, maximize customer service, and improve overall performance.

Customer Management

Customer Management provides retailers with around-the-clock, customized access to sales, marketing and customer service resources, enabling them to identify, acquire and serve their customers more effectively though the management of all touch points, including person-to-person contact, telephone, email, and the Internet.

Marketing automation enables organizations to analyze target audiences using methods such as RFM (Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value) align campaigns with appropriate market segments; plan and execute highly personalized campaigns with the right message at the right time; use preferred communication channels; and measure, monitor, and refine campaign performance to ensure optimal return on investment.

Telesales is designed to enable call center agents to generate increased revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and create a closed-loop information system. This application enables telesales professionals to work more efficiently by providing essential sales functions including opportunity and forecast management, account management, contact management, campaign management, and activity tracking.

Call center management enables agents to manage, synchronize, and coordinate all customer interactions over multiple communication channels such as the Web, POS, telephone, and email. Using this function, company personnel become customer relationship managers, combining support over a broad range of products and services and adding value by proactively informing customers about targeted offerings that meet their specific requirements.

Executive Information and Alerts

Success requires instant access and response to real-time information sculpted to meet your organization’s specific needs. This requires powerful tools that dynamically explore and react to data points in meaningful ways. With Monsoon Stone Edge’s Executive Information and Alerts System, data is easily and rapidly transformed into strategic information.

Take the guesswork out of decision making, replacing it with sophisticated intelligence that ensures all options are evaluated to avoid expensive errors and make informed, proactive decisions.

Stay current at all times through pre-defined alerts and reports that span all critical success factors including inventory, orders, warehousing, sales and customer history.

Take a giant leap in operational efficiency by accessing information instantly for immediate trend, cause-and-effect and performance analysis.

Put an end to costly delays caused by wading through operational data and by conventional time and labor-intensive report generation methods.

Increase your responsiveness so that you are no longer reacting to problems --out of stocks, lost inventory, shipping errors- but rather anticipating and acting to avoid potential difficulties…

Fulfillment and Shipping

Monsoon Stone Edge allows you to pick, pack and ship packages more efficiently by completely automating the fulfillment and logistics processes.

Optimize pick labor efficiency and accuracy as well as improve order fulfillment rates with advanced picking techniques.

Automate drop shipping to reduce time spent confirming new orders, determining which products from which vendor must be ordered,

creating and sending purchase orders and then reconciling invoices and shipments against purchase orders.

Cut costs with automatic rate shopping, improve accuracy by reducing manual data entry, maintain carrier compliance and rate changes and improve customer service by automatically sending shipment notification emails.

Order and Inventory Management

Throughout the marketplace, the pressure is on to improve customer responsiveness and overall performance. By enhancing your product offerings with sophisticated order and inventory management capabilities, you forge stronger retailer-customer relationships and lock out competitors. Your order and inventory management system largely determines your ability to fulfill a customer purchase profitably. Monsoon Stone Edge is a high performance, best practice-driven solution designed specifically for multi-channel environments – whether you capture orders online, through a store-presence, via Online Marketplace or by call center.

Total visibility of inventory availability, quantity on hand and order status by sales channel, customer, warehouse or third-party fulfillment center.

Enforce your business rules with user defined order types that control all aspects of inventory commitment, credit control and payment methods, all on a customer-by-customer or line item by line item basis.

Offer total flexibility by managing all order channels including web, shopping engine, marketplace, store, call center or affiliate as well as order types including standard orders, repeat orders, recurring orders, future orders, rush orders, back orders, returns or exchanges.

Product Catalog and Pricing

Monsoon Stone Edge provides the tools necessary to create, edit and maintain product catalogs and pricing tables that can be accessed during the purchasing and sales process.


Managing the purchasing process with accuracy largely determines a retailer’s ability to profitable sell its products. Monsoon Stone Edge automates your demand planning, requisition, and purchasing process to optimize your in-stock position, buying power, production resources, and inventory.

Stores and manages information about each vendor used by the organization and automatically creates and updates vendor procurement schedules based on user-defined order policies, costing triggers and purchasing rules.

Automatically generate purchase orders based on user-defined reorder points or reorder quantities or by restocking based on quantity desired based on sales volumes within specific time periods.

Manage all sourcing, payment and order reconciliation requirements with direct stock orders, drop shipments, special non-stock orders, temporary products and temporary vendors using one-time, blanket or recurring purchase orders.

Improves control over vendor performance with tools to track vendor and item lead times as well as to comment by vendor, purchase order or item.

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