Multichannel Order Manager

A order entry system designed by Dydacomp for distribution/wholesale trade and retail trade companies.

About Multichannel Order Manager

When you need software to run your e-commerce and mail order business - your whole business - you need an integrated system designed to do the whole job! Trying to “piece together” a system with “off-the-shelf” general accounting, contact management, mailing, inventory or simple database programs, simply does not work because you don’t have any integration. M.O.M. is the complete solution for your e-commerce and direct marketing business, and integration is precisely what makes M.O.M. so awesomely powerful!

The Main M.O.M. system includes all of the basics to run your business. Set up your entire company in M.O.M., and the rest is automatic.

Accounts Payable

Every time you record delivery of a purchase order from a supplier, you automatically create a payables transaction in the MOM A/P Journal. And, MOM gives you the ability to age payables to the maximum allowable date for any particular supplier. Just ýpoint & clický to select invoices for payment, and print A/P checks.

Inventory Valuation

For cost of goods calculations, MOM keeps an up-to-date figure based on your choice of LIFO, FIFO, or a running average of all purchases for each stock item. And, with the Inventory Transaction and Cost Lot reports, you’ll be able to track each and every change to your inventory quantities and value.

Accounts Receivable

In any successful business, tracking and reporting the daily financial numbers is a demanding task. With M.O.M. ýkeeping the booksý for you, you’ll always be ready when accountant calls. And, there’s no doubt about it - you and your accountant are going to love M.O.M.'s thoroughness and adherence to accepted accounting principles.

Accounts Receivable

Every time a customer order is entered, every time a payment is recorded from a customer, every time a refund or promotional credit is processed, MOM’s Journal File records the transaction. And, when you need to report on your A/R activity, MOM provides the most comprehensive list of reports to fill the bill, including A/R Aging, Sales Listings, and A/R Journal Activity. And, for business-to-business users, MOM lets you set up specific terms for each customer. You can also apply finance charges at month end and print statements.

Customer Management

Customer Management

It’s one of the cardinal rules of direct marketing - the more you know about your customers, the better you can sell to them! Every time a customer makes a purchase of an item, writes for a catalog, receives a mailing, or just calls in to chat - it’s an opportunity to know your customer better, add new information, and build your business for the future. You need to be able to record and track customer information “behind the scenes” while still providing the kind of high quality customer service that sets your firm apart from your competition.

That’s where Multichannel Order Manager comes in!

Lookup Customers Fast and Accurately!

Whether it’s 5 thousand or 5 million names, when “Mr. Robert Smith” calls on the phone to place an order, you have to find him fast no matter how many “Smiths” you have in your customer list.

With MOM, it’s easy! Enter a last name, company name, ZIP-code, phone number or e-mail address, and MOM’s powerful relational database searches your entire customer file in just seconds. And, don’t worry about spelling mistakes - M.O.M. can even search on a last name or company name that “sounds” the same.

If there are multiple matches to your search, just use your mouse to click on the right one in the list. If there are no matches - search in a different way, or enter the name and address as a “new” customer. You can even create your own “customized” search field.

Everything There Is to Know About a Customer - Right on One Screen

Most people would agree, the key to providing excellent customer service is to be able to have “the” answer for “the” question. When it comes to providing instant access to every aspect of each and every one of your customers, MOM’s power is simply unmatched. From one single screen you can do everything - enter new orders, review previous orders, list products purchased, record payments, manage contacts, update customer demographics - and, all with just a few clicks or key strokes!

B-to-B Made Easy

If you sell to other businesses, M.O.M. gives you the tools you need to succeed. Establish customer terms and credit limits. Apply finance charges and run monthly statements, select tax-exempt status, and setup special customer pricing discounts right down to the product level. And, because there’s no limit to the number of separate billing, shipping, sold-to, and contact addresses that can set up for a client, M.O.M. can manage your sales even for the largest business.

Catalog Requests Are a Breeze!

When a customer requests a catalog, just check off the box for a mailing label and select the catalog to be sent. You can even issue a promotional discount or catalog rebate credit toward the customer’s next order.

Keeping in Touch - Customer Contact

How many times have you had a customer call and ask “I’d like you to send a catalog to me, but I think I may have already asked for one last week. Can you check for me?” Or, maybe a customer calls and asks to talk “to the person that they talked to the last time” without knowing the name of your staff member. MOM makes tracking customer contacts simple - you’ll always know what was sent, when it was mailed, who the customer talked to, and what they talked about.

Create Hundreds of Customized Sales Letters!

Design your own custom form letters. Use our own built-in word processor and spell checker or MS WORD. Send letters to new customers when they are ordering or to prospects when they call or write for your catalog. Select to print, fax or e-mail letters right from your M.O.M. screen!

Expand Customer Contact With the Optional Telemarketing Module.

The power of MOM’s contact management expands exponentially when you add this option. Manage your outbound and inbound calling. Create and maintain a complete call log for each customer. You can assign salesperson, record interest level, schedule call-backs and call-back topics. You can even design telemarketing campaigns using the optional List Management Module - create target lists and load them directly to the call schedule log with assigned salesperson and first-call topics.

Design a Customized Customer Profile for Your Company

Almost every company has a need to record and track some unique information about their customers. Commonly known as “customer demographics” the information is as varied as the imagination - for a clothing company it might be waist size and in-seam, for a sporting goods company it might be age, sex, and favorite sport, for a video company it might be preferences in type of movie or favorite movie stars.

MOM’s “Demographics Builder” (included with the optional List Management Module) lets you build a customized information database consisting of as many fields and free-form questions that you need to completely “profile” your customer. You can even incorporate special graphics. And, when you want to do a target mailing or telemarketing campaign based on any of your demographic information, it’s right at your fingertips.

Reward Your Good Customers

Design a points and rewards program for your customers. The more they purchase, the more points they earn and can “spend” on their next order. You decide how the points are earned and spent - specific products purchased or order total. M.O.M. automatically keeps a running account of each customer’s points and rewards activity, and you can print special statements to keep your customers informed and encourage more buying!

General Ledger Interface

General Ledger Interface

If you’re like most businesses today, you probably already use one of several of the most popular PC general ledger accounting packages. At Dydacomp, we don’t expect you to give up a system that is already working for your company (and something that your accountant really likes.) That’s why M.O.M. lets you keep your existing accounting software by providing an interface to all of the popular software accounting packages available today. Just setup the account numbers in M.O.M.'s G/L maintenance screen and ýpostý the M.O.M. A/P and A/R Journals directly into your favorite PC accounting system. It’s as easy as pressing the Enter key on your keyboard!

How the Interface Works

M.O.M. keeps a running journal for each and every transaction that you create during every business day. These transactions fall into one of several different accounts/receivable (A/R) and accounts/payable (A/P) accounting categories. Each of these categories are represented in the M.O.M. G/L Maintenance screen.

The G/L Maintenance screen enables you to assign the account number from your general ledger accounting software for each M.O.M. accounting category. Using either the Post A/R or Post A/P function, M.O.M. automatically ýsummarizesý all of the transactions detail in the accounts journal, and creates a special posting file with the corresponding summary figures for each account number in your accounting software. In the case of checks written for customer refunds or vendor payment, M.O.M. includes the detail on each transaction as well. The posting file is formatted especially for whatever accounting package you are using, and you simply import the file directly into your accounting software. It’s that easy! And, best of all, your accountant doesn’t have to worry about your using another general ledger package because M.O.M. lets you keep the one you already have!

Inventory Management

What you sell and the way that you sell it is probably one of the most unique aspects of your company. From simple quantity discounts to the most complex ýproduct-of-the-monthý club with pre-scheduled shipments of particular items - no other system on the market today gives you as much flexibility in setting up and pricing stock items as MOM. And, unlike some systems, there’s no limit to the number of stock items you can have in your MOM system!

Any Type of Product - MOM gives you the ability to set-up virtually any type of product with just a few clicks of your mouse…

Service Items - for items with ýno physical inventoryý like embroidering or engraving.

Drop Ship Items - for those products that you don’t actually stock yourself but are shipped directly to your customer by your supplier.

Composite ýKitý Items - for products made up of other items and sold as a set or group with a special price.

Continuity Plans - for continuity programs like a ýfruit-of-the-monthý club where you determine what is shipped and when it needs to ýgo out the door.ý

Warehouse Location - set up warehouse ýbiný locations and assign picking preference. Establish special bins for returns, damaged or bulk storage.

Payment Plans - for special financial products like ý3 easy payments of just $25 each.ý

Fractional Quantity- for items sold ýby the poundý or ýby the yard.ý

Subscriptions - with the optional Subscription Management Module, you can even handle items like magazines and newsletters handling all of the special issue count information and printing mailing labels once a month for mailing each issue.

Taxable or Non-Taxable Items: whatever the sales tax law requires.

Items with Special Shipping Requirements: including, ýships in its own container,ý and items with their own unique shipping charges.

Price It Your Way - Maybe you offer your customers a discount on three or more, perhaps you have a special price for ýwholesaleý customers, or, maybe you want to offer a special price for a limited time only! whatever your pricing plan, MOM’s incredibly powerful pricing table lets you set up any one or combination of parameters to automatically establish a price or discount for stock items under just about any special selling situations. MOM even gives you the ability to establish ýmix & matchý discount pricing for a whole group of different items.

Size and Color Too! - If you sell clothing, apparel, or any item with a variety of selections, you’re going to love M.O.M.'s size and color matrix. It’s not only easy to set-up the matrix, it makes things easy for your order entry staff too! When an item with different variables is entered during order entry, the size/color pop-up screen is automatically displayed, making it easy for your operator to advise and make a customer’s selection.

List Management

Managing the costs associated with target marketing is one of the most challenging jobs for any successful direct marketer. Paper prices and postage costs make it almost impossible to simply ýmass mailý your catalog, and the high costs associated with long distance calling require exceptional accuracy when planning a telemarketing campaign. M.O.M.'s optional List Management Module gives you the power you need to select names with razor-sharp accuracy, plus all of the options to manage, to your target lists with big postage savings!

The Power to Select! - When it comes to your customers, M.O.M.'s a know-it-all! Every piece of information on every customer and prospect is available with just a few clicks of your mouse! Select to include or exclude names from your list using anything and everything you know about your customer.

  • Customer Type
  • Advertising Source
  • Catalog
  • Type of Products Purchased
  • Order Frequency
  • Payment Method
  • Custom Demographic
  • Information
  • Geographic Location
  • Date of Last Activity
  • Products Purchased
  • Amount Spent or Profit
  • Customer Number
  • Sales Person
  • Points & Rewards Activity

Create and Save Queries and Lists - M.O.M. makes working with lists easy! Create a list query consisting of the set of include and exclude statements that you need to do a special mailing for a new product. Include all of the customers that purchased the related products, then exclude all the customers who already purchased the new product. Compile your list and see the exact counts for each include or exclude statement as well as a running total of all the names in your list. Save your query and use it again to create the same list, or modify it to create a slightly different list. And, you can save your lists too! Each query can have an unlimited number of lists associated with it!

Eliminate Duplicates and Remove Bad Addresses - At today’s postal rates, why mail to somebody more than once? M.O.M.'s powerful de-duplication feature lets you ýscrubý your entire customer file of duplicates and incomplete addresses. You can even export a file to the USPS to update your list with any changes from their National Change of Address (NCOA) database.

Print Labels and a Whole Lot More! - Enjoy the convenience of Windows-managed printing. M.O.M. gives you full support for the entire complement of standard Avery label formats plus many others - over 100 different formats in all! And, M.O.M. is fully compliant with all of the postal regulations for bulk mailing and supports POSTNET bar-coding for postage discounts.

You can also mail/merge a letter to your list and send it as printed letter, ýbroadcastý fax or e-mail… And, if you’re preparing a list for outside use, either by a letter shop or for rental, you can specify exactly what customer information fields are to be included in the list - from simple name and address to the customer’s complete demographic profile! And, if you have the optional MOM Telemarketing Module, you can download the list to the outbound call log and assign specific sales IDs and call topics!

Multi-Company Controller Module (MCCM)

This module enables you to run an unlimited number of companies using one single M.O.M. system. All customer, stock, and accounting information is kept separate for each company. Order processing however can be run for all companies from one single order processing screen.

Order Entry

Entering orders and answering customer questions about order status are just about the biggest job for any mail order business. With M.O.M. working for you, life in the office is going to be much easier!

Enter Orders Fast and Accurately! - With M.O.M.'s industry-acclaimed user interface, your order entry staff will become stellar performers. Total order control features give your staff the power to quickly enter customer selections, calculate shipping charges, and take payment information for COD, credit card, prepaid and invoiced orders. Of course, it’s really the little things that make M.O.M. a pleasure to use, and the graphical interface makes order entry seem like you’re writing up the order on a piece of paper!

If you forget the stock code, look-up a stock item by description, vendor stock code, UPC Code, ISBN number, price, size, color, product class, and many more or items sold in different sizes, colors, or other variables, select the specific item from a complete list of all variations! Enter a new stock item ýon-the-flyý if you don’t carry it in your catalog.

Keep your customers totally informed - color coded status codes let you know if the item is in-stock, committed, back-ordered, packed, shipped. For back ordered items, let the customer know the exact date that you expect to receive it.

Change an item’s unit cost, discount, description, scheduled ship date - you have complete control over everything associated with the order and its items.

Turn your order takers into salespeople with product up-sells, cross-sells, and substitutes.

Write the customer a memo on the invoice or send them a personalized letter.

In the event of partial back orders, select to ship the in-stock items ahead of the back ordered items. M.O.M. automatically takes care of the billing and shipping.

Offer your customers the option of **combining more than one type of payment **or more than one method of shipping on a single order.

Issue Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) numbers and track returns from customers with reason codes. Process returns and M.O.M. automatically balances the customer account.

Create an order quotation and print, fax, or e-mail the quote to your customers direct from the Order Entry screen. Turn a quote into an order with just a click of your mouse.

Transact Credit Card Amounts Direct to Your Bank - Add the Interactive Credit Card Authorization System option to your M.O.M. system, and you can approve and transact credit card sales directly to your bank right from M.O.M.'s order entry screen.

Download Orders from an ý800ý Service Firm or Export Orders for Fulfillment! Add the optional Import/Export Module to your MOM system, and you’re ready to ýhook-upý to an order taking service, another office of your company using MOM, or an outside fulfillment company. With MOM’s flexible data format, virtually any service firm can be used to take or process orders for you.

Web Commerce Made Easy with SiteLINK - If you’re interested in expanding your business onto the Internet, our SiteLINK option gives you the ultimate in power and control to create and manage a entire Web store. Select from a list of templates to create a unique design for your business, and then use the product information you already have setup in M.O.M. to ýput upý your Web store. Your finished store, complete with product directories, customer shopping cart, and check-out screen, can be ready for your first customer in less than a day!

Gift Orders - Orders with separate shipping addresses are no problem for MOM. In fact, you can enter as many ýrecipientsý as you need in a single order. M.O.M. consolidates all the shipping and merchandise charges on a single invoice. MOM even maintains a separate ýgift-toý customer file with all of the gift-to names and addresses for that particular customer. So, when Robert Smith calls to order a gift for his grandson, you already have the name and address of each of his grandsons right on the screen. And, with MOM’s List Management Module, you can even send out special letters to your gift-givers informing them about the gifts they sent last holiday and to whom they sent them. With MOM working for you, you’ll not only easily manage your holiday gift sales, you’ll increase them!

Counter Sales Too!! - Add the optional Point of Purchase (POP) Module to your MOM system, and you add a full-featured ýcash registerý to take and transact counter sales. Many mail order companies also have a ýfront-officeý store. M.O.M.'s POP module gives you a specially designed order entry screen and register reports to support your point of sale operation.

Order Processing/Fulfillment

Making sure that your customers’ orders go ýout-the-doorý fast and without mistakes is no small task. And, to keep a handle on your picking, packing and shipping operation, you need to be able to track each order as if it was the only order in your warehouse! To say that order processing is M.O.M.'s forte is an understatement - just watch the level of efficiency in your operation grow when M.O.M. takes over.

Know Where Every Order Is at Every Minute!

M.O.M. makes it easy to stay on top of order processing whether it’s three or three thousand orders per day! The up-to-the-minute status report lets you select and review orders by status - orders that have not been picked, packed or shipped, orders awaiting credit card approval, orders with a particular stock item, and many more! With this kind of tracking working for you, you’ll not only impress your customers, you’ll be able to identify potential trouble spots in your fulfillment process before they become actual problems.

Customize Order Processing for Your Business

When it comes to printing paperwork and shipping orders out-the-door, each company’s needs are very unique. M.O.M. lets you design your own order processing routine. You decide what paperwork you need - pick tickets, packing slips, invoices, shipping labels.

You also decide how you want to print the paperwork - for all orders in a single ýbatchý or for one order at a time with additional options for barcode ýscan and packý routines. And, with the optional Advanced Warehouse Module, you can add the power to manage your warehouse packing and shipping personnel working at one or more different warehouse locations.

Ship Orders Your Way

No matter how you ship - standard, overnight, second day - or what shipping company you use - UPS, USPS, FedEX/RPS, Airborne, DHL, or any other carrier - M.O.M.'s Automatic Shipping Calculations Module handles it! And, you can interface directly to your shipper’s software or print a carrier-ready shipping manifest. Either way, you don’t have to laboriously hand-write each package entry in some ýshipper book.ý Best of all, MOM lets you charge your customers for shipping based on whatever parameters you want to use - order total range, COD premium, minimum shipping cost, actual charges, flat rate, and many more

Process Orders for More Than One Company

With the optional Multi-Company Controller Module, you can manage as many as fifty different companies with one M.O.M. system. Maintain separate inventory and customer information for each company while conveniently processing all of your orders from one single selection screen. And, you can quickly switch from one company to another with just a couple of clicks of your mouse! With that kind of power and flexibility, it’s no wonder that M.O.M. is the system of choice for many of today’s most successful order taking and fulfillment services.

Point of Purchase Module

Point of Purchase Module (POP)

This module turns any M.O.M. station into a ýcash registerý for counter sales. A special order entry screen, similar in appearance to the regular M.O.M. order entry screen, enables you to take an order with or without customer information In addition, order payment methods are designed especially for counter sales with Credit Card, Cash or Check as options. The module computes tax and change due to customer and prints a register receipt. Reporting for register sales, products sold, and sales tax is included through the regular M.O.M. reporting options.

Purchasing & Receiving

One of the surest ways to lose customers is to ýback orderý items. But then again, to maximize your financial resources, you probably don’t want to keep more of an item on hand than you actually sell! M.O.M.'s integrated purchasing function helps you to establish the best inventory levels for each stock item and makes sure that purchases are made well enough in advance to keep stock levels where they should be.

Buying Power

Whether you purchase an item from one supplier or one hundred, and no matter how many different quantity price or discount levels you need, M.O.M.'s incredibly flexible buying information table handles it all! Just imagine having the ability to set up special pricing in unlimited multiples for an unlimited number of suppliers. You can even set up special ýmix and matchý pricing for a whole group of stock items that you purchase from a supplier. With M.O.M., you’ll always be able to purchase at the best price - that’s real ýbuying power!ý

One Single Purchasing Function Handles Everything!

Purchasing is an ýinformation intensiveý job. And, the more precise the information, the faster and more accurate the job becomes! M.O.M. makes the best use of your time at your computer by combining the reports you need to make your purchasing decisions with the actual purchasing process. Select to display a list of all of your products that have reached their defined ýlow levelý amount. Then, just ýpoint & clický those products that you want to actually purchase from the list. If ýlow levelý isn’t the way you need to do your purchasing, M.O.M. lets you define your own list - how about a list of all those products that you purchase from a particular supplier, or a list of products that you can purchase with a ýgroupý discount. And, M.O.M. automatically shows you how much of the product you bought the last time you purchased it and from whom you purchased it.

Once you’ve made your purchases, printing, faxing, or e-mailing purchase orders for each supplier is just a mouse click away. M.O.M. automatically includes the correct ýbuying levelý pricing as well as any particular supplier terms or special discounts. And, you can quickly ýspot checký your undelivered purchases to determine which suppliers are not filling your orders on time!

And, Even if You Do Have Back Orders…

When your supplier delivers the product to you, just select the corresponding purchase order and record the actual amount delivered. If you do have back orders for a product at the time that you record delivery from your supplier, M.O.M. resolves any back orders for the product for you, starting with the ýoldestý back order in the system. And, don’t worry about the Federal Trade Commission requirement to let you customers know about back orders - M.O.M. takes care of that too with a special FTC notice automatically printed for you at the required number of days.


The reporting needs of direct marketers are unique. No other business requires such a broad range of information - from the closest level of detail to keep track of the day-to-day operation to the highest level of trend analysis for strategic product, marketing and advertising decisions. MOM gives you the power to analyze at all levels with sales reporting options to support every area of your business operation.

Relational Database + SQL = Incredible Reporting Power!

The way a system stores and accesses information determines how quickly and flexibly you can create reports. The incredible power of MOM’s reporting functions is based on the combination of a 4th generation relational database for information storage and structured query language (SQL) for information access. MOM’s relational database creates the ýconnectionsý between the individual files in your system, and SQL ýsuperchargesý database access - no matter how big the report, MOM processes it at the same super fast speed!

Track Advertising Results

Setup ýsource keysý for each of your magazine, direct mailing, telemarketing, even internet campaigns. Then determine your most effective advertising based on sophisticated profit and response reports, including Revenue by Ad Source, Downstream Reorder Analysis, Market Analysis, and Response Curve Forecasting

Study Product Performance

Report on product profit by individual product, salesperson, customer type, catalog, advertising source, virtually any qualifier you want. Determine product catalog performance based on space-to-profit ratios. Display reports graphically with our built-in graphing feature.

Sales Commissions and Royalties Too

M.O.M even gives you sales commissions reporting and royalties payment reporting by individual product. Setup commission and royalty rates based on gross, net or unit sales.

Powerful Query Screen

And, the powerful M.O.M. Report Query screens let you customize your report on-the-spot, even sort and sub-total using your choice of information.

View It, Print It, Graph It!

And, because M.O.M. is Windows based, you can choose to view any report on your screen or as printed output! You can even use the new built-in graphing feature for your product profit reports to create bar charts, pie charts, column charts, line charts - almost any imaginable graph you want!

Custom Reporting

Unlike some systems with a ýproprietaryý file design, MOM’s XBASE file format is entirely open. In fact, XBASE is the most widely used file format in PC programming. You can download any report directly into your favorite spreadsheet or word processor. And, if you want to create your own report from scratch, you’ll be glad to know that the most frequently used databases are fully referenced for you field-by-field in our data dictionary.

Sales Tax

Sales Tax Reporting

M.O.M. gives you the most comprehensive sales tax reporting for your business. Setup and report tax rates at the country, state and municipal level. Establish as many five separate ýtax classesý at any level to charge different tax rates or establish exempt status based on product type.

Get your online business up and selling with a complete ecommerce store and shopping cart that’s created and managed entirely from your Mail Order Manager software! Using ASP technology, SiteLINK not only connects your online store to M.O.M. for order processing, but actually builds the entire store for you directly from the M.O.M. database. That’s the ýlinký in SiteLINK!

No matter what size company, SiteLINK is the best way to get ýup and sellingý online quickly, inexpensively, and professionally! And, once your SiteLINK store is set-up, M.O.M. does the rest. Order downloads for processing and ýactiveý inventory controls are all automatic while special pricing and business rules you’ve already set-up in M.O.M. are mirrored in your SiteLINK store without an double work.

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