A full ERP system designed by NECS for distribution/wholesale trade companies.

About entree

The NECS entrée computer software system is designed to automate and manage the critical daily tasks of a food service distributor.

This product is perfect for full line distributors, or specialized distributors (e.g. meat, seafood, produce and cheese). This product will help you in the areas of:

  • Order Entry
  • Inventory Control
  • Pricing
  • Purchasing
  • Truck Routing
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Commissions
  • Ordertaker Call List
  • Catchweights

Accounts Receivable

NECS realizes the importance of your accounts receivable to your companies bottom line. That is why entrée provides you with the tools you need to help you collect past due amounts. These tools include everything from easy to read statements for your customers, to the tools to help your office and sales staff in this process. The easy-to-use cash receipt process will speed your office staff in entering payments from your customers, whilst ensuring that information is accurate. Some of the accounts receivables features include:

  • Define terms, credit limit, payment days and discount days on a customer by customer basis.
  • Calculated “payment due date” as well as a list of outstanding invoices can be printed on customer invoices
  • Your order entry staff can be blocked from entering orders for customers over their limit
  • Statements and letters of dunning can easily be generated showing both open invoices and payment details in a variety of formats
  • ash receipts can be quickly and efficiently entered
  • A customer’s open accounts receivable status can be easily brought up throughout key areas of the system, such as order entry.


NECS recognizes that many meat, poultry, cheese, seafood and produce, sell and track their inventory as catchweight or random weight items. To address this issue, they developed entrée to be able to manage catchweights. When catchweight uitems are sold, the billing weight of each unit needs to be entered into the invoice so that the extended amount is calculated properly. Weights can be entered manually or scanned in with a purchase of entrée.UPC. Some of the additional functions and features of this product include:

  • Tracking of minimum, maximum and average weight, ensures the proper weights are entered.
  • When the Loading Sheet prints, an area is provided to write the catchweights per line item.
  • When a completed Invoice prints, each of the catchweights, as well as the total weight will be printed.
  • You have the option enter catchweights using kilograms instead of pounds.
  • You can set the system to not print a final invoice until all the weight information is entered.


NECS knows that commission tracking is a vital part of your sales processes. That is why they developed entrée with the ability to fully track your sales commissions and ensure they are paid the proper amount at the proper time. You can track commissions for both salespeople and brokers and base them off of:

  • Gross profit percent
  • Invoice sale amount
  • Customer payment, with the ability to withhold commissions until a customer pays, and deduct commissions by the number of days a customer’s payment is past due
  • Special commissions per item including exceptions and overrides
  • Company specific commission formulas that can be based off the sales amount or gross profit


The Accounts Payable system will write checks and perform tracking of credits, discounts, partial payments, and recurring obligations. Additionally numerous vendor and payable inquiries can be performed. An extensive library of analysis reprots, and a complete bank reconciliation fucntion make this your complete Accounts Payable solution. A list of entrée.AP’s features includes the following:

  • Total accounts payable and approve-to-pay amounts are tracked and can be viewed
  • Accepts unlimited partial payments on open invoices
  • Lost checks can be easily voided
  • Permits 12 payment priorities to prioritize invoice payment
  • Vendors may be placed on payment hold
  • Allows an unlimited number of checking accounts
  • Create invoices manually, or match them up to purchase order receipts
  • Non-check payments of invoices, such as wire transfers are fully supported
  • Built-in bank reconciliation options include sorting by date or check number for easy and efficient reconciliation
  • Flexible approve to pay feature lets you view just the invoices that meet your criteria (vendor, discount date, invoice date, etc.) and approve or unapprove with just a click

Reports Included in This System Are:

  • Accounts Payable Discount Report (Pending & Lost)
  • Accounts Payable Journal
  • Approved to Pay
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Cash Requirements
  • Check Register
  • Aging and Forecast
  • Invoice Register
  • Master Distribution Journal


entree.BAK will back-up your entire entree system data to a local computer, or to NECS’ remote backup servers in their data center. Each backup set is compressed and encrypted; and can be searched and restored by filename, original file location, file size, or last modified date. This system uses a FIFO rotating disk space, and allows you to allocate how much disk space your backups take-up on your local system.

You can search backup files by:

  • file name
  • original file location
  • file size
  • last modified date
  • and local/remote location


entree.DOC will store and give you access to all of your past signed invoices, customer checks, purchase orders, etc. This system will allow you to scan your documents and store them in an organized fashion. Thereby completely eliminating file cabinets, and the time consuming process of filing and recalling documents from those file cabinets. This product will give you the following benefits:

  • Save space in your warehouse
  • Save filing time
  • Eliminate time finding documents
  • Save time getting documents to person requesting them
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Works with any TWAIN compatible scanner, including the Xerox Document series
  • Documents are scanned in seconds, with latest OCR technology.
  • The system will automatically recognize document and who they belong to.
  • No need for single sheet scans, place as many documents into sheet feeder as allowed.
  • Scanned documents stored as TIF files for maximum compression.
  • Easily view, email (as PDF file) or print scanned documents.


entree.DSD is a software package, including and made for handheld computers, that your drivers can use while on deliveries. Your delivery staff can use this software/computer to enter sales, returns, cash receipts, expenses and inventory transactions at the customers site. This information is then transferred into your main NECS server at your office.

Some of the Benefits and Features of This Product Are:

  • Allows your drivers to add extra stops per day without adding additional work hours.
  • Time currently spent on paperwork can now be spent servicing your customer.
  • Eliminates line item extension errors.
  • Eliminates pricing errors.
  • Eliminates office data entry errors.
  • Easy to use, menu driven and can even be operated with one hand.
  • Full sales and return capabilities with invoice editing.
  • Multiple custom invoice printing formats.
  • Detailed cash receipts are able to be viewed.
  • Customer and product history are able to be viewed.


entree.DSR is designed to run on any Window’s based laptop. This product will allow your DSR’s (distributor sales representatives) to step outside of the box and become more than just order takers. With this product your DSR’s and Sales Managers can control inventory costs, gross profit and cost; and they are able to edit pricing, override minimum sell prices, and edit orders after transmission.

Some of the Additional Features of This Product Are:

  • Quickly enter customer orders with our ýstandard order processý
  • DSR’s can optionally view gross profit as order is entered
  • DSR’s can see commission increase/decrease as prices are adjusted
  • Eliminates office errors on order from miscommunication
  • Eliminates time for office staff to key in orders
  • Pass on special instructions to the office and warehouse
  • View detailed customer buying habits
  • View latest inventory on hand quantities
  • Remind customers about products that should be ordered
  • Produce on-the-spot quotations and credit memos
  • Review the customers outstanding accounts receivable
  • Generate Price Lists
  • Generate customer aging reports


entree.EDI is your complete Electronic Data Interchange software solution. This software module allows you to automate the exchange of documents between NECS and dissimilar programs. Furthermore, this will allow members of your supply chain to electronically exchange purchase orders, invoices, advance ship notices and other business documents directly from one business system to the other, without human intervention. Currently this product supports the following EDI formats: Form 875: Grocery Products Purchase Order, Form 880: Grocery Products Invoice, and Form 997: Functional Acknowledgements.


entree.FMS (fleet management system) is designed to help control rising fuel costs and labor costs. The advanced mapping technology included in entree.EDI will reduce your ýtrucks on the roadý by at least 20%. This product will allow your drivers to complete their stops without overtime; and you will be able to fit more stops in without additional drivers. Since this program chooses the best sequence of all stops, which stops should be assigned to each vehicle, and shortest distance to each stop, your vehicle utilization will be maximized.

Benefits of This Module Are:

  • Reduces driving times.
  • Reduces mileage.
  • Eliminates fees for overweight vehicles.
  • Increase deliveries without adding trucks or drivers.
  • Savings average 25% on delivery costs.
  • Scheduling, routing and dispatch labor costs and time are eliminated.
  • Detailed and colorful maps with directions can be produced.
  • Can automatically send emails to your customers as to when to expect delivery.
  • Detailed information to track the cost of each driver and route.


entree.GL add-on module will tightly integrate with your main entre system. This system allows you to post entries for any current or historical period (within the past 3 years). Flexible reports in this module give you comprehensive financial, comparative, and audit trail options.

Some of the Features of This Product Include:

  • Post entries to any periods in a three-year window
  • Designate custom groups of accounts for budgeting and reporting purposes
  • Consolidate, edit, and report information from multiple companies and various periods
  • Account inquiries give easy access to on-line information for any account, including the ability to drill down to AP detail from any posting

This module has many reporting functions as well, and all reports can be displayed, printed, exported to a spreadsheet, faxed, emailed, or saved to disk.

Reports in This Module Include:

  • Balance Sheets
  • Chart of Accounts
  • File Listings of Recurring Entries, Account Groups, Types, etc.
  • General Ledger
  • Income Statements
  • Trial Balances
  • Unposted Transaction Edit Lists


entree.GPS works with either ýblack boxesý installed in each of your trucks or GPS enabled phones to provide robust vehicle tracking and driver history. This will allow you to affordably track and pinpoint your trucks throughout the day. This program will provide you with all fleet tracking data in a colorful, detailed, up-to-date, zoomable map format.


  • Interfaces with entre.DOC so customers can view scanned and signed invoices
  • A ýquický order mode is offered where your customers can simply type in the item number and quantity
  • Customers can order off their custom ýstandard orderý so they don’t forget anything
  • Sort orders by item number, class, brand, unit of measure and description
  • Detailed product information with images
  • Can be used by your salespeople to enter orders for their customers using a single login account, so they don’t have to know all their customers usernames and passwords
  • Customers can generate their own sales, history and AR reports
  • An all Microsoft infrastructure


Building on their history of adapting to new technologies, NECS offers the entree.PDA software. This software provides your sales staff a simple and portable tool to enter orders and check inventory. Since many PDA’s often double as cell phones, implementation costs of this software are relatively low. This product uses standard cell phone services to transmit information.


Many school-systems and other non-profit organizations use USDA programs to purchase certain commodity foods at a discount. The USDA allows discounted commodity foods to be purchased as ingredients in eligible processed food products through an arrangement known as Pass Through Value (PTV). This software supports a particular PTV method known as ýNet Off Invoiceý (NOI) where the agency’s commodity values are deducted from distributor invoices for eligible products. Using the services provided by K12 Food service, the credits given in this way are reported back to the manufacturer (for bill back purposes) as well as to the State and Federal agencies responsible for administering this program. The K12 Web site serves as a centralized distribution point for information required by all the parties involved in the PTV program.


entree.UPC brings the power of barcodes to your food service operation. This product will allow you to reduce warehouse and office staff, while increasing speed and accuracy. This system is designed to read any barcode label (be it native to your system or written in a different system’s language). Even though you may have thousands of suppliers and varying amounts of information in a specific barcode label, the entree.UPC barcode scanning system can handle that with ease.

Receiving - Benefits entree.UPC Brings to Receiving Include

  • Stops receiving errors on purchase orders.
  • Print a copy of weights / qty scanned and compare to suppliers invoice.
  • Stops supplier overcharges.
  • Cuts employee overtime and labor.
  • Makes theft visible and risky.

Physical Inventory - Benefits entree.UPC Brings to Physical Inventory Include:

  • Makes physical inventory fast and accurate while eliminating mistakes.
  • Cuts employee overtime and labor.
  • Makes theft visible and risky.

Invoicing - Benefits entree.UPC Brings to Invoicing Include:

  • Serve your customers faster through improved productivity in the warehouse and front office.
  • Eliminate order picking errors, including over/under ships, wrong item ships, etc.
  • Improve employee morale with a user friendly tool that helps them do their job easier and faster.
  • Improve your reputation for reliability by having accurate orders that go out correctly the first time.
  • Eliminates customer undercharges.
  • Reduces customer order shortage claims.
  • Reduces customer ýspecial runsý to correct critical order errors.
  • Reduces excessive employee overtime.
  • Catchweights are scanned, making it unnecessary for office to manually enter.
  • Makes theft visible and risky.

Inventory Control

The Inventory Control system in entree, is the complete inventory management solution for your food distribution organization. This system will inform you of on hand quantities, purchased quantities due for arrival (and when), and sales breakdowns.

The Inventory Control System Will Track:

  • catch weights
  • constant weights
  • lb. items
  • case to piece breaking

Some Additional Features of Inventory Control Are:

  • lot control including lot qty, date, weight as well as purchase and sales history
  • kit definitions all you to setup a simple bill of materials type inventory control system for your food distribution organization (assuming you manufacture your own products)
  • movement of items are graphically represented with bar & pie chart analysis
  • extensive sales and gross profit reporting
  • promotions, spiffs and rebates

Order Entry

The Order Entry features of entree allow you to enter customer orders in an incredibly fast and accurate manner.

This is the heart of the entree system; it gives your sales staff any and all information they need. Including a history customer buying habits with a listing of last purchase dates, quantities and pricing. The ýstandard orderý feature ensures you never forget an item a customer may need. The instantaneous search feature gives your staff an entire inventory listing, at the push of a button. entree also features reminders for your staff, making sure they never forget to call a customer on a specific day and warning them if certain sales quotas are not met. This product will not only minimize order errors, but it will also increase your sales.

Additional Features of This Product Include:

  • process and track sales orders.
  • easily generate quotations.
  • automatically create orders from pre-defined customer data.
  • track credit memos.
  • track customer credit history including credit limits.
  • ýhot messagesý for each customer will remind said customer of specific information before an order is placed.
  • print invoices with a laser printer and customize their appearance to include your companies logo. You can also choose a variety of pre-printed, multi-part forms.
  • graphic images can be attached to each item, these images can appear in various places besides order entry, including price lists and online ordering.

Ordertaker Call List

The Ordertaker Call List gives your staff the ability to keep track of their daily calls. Additionally, this tool can be used to distribute the calls an employee has on queue, in the event of an absence.

Some of the Additional Features of This Product Are:

  • The system knows what customers need to be called and at what time they prefer to place their order, by reviewing data in your customer’s files
  • The desired customer can be quickly selected from a list on the customer grid.
  • For those customers that are not yet ready to place their order, a call back comment maybe easily entered and referenced later in the day.


NECS realizes that, as a food distributor you need to provide flexible pricing to your clients. Therefore, entree is fully capable of meeting and exceeding these needs.

Some of the Pricing Features Include:

  • customer special pricing which allows you to set a special price for every customer and every item they might purchase from you
  • pricing levels per item with up to 99 levels based off current cost or profit percentage
  • group pricing
  • sale pricing based off multiple pricing scenarios
  • future pricing
  • price matrix definitions (for more complex pricing needs)

Truck Routing

entree will help you in all of your truck routing processes, allowing you to assign stops for your driver in the appropriate sequence, and ensure that your driver has complete and organized delivery manifest before starting his route. The system allows each of your customers and their ship to locations to have their route, stop sequence and preferred delivery time to be defined for each day of the week. After orders have been placed, the Assign Route screen can easily show what stops have been assigned to each driver, number of stops on a truck, the total weight, and total case count. Route information can be easily changed and updated based upon specific needs of that day.

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