NDS Distribution

A multi-module management system designed by NDS Systems for distribution/wholesale trade companies.

About NDS Distribution

Distributors create value by having the right products available at the right time in the right place and at the right price.

Despite its roots in manufacturing, NDS has transformed its application set into one that is designed for distribution. The application now contains all of the functionality needed to support and promote the more recent Sell-Source-Ship model as well as the older Buy-Hold-Sell models used by distribution companies.

NDS Distribution Software includes the Sales Order Management, Modular Bill Configurator, Quotations, Service Warranty, Replenishment, Prospects, Point of Sale, Conformance Specifications, and Purchasing applications.

Cycle Counting

The Cycle count process has all of the features required to maintain a dynamic cycle count program.

Inventory Management

A multi-warehouse, multi-bin location system offering perpetual inventory reporting, ABC analysis, cycle counting, and full transaction history detail. This module includes full lot and serial control with cradle to grave tracking. Lot / Serial includes automatic number assignment options and issuing algorithms. Inventory trial balance reports detail dollars for opening and ending balances and activity per item per month. Includes reorder point planning process.

Lead Management

Lead management is a powerful marketing campaign and the lead management system of our distribution software shortens the sales cycle, increases sales productivity and measures the effectiveness of marketing programs. As a result, it increases success of marketing programs that generate higher quality leads. Lead management is designed to make marketing efforts more effective and measure their performance from lead inception through the life of the customer.

Compare number of leads generated and number of leads closed; compare cost of marketing programs to the revenues generated; conduct R.O.I. analysis; analyze individual campaigns or compare effectiveness of several campaigns simultaneously. Lead management provides you the tool for making effective decisions and to consistently achieve your sales target. Whether you want to work with leads from trade shows, inbound calls, purchased lists, web sites, e-mails, seminars, or bingo cards, leads are entered automatically or can be easily imported into the system.

Lead management automatically tracks the source of leads to provide you with the information necessary to make effective decisions, and to allocate marketing resources in the right direction. Thus, increasing effectiveness of your marketing dollars and increasing R.O.I.

Lot & Serial Control

This module includes full lot and serial control with cradle to grave tracking. Inventory items and locations may be designated as optionally controlled so that serial number tracking can be deferred to the point of use, so that bulk inventory can be aggregated. Lot costs may be actual cost by lot with deferred cost assignment.

Physical Inventory

The Physical Inventory module allows the user to perform a traditional ‘close the plant and do the count’ full physical count of stores and in process inventory.

Product Configurator

The Modular Bill module of our distribution software is integrated with the sales order management and work order management modules. Modular bills allow a customer to choose the parts that will be assembled to create the item that the customer is buying. Modular items are added to sales orders and can be configured to the customer’s specifications. Once the modular item has been configured, a work order can be created for it. When the work order has been completed and received, the modular item is shipped. Kits can be pre-configured and sold and shipped without any additional user intervention. Complete as ordered and as shipped history is retained for analysis. Catalog models can be configured and entered in sales orders with a single code entry. They are then configured and priced with no other input required.


The Purchasing module provides controls for the complete procurement process, from vendor quoting through receiving, inspection, material disposition, and material vendor returns.


Sales Order quotations are entered in much the same way as sales orders are in our distribution software. One click turns a quote into a sales order, no re-keying of data is required. Sales quotes can also be entered for prospects. The quotation automatically updates the forecast opportunities in the NDS sales force automation.


The Distribution Replenishment module of our distribution software provides for retail and distribution center replenishment with order / pick / pack / ship / receive tracking. It can be used in conjunction with master schedule and forecasting, as a reorder point system, or both.

Sales Force Automation

Sales force in our distribution software provides the sales people the ability to view contacts and activities, generate quotations to establish forecasts and store all communications with accounts and contacts while management is able to view and build reports on business opportunities.

Sales force centralizes your companies sales prospect database for better control, security and communication for your sales organization. Your sales force will streamline the qualification process by capturing the detailed prospect profiles.

Product interest, budget amount, purchase time frame, competitive landscape, decision makers, decision process, features sought, can all be recorded for use by direct sales force. Prospect status codes provide tracking capability to establish funnel forecasting.

Sales Order Management

With fully integrated credit management features, extensive pricing and commission schemes and sales analysis reporting, the Sales Order Management module of our distribution software is well suited for pure distribution companies.

It includes customer complaint processing, forecast consumption and effective promise control tools. Intelligent integrated configuration-to-order drives the final assembly manufacturing process.

Unique bills of material and network routings may be generated from the sales order. Purchase orders may be created directly from a sales order and linked to the sales order.

Service Warranty

The service warranty module of our distribution software records problems with and service on items in service transactions. Vouchers, invoices, and sales orders can be generated from the service warranty module. Vouchers are generated for return bonuses, invoices are generated if the customer was paid a return bonus, but never returned the item, and sales orders are generated for replacement items.

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