Elliott Business Software

A full ERP system designed by NETcellent Systems.

About Elliott Business Software

If you are looking for accounting software, think again! You need business software that goes beyond the traditional accounting tasks and integrates Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Warehouse Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Internet eCommerce and eBusiness solutions.

Choosing which business software will drive your company now and into the future can be vital to your company. So, whether you are upgrading your current accounting system, right sizing or downsizing from a mini-computer or main frame, your investment in this business software should meet and exceed your current financial management needs.

Elliott Business Software is a powerful, feature rich ERP application that is affordable by businesses of every size. Elliott is an Internet ready business solution that includes General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Bank Book, Inventory Management, Customer Order Processing, Purchase Order & Receiving, Bill of Material Production, with emphasis on Supply Chain, Warehouse Management and Customer Relationship Management.


Elliott is a Windows 32-bit business software based on PSQL database and runs on a Local Area Network or Single User environment. Elliott offers extensive support for Terminal Server, which makes it ideal for organizations with multiple locations.

Elliott supports most 32-bit Windows operating systems including Windows 98/ME, Windows 2000 and XP Professional. It supports server platforms for Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and Novell NetWare.

Accounting: Accounts Payable

Timing…it can be everything in Accounts Payable. Achieve that all-important timing, as well as increase cash flow management, by implementing Elliott’s Accounts Payable (A/P) package.

A comprehensive accrual package, you’ll save time by streamlining all your vendor accounts. You can input numbered vouchers to track new payables, credit memos, prepaid expenses, cancellations and adjustments.

And that’s only the beginning. A/P enables you to save your company money. A pre-check payment preparation gives you the ability to identify hard-to-define discounts otherwise not easily tracked.

Visualize and analyze every aspect of your company’s payables with in-depth reports automatically generated by Elliott’s A/P. Equip yourself with tools you need to track, analyze, forecast and manage every step of your payables process…implement Elliott’s A/P.

Elliott’s A/P module enables you to save your company money. A pre-check payment preparation gives you the ability to identify hard-to-define discounts otherwise not easily tracked.

**Highlights: **

  • Enter new payables, recurring expenses, adjustments, corrections, and manual payments.
  • Apply one-time payment or miscellaneous vendor transactions.
  • Display up-to-date vendor accounts, showing all payables and payments.
  • Process partial payment of invoices.
  • Generate Accounts Payable checks.
  • Defer permanent or temporary payment of invoices.
  • Print federal non-employee compensation (1099) forms for selected vendors.
  • Generate cash requirement reports.
  • Maintain check reconciliation.
  • Produce Vendor Analysis and History Reports.
  • Print A/P Check History Report.
  • Batch ID Processing
  • Vendor-Remit to


  • Purchase Order: During purchase order processing, vendor, ship via, FOB code and A/P accounts may be automatically accessed. When invoices are entered through New A/P transaction processing, the P/O number is validated, P/O then updates amount and quantity invoiced fields once the transaction is posted.
  • General Ledger: All account distribution detail from posting applications (vouchers, checks) may be transferred into G/L in full detail, account summary or date summary.

Reports Provided (Partial List)

  • Vendor File Print-Out
  • A/P Open Item Report
  • New A/P Transaction Register
  • Pre-Check Writing Report
  • A/P Check Register
  • A/P Check Reconciliation Report
  • New A/P Transaction Edit List
  • Cash Requirements Report
  • A/P Check History Report
  • Vendor Analysis Report
  • Vendor History Report
  • Ship Via Code List
  • FOB Code List
  • A/P Valid G/L Account File list
  • A/P Distribution to G/L Report

Accounting: Accounts Receivable

Accuracy…it’s a critical element in managing your accounts receivables. It’s hard enough to achieve with normal business growth. Let alone rapid expansion. That’s why you need Elliott’s Accounts Receivable (A/R) package.

A/R simplifies cash management and maintains vital credit information. That means you can focus on growth and expansion while maintaining a solid financial base.

A/R comprehensively tracks both open item and balance forward customers and produces monthly statements. You can also generate customer-aging reports using up to four defined aging periods.

Take your accounts receivables beyond cash flow management. Calculate and accurately collect your company’s receivables with Elliott’s A/R

Some of the highlights of the AR module include:

  • Assign each customer either balance forward or open item.
  • Quickly inquire into customer accounts and credit history on-line.
  • Enter and edit single and recurring sales transactions and distributions.
  • Edit and automatically or manually enter cash receipt transactions.
  • Print customer statements in user-defined frequency basis; “not at all,” discretionary, weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, and quarterly.
  • Generate account distributions that easily interface to Elliott’s General Ledger.
  • Produce in-depth Sales Analysis Reports by customer, customer type, sales volume, salesperson, state and territory.
  • Define multiple tax codes per customer, and designate shipping methods for each customer.
  • Calculate sales commission from cash receipts, or invoices.
  • Handle multiple commission rates per salesperson according to customer classification.
  • Support miscellaneous customers for “one-time” sales.
  • Calculate multi-level finance charges.
  • Credit Card Transaction Processing

The AR module integrates well with Customer Order Processing and GL modules.

  • Customer Order Processing: In order entry, customer, salesman, tax code, ship via and terms code record information may be automatically accessed. When orders are posted, account distributions, and open item records are created. Customer, salesman, and tax code period-to-date, year-to-date, and other accumulator fields are then updated.
  • General Ledger: All account distribution detail from posting applications in A/R or COP may be transferred into G/L in full detail, account summary or date summary.

Reports Provided (Partial List)

  • A/R Accounts List
  • Sales Journal
  • Sales Edit List
  • A/R Open Invoice Worksheet
  • Cash Receipts Journal
  • Cash Receipts Edit List
  • A/R Aging Report
  • Commissions Due Report
  • A/R Aging Report
  • Sales Tax Liability Report
  • Sales Analysis by Customer
  • Sales Analysis by Salesman
  • Sales Analysis by Sales Volume
  • Sales Analysis by Territory
  • Sales Analysis by State
  • Ship Via Code List
  • Job Code List
  • A/R Distribution to G/L Report
  • Credit Card Log Report

Accounting: General Ledger

Your General Ledger serves as your company’s financial backbone. So, when choosing a package that supports your financial management system, select the strongest foundation available with Elliott’s General Ledger (G/L).

G/L allows you to assign multiple profit centers. Refined processing, G/L easily handles recurring entries and the automatic reversal of accruals.

In order to build a financial management system, you need full reporting capabilities. Elliott’s G/L not only generates your financial reports, but also allows you to define the format to meet your company’s analytical requirements.

Increase control and accountability and decrease the time you spend trying to achieve that level of financial management. Build your financial management system with Elliott’s G/L as your base.

General Ledger Overview

G/L provides the foundation for a total Elliott Financial Management System. G/L does not require any other modules to run.


  • Define up to thirteen accounting periods in the year.
  • Group profit centers into user-defined financial entities for sectional financial reporting.
  • Enter and edit general and recurring journal transactions for general and recurring registers.
  • Automatically generate a reversing entry.
  • Distribute transaction amounts to multiple accounts based on user-defined percentages.
  • Easily perform on-screen G/L account inquiries.
  • Print data from previous year, budget amounts, and variance on statements.
  • Define and format financial statements using a built-in report generator.
  • Print financial cash flow statements.
  • Perform a temporary or final year-end closing.
  • Consolidate up to a total of 99 companies.


  • Accounts Receivable : All account distribution detail from posting applications for sales, receivables and cash receipts may be transferred in full detail, account summary or date summary.
  • Accounts Payable: All account distribution detail from posting applications of vouchers, checks, credit and debit memos may be transferred in full detail, account summary or date summary.
  • Payroll: All account distribution detail from posting applications of employee labor, bonus, vacation and other employer payroll related expenses may be transferred in full detail, account summary or date summary.
  • Inventory Management: All account distribution detail from posting applications of cost of goods sold, inventory and work in process may be transferred in full detail, account summary or date summary.

Reports Provided (Partial List)

  • G/L Trial Balance
  • Financial Entity List
  • Chart of Accounts Print-Out
  • Distribution Code List
  • Text File Print-Out
  • General Journal Transaction Edit List
  • General Journal Transaction Register
  • Recurring Journal Transaction Edit List
  • General Ledger Worksheet
  • General Ledger Source Cross Reference
  • Financial Statement Layout Edit List
  • Profit and Loss Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Statement of Cash Flow
  • Changes in Financial Position

Accounting: Payroll

If you employ people, then you have a payroll system you must manage. And it’s vital that the data be accurate and secure. Achieve total confidence by implementing Elliott’s Payroll package.

Elliott decreases the time it takes to process your company’s personnel transactions. It enables you to accurately calculate both hourly and salaried employees.

And Elliott’s Payroll power extends beyond mere salary calculations. It extracts and processes benefit, insurance and vacation accruals. You also have the opportunity to generate regular payroll, vacation and special checks such as employee bonuses.

Your data is secure when you enter it into payroll. Built-in system features ensure data integrity and password security prevents unauthorized access.

Employ Elliott’s Payroll to streamline and safeguard all your personnel financial information.


  • Define hundreds of voluntary deductions and miscellaneous taxable or nontaxable earnings.
  • Calculate all city, state, and federal payroll taxes using tax tables that can be updated on-screen without changing the program.
  • Automatically generate a standard payroll.
  • Process manual written checks and payroll adjustments.
  • Calculate and print payroll.
  • Handle meals, tips and tip credits for restaurants.
  • Perform check reconciliation.
  • Track labor costs by assigning job numbers.
  • Print Federal W-2 forms and transmit on magnetic media confirming to SSA requirements.
  • Record manual checks.
  • Support multiple state and city taxes per employee.
  • Through time transaction and expenses by job number information.
  • Generate check for non-employee payments.


General Ledger: All account distribution detail from posting of employee labor, bonus, vacation and other employer payroll related expenses might be transferred to G/L in full detail, by account summary or by date summary.

Reports Provided (Partial List)

  • Deduction and Earning Codes List
  • Deduction Register
  • Deduction/Earning History Report
  • Employee File Print-Out
  • Overtime and Sick Pay Report
  • Payroll Register
  • Payroll Valid G/L Account File List
  • Payroll Check Register
  • Payroll History Report
  • Quarterly Payroll Report
  • Payroll History Report
  • Quarterly Payroll Report
  • Payroll Savings Bond Register
  • Payroll Time Register
  • Union Deductions Report
  • Worker’s Compensation Report
  • Payroll Distribution to G/L Report

Add-On: Elliott eStore: E-Commerce/e-Business Solution

Elliott Store is NETcellent’s e-Business and e-Commerce solution developed for Elliott Business Software. It enables users to place and manage orders as well as view invoice history real-time.

Place Order - When users add items to their shopping cart and submit the order(s), Elliott eStore will call the Order Entry Webservices/Active X Components, which will then create the sales order(s) by updating the Elliott sales order tables directly.

View Orders - When users wish to view their open orders, Elliott eStore will call the Order Inquiry Active X Component, which will then read the Elliott sales order tables and allow users to view open orders from the live Elliott database.

As a result, users will be able to see open orders created from Elliott eStore, as well as phone, faxed, and email orders. Users can also cancel open order(s) if it has not been processed yet.

View Invoice History - When users wish to view invoice history, Elliott eStore will call the Invoice History Active X Component, which will then read the Elliott invoice history tables and allow users to view their entire invoice history records.

Add-On: Vertical: Electronic Data Exchange (EDI)

It doesn’t matter who your EDI trading partner is, NETcellent can create and implement your EDI mapping to meet your trading partner’s requests quickly and efficiently. In addition, NETcellent will provide support for each mapping. Take advantage of the power of Elliott and EDI. NETcellent System Inc. offers SoftShare Delta EDI mapping for the following forms:

810: Invoice - Export and instantly send your invoices directly to your trading partner(s) using Elliott’s Sales Order Export Utility.

850: Purchase Order - Accept your trading partner’s purchase orders. Let Elliott generate sales orders quickly and conveniently using the Sales Order Import Utility.

856: Advanced Shipping Notice - Provide a notice of inventory shipment to your customers (UCC 128 Label) using the Elliott Sales Order Export Utility and the Shipping Verification function.

Bank Book

This application greatly speeds-up the process to reconcile your bank statements. All checks that are issued to vendors/employees and received from customers throughout the Elliott Business Software are collected in a central place for reconciliation.

Not only will it give you accurate information for you current cash position, it will also provide helpful projection of the future cash balance by considering purchasing, recurring expenses and revenues.


  • Reconcile bank statements with cash account.
  • Provides a Bank Reconciliation file to merge transactions from A/P, P/R, and A/R.
  • Provides a Bank File to record each Cash Account.
  • Update cash balance for general ledger.

Reports Provided:

  • Cash Position Summary Report
  • Cash Position Detail Report
  • Running Cash Balance Report
  • Cash Projection Report

Distribution: Customer Order Processing

Processing your customers’ orders demands more than just order entry. It requires the power and flexibility inherent in Elliott’s Customer Order Processing (COP) package. Accompanied by Elliott’s Accounts Receivable and Inventory Management packages, COP streamlines every step of your order processing.

  • Powerful and highly sophisticated, COP provides the following phases of order processing:
  • Generates a picking ticket and prints customer invoices.
  • You have the ability to track quotes and later convert them to actual orders without rekeying.
  • You can enter credit to generate a credit memo and update your receivables.
  • Versatile, COP gives you the option to process in a single or two-step billing process.
  • The automatic credit hold feature will help maintain the necessary controls that a fast paced company demands.
  • Powerful sales desk is an extension to the traditional order entry screen.

Whether your business is distribution or light manufacturing, Elliott’s COP proves to be an operational necessity.

Customer Order Processing Overview

Powerful and highly sophisticated, COP provides the following phases of order processing:


  • It transforms purchase order information to an actual order.
  • Generates a picking ticket and prints customer invoices.
  • The ability to track quotes and later converting them to actual orders with out rekeying.
  • You can enter credit to generate a credit memo and update your receivables.
  • Versatile, COP gives you the option to process in a single or two-step billing process.
  • The Automatic Credit hold feature will help maintain the necessary controls that a fast paced company demands.
  • Powerful sales desk is an extension to the traditional order entry screen.
  • Track shipment information in order and invoice history inquiry.
  • Email order acknowledgement. (Utilizes eContact database)
  • Email shipment notification.
  • Print invoices and picking tickets.
  • Access customers by either customer number or name.
  • Display inventory at order entry time.
  • Perform on-line credit checks.
  • Maintain three tax accounts per transaction
  • Use multiple sales and cost of goods sold accounts.
  • Generate and fill back orders.
  • Support order entry from multiple stocking locations.
  • Define selective and partial billing of line items.
  • Setup pricing and discount categories through flexible, user-defined codes based on customer numbers, customer types, quantity ordered, product categories, item numbers, various combinations thereof, and/or special sales prices.
  • Generate packing lists and shipping labels.
  • Search by Customer Name, Customer number, Phone, ZIP code, and User defined selections.


  • Accounts Receivable:
    • Customer record information of salesman, tax codes, ship via, terms code, inventory location, credit information and order discounts are automatically displayed during Order Entry.
    • Sales commission rates are maintained in A/R by customer type and commissions are calculated in COP.
    • Customers may be flagged for standard order options. For instance, no back orders, no partial shipments or credit holds.
    • Invoices and payments are posted to A/R.
    • Customers not on file may be added during Order Entry.
    • Sales commission rates are maintained in A/R by customer type and commissions are calculated in COP.
    • Invoices and payment are posted to A/R.
  • Purchase Order:
    • Sales Order can optionally be copied to P/O to generate a purchase order requisition. The requisition(s) can then be converted to a purchase order.
  • Bill of Material:
    • Order Entry will “Blow through” up to 11 levels of a bill of material to allocate components on-line and relieve components on-line and relieve components quantities during posting.
    • The picking ticket will include all components associated with an order line item.
  • General Ledger:
    • G/L transaction for sales, cost of sales, payments, etc. are distributed to G/L through A/R.

Reports Provided (Partial List)

  • Order Acknowledgement
  • Picking Ticket
  • Order Edit List
  • Ship-To Address Print-Out
  • Price Code List
  • Sales Analysis by Sales Volume
  • Sales Analysis by Item
  • Sales Analysis by Product Category
  • Sales Comparison by Customer
  • Sales Comparison by Customer and Product
  • Sales Comparison by Product and Customer
  • Sales Comparison by Product Category and Product
  • Sales Comparison by Salesman, Customer, and Product

Distribution: Inventory Management

It’s critical managing inventory levels to be able to extract and analyze data to efficiently control your company’s budget and resources.

You’ll find Elliott’s Inventory Management (I/M) package provides you with a comprehensive tool that records and maintains both manufacturing and distribution inventories for multiple warehouse locations.

I/M allows you to record 15 character item number, picking sequences, sale statistics, lot or serial numbers and ability to track multiple warehouse locations.

Flexible enough to reflect your organizations unique business needs. I/M tracks average cost, last cost, standard cost, LIFO or FIFO. Maintain accuracy and efficiency in managing your business with Elliott’s Inventory Management.

Distribution: Purchase Order & Receiving

Organize and administer your company’s purchasing process to decrease time invested in paperwork and increase efficiency. You can do just that with Elliott’s Purchase Order and Receiving (P/O).

P/O is an efficient, time saving tool for creating and maintaining purchasing records. It enables you to ensure the quality, accuracy and promptness for the delivery of all purchased materials.

And when you combine P/O with Elliott’s Accounts Payable and Inventory Management packages, you build a comprehensive system that optimizes timely purchases with the dynamics of inventory control.

Set up pricing discounts for your vendors. Set up your negotiated pricing based on purchasing volume by specifying a price break table. You can construct up to 5 price level discounts. Use these table to maintain special negotiated prices for one or more vendors.


  • Print purchase orders, correct purchase orders and cancellations.
  • Report scheduled receiving.
  • Purchase materials to be drop shipped directly to customers.
  • Perform on-screen inquiries for each purchase order.
  • Know when early shipments and over/under shipments occur.
  • Analyze your vendors’ quality, performance and price variance.
  • Generate blanket purchase orders.
  • Print cash requirements reports including information gleaned from Elliott’s A/P.
  • Use multiple vendor part numbers for each inventory item.
  • Track receiving by lot and serial number.
  • Create purchase order requisitions and generating purchase order(s) directly from the requisitions.
  • Create purchase order requisitions by generating from COP and IM.


  • Inventory Management:
    • During the entry of a purchase order, item information may be automatically accessed and displayed.
    • During the printing of Pos, the quantity on order for an item is updated on-line.
    • During Receiving Processing, the quantity on order, quantity on hand, the average, and last cost fields are automatically updated.
    • Items may be received with serial or lot numbers creating serial/lot information in inventory.
    • LIFO and FIFI layers are automatically created during Receiving Processing.
    • Purchase Order Requisition(s) can be generated from I/M.
  • Accounts Payable:
    • Vendor, Ship Via, and FOB Code details are accessed when releasing purchase orders.
    • Vendor statistics such as P/O’s YTD, number line items YTD, average cost variance, average reject items, average lead time, average number of days late and percentage late last year fields are updated during process and receiving functions.
  • Customer Order Processing:
    • Purchase Order Requisition(s) can be generated from COP sales orders.

Reports Provided (Partial List)

  • Purchase Order Edit List
  • Schedule Receipts by Item
  • Scheduled receipts by Job
  • Receiving Audit Trail Report
  • Purchase Line History Report
  • Vendor Performance Analysis Report
  • Item Vendor Report
  • Commodity Code Vendor Report
  • Buyer Code List
  • Reject Reason Code List
  • Ship-To Code List
  • Scheduled Receipts by Vendor

Integrated CRM Features

Elliott Business Software offers a built-in CRM / Contact Management Solution. Features such as Notes, Tickler/Task Manager, Attributes, eContact Manager, eContact Processor, Mass Email, Links, and many more will help your company improve your relationship with your customers, vendors, employees, etc.

You do not have to utilize a third party contact management application. Everything is fully integrated within Elliott Business Solution, which means data is easily accessible because it comes from one source.

You can keep track of your customer, vendor, salesman, ship-to, employee, sales order contacts (and more), send email to your contact records, email sales order acknowledgements, email shipment notifications (with tracking information) and more, all conveniently within the same application.

E-Contact Database

The center of Elliott’s CRM / Contact Management is e-Contact. Elliott’s e-Contact is an extension to the customer database, as well as the vendor, employee, salesman, sales orders, ship-to, and purchase order database (and more). It can be used not only for CRM, but for Vendor Relationship Management, Employee Relationship Management, etc. e-Contact allows you to store contact information for customers, vendors, employees, ship-to, salespersons, sales orders and just about anywhere in the system. The contact’s e-mail address, shipping address, phone and fax numbers are stored in the e-Contact database. In addition, e-Contact can store password to be used for Internet access. Special ActiveX components have been developed to utilize the e-Contact database from ASP pages. Credit card information can be stored in the e-Contact with encryption for security. Therefore, e-Contact is also an important piece of Elliott’ Internet shopping cart solution.

Once contact records are captured inside Elliott’s e-Contact database, emailing becomes extremely easy. For example, you can bring up a customer e-Contact record from the customer file maintenance and send e-mail to the contact(s) from the e-Contact screen. During order entry, you can also decide the contact(s) for the orders. Orders with contacts can optionally receive emails for order and shipping acknowledgement.

Elliott allow users to send mass email based on e-Contact information. Filter criterias can be set up, so only the intended contact(s) will receive the Email.

You can insert notes (see Elliott Notes) to record conversations with each contact record. This capability will aid in keeping track of customer contacts similar to customer relationship managers. Additionally, the Contact Database will work hand in hand with the e-Contact Processor - mass e-mail program.

Elliott Notes

With Elliott’s Note feature, you can maintain key information throughout the system. Notes can be used to record your phone conversation with your customers, vendors, employees, etc. They can be printed on selected reports (i.e. invoices, picking tickets, acknowledgements, Bill of Lading, and more). Notes can also be searched by text phrase, creation date, type, and owner. Notes can also be printed on various documents like a picking ticket, packing slip, invoice, purchase order, and more.

Notes Knowledge Base

This function builds upon the powerful Elliott Notes feature. It allows you to use your existing notes as a knowledge base. You can search for note(s) using selection criteria. You can search for specific notes by entering a text search string, note creation date, note type, or note owner. This provides a convenient way of referencing note information within the system.

Tickler Notification/Task Manager

Elliott’s tickler feature is a built in task reminder or management system. Ticklers can automatically notify you of ticklers that become due and allow you to manage your priority. Ticklers can be recurring to remind you of tasks that will happen on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Not only is tickler an important CRM function, it is also an excellent management tool. Supervisors can assign a tickler session to their subordinates. The supervisors can also see the current tickler status of a subordinate to evaluate the work status. Reporting functions of outstanding, past-due and history ticklers can be used to evaluate employee performance.

Email Capabilities

From the print option window users now have the option of choosing “Email” in addition to “Print”, “Defer”, “Screen”, and “Spool To Disk”. The print job will be sent as an .TXT file attachment. This is particularly helpful in emailing order acknowledgements to customers or even emailing weekly reports to supervisors. It is important to note that the Email functionality found in ELLIOTT will be greatly expanded upon in future updates.

Email Order Acknowledgement

When an order is placed for any customer, an order acknowledgement can be sent via email to the customer. This can be done at the time of completing the order entry process or all order acknowledgements can be sent at once using the included batch routine.

Email Shipping Notification

Just as with the order acknowledgement that can be sent via email, shipping notifications also have the option of being sent via email. Elliott provides full integration with leading shipping manifest software, Starship. The tracking number that is written from Starship to Elliott will be included when the email is sent to the customer. This electronic shipping notification contains a hyper link that takes you to the UPS, FedEx, or USPPS website, showing details of the package shipping status.

E-Contact Processor - Mass E-Mail Handling

The e-Contact Processor allows you to send mass e-mails. This is a powerful feature, which utilize the e-Contact database. The mass e-mail program uses filters to search through all existing contacts and select the appropriate contacts to send emails to. The email may include attachments and such coded fields as customer name and credit limit. Coded Fields are selectable from a Tree View of predefined fields and their attributes.

The results of any search can be modified. Once the emails are sent to the selected contacts, a history file is updated with a copy of the email for later review.

Multiple e-mail processors may be run at the same time, even on the same machine, because each process has a separate handle to MAPI.

Export Processor

Export Processor is a tool that can be used as a report writer or to extract data from the Elliott system. Security features are also available to prevent unauthorized people from extracting data. Your salesmen can write their own report without the concerns of a salesman seeing another salesman’s customer data. You can empower your salesmen by letting them have crucial information at their finger tips without compromising security.

The Export Processor allows you to compare one Elliott field to another in the selection criteria. For example, you can select customer records that have a credit limit less than the account. It also offers a batch processing capability. For reps who do not know how to set up and use templates, the IT person can set up the template for them. The reps only need to click on a desktop icon (shortcut) to get their followup user list.

The following master table are available to extract data using Export Processor: customer, vendor, employee, salesmen, item, ship-to locations, sales order header and line, purchase order header and line, GL transactions, inventory location, and many more…

The Elliott Links feature is used to link one object in Elliott (i.e an item, or customer) to a document or a URL address. For example, you can use link for the following:

  • Link an item to an image file.
  • Link an item to its product specification document.
  • Link a customer to their home page.
  • Link a customer to their contracts and corresponding letters.

Links is a system wide feature and can be accessed just about anywhere in the system. This includes customer, vendor, item, employee, salesman, sales order header, line item, PO header, PO line item and more… A “Hot key” can be assigned to each link type. For instance, you can simply type ALT-I (or any key you choose) to bring up the item image from the item file. The design of Elliott Links is generic, so it’s up to you decide how to use it.

Events Handling

Events Handling is one of the most powerful functions in Elliott. It is usually used to send an email in the background when an event in Elliott is taking place. It can also be used to create a tickler if email is not available. A pop-up message box can also be used if email is not available. Events can be used for many different applications. The following are some examples:

  • Notify an administrator when certain critical functions are accessed.
  • Alert user(s) and provide additional instruction when a menu item is chosen.
  • Remind a salesperson to sell the accessory item when a main item is purchased.
  • Notify inventory control when an out of stock item is received.
  • Notify buyers when an item is out of stock.
  • Notify a supervisor via email about orders, sales, receivable and cash flow status.

Customers & Contacts Import Utility

Elliott CRM solution has the ability to import customers and contact information from other databases like ACT, Goldmine, or a list purchased from a leads database provider or contacts collected through a trade show.


Attribute is designed to extend Elliott’s database without making any modifications to the database. As a common requirement in CRM, a user can decide to track a certain piece of information about a customer or a contact and later perform analysis on that attribute field. It allow users to track any additional information as the need arises. Working in conjunction with Elliott Export Processor, user can select and export on the specific attribute to create a spreadsheet for further analysis. When working together with the Restricted Attribute function, Attribute can also be used for license and regulation control as in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

UPS and FedEx Online Tracking

If using the Starship Manifest System, and Starship is configured to write the tracking number of a shipment back to the database notes, right clicking on the note will launch the Internet Browser and send the UPS or FEDEX tracking number directly to the appropriate web site.

This tool is imperative for customer support staff that will often receive calls inquiring as to the status of their current order. By looking up the appropriate order, not only will the staff person be able to determine if a shipment has left the company, but they can take the process one step further by finding out exactly where the shipment is in the UPS or Fed Ex Process, as well as provide the anticipated delivery date as reported by the carrier.

Manufacturing: Bill of Material

If your business is distribution and/or light manufacturing, you need a bill of material processor that can eliminate the headaches of organizing and managing inventory and assembly levels. You need Elliott’s Bill of Material Processor (BOMP).

Rely on BOMP to track all raw materials, parts and sub-assemblies used to create your company’s finished goods. BOMP, with its sophisticated product structure, establishes the relationship between one single inventory item and the several components that compromise the finished goods.

Manage your company’s raw materials usage with Elliott’s Bill of Material Processor.

Inventory Manager Overview

Inventory Management allows you to record 15 character item number, picking sequences, sale statistics, lot or serial numbers and ability to track multiple warehouse locations. Flexible enough to reflect your organizations unique business needs. I/M tracks average cost, last cost, standard cost, LIFO or FIFO. Maintain accuracy and efficiency in managing your business with Elliott’s Inventory Management.


  • Select average, standard, last, LIFO, or FIFO costing methods.
  • Use decimal or integer quantities.
  • Specify both stocking and selling units of measure.
  • Track lot or serialized information for distribution.
  • Utilize multiple commission calculations by item.
  • Handle multiple substitute items
  • Maintain multiple inventory warehouse locations.
  • Create audit trails with the exact time for the major files to provide a record of additions, changes and deletions.
  • Accommodate warehouse transfers as well as issues and receipts.
  • Generate production reporting when used with the Bill of Material module.
  • Use Physical Count Tag Processing and Cycle Count Worksheets.
  • Perform quick on-screen inquiry to check on the availability or any item.
  • Track newly received items.


  • Customer Order Processing:
    • When orders are entered, controlled items are updated on-line with allocated (committed) quantities.
    • When orders are invoiced, posted item quantities are adjusted.
    • Item and stock status information may be looked up on-line during order entry.
    • Serial and lot information may be looked up from inventory and the quantities are allocated on-line.
  • Bill of Material:
    • When a costed bill of material is generated, the average, last, or standard cost for the parent item may be updated.
    • Inventory Transaction Processing will “explode” up to 11 levels of a bill of material fro production allocation and reporting.
  • Purchase Order:
    • Receiving Processing updates item quantities and costs on-line

Reports Provided (Partial List)

  • ABC Analysis Report
  • Stock Status Report
  • Numeric Item File Print-Out
  • Inventory Location File Print-Out
  • Cycle Count Worksheet
  • Reordering Advice Report by Item
  • Buyer/Analyst Code List
  • Category List
  • Location List
  • Material Cost Type List
  • Sales Comparison by Customer
  • Material Cost Type/Location Account List

System Manager

Building your Elliott system starts with the system manager (S/M) as your foundation. Once purchased and installed, it serves as a base for one or all of Elliott’s Accounting, Distribution and Light Manufacturing packages.

S/M quite simply is the backbone for your Elliott system. Features contained within S/M automatically integrate into each installed package.

The result…you’ll enjoy a unified, sophisticated system that offers you unparalleled system management capabilities.

It includes the following features:

  • E-mail support. You can e-mail any report available in Elliott.
  • Laser Form Printing
  • Laser Form Designer
  • Design Your Own Forms
  • Unlimited Notes
  • Tickler/Task Manager
  • Macro (internal & external) office automation.
  • Run multiple Elliott sessions.
  • Deferred Report Processing
  • On-line Help
  • On-Screen Searches
  • Setup Preferences
  • Screen Fonts
  • Context Sensitive Mouse Menu

Vertical: Apparel Style Group

Many industries have special needs when it comes to accounting and distribution. If you’re in the apparel industry, then you are already familiar with that fact. So how can Elliott Business Software help you to keep focused on your particular business needs? By offering to you the “Apparel Style Group Enhancement.” This vertical enhancement for the Elliott Business Software package is specially designed for your company and numerous others just like it. Here is how it works.

After installing the enhancement, begin shipping and tracking inventory by color, size or some other variable by using a matrix grid. Each style can be set up by color or size for sub-coding of an item and track each code of an item individually.

Once set up, enter your orders and print out reports, picking tickets, and more using the matrix you setup. It’s that simple. It’s that flexible.

Vertical: Multi-Bin Control

Many companies need to store newly received items wherever there’s an available bin in the warehouse. Therefore, each item may be stored at multiple bins in a warehouse. Elliott’s Multi-Bin Add-on will give users the ability to record multiple bin locations for each inventory item in the warehouse, as long as the serial number tracking feature is not enabled.

Vertical: Sales Order Import & Export

Elliott’s Sales Import module is designed to import a pre-defined ASCII flat file to create COP sales orders. It is intended to provide a easy way for third party developers to create add-on solutions for creating sales orders. This includes EDI, capturing sales orders from a website, or using a portable device. Since third party developers do not need to know how to allocate inventory, determine pricing, commission, sales tax and update various different files that are required to create COP sales order, the task is easy to accomplish. The formatted ASCII flat file is available from NETcellent System, Inc. The only required information is the customer number and item number. Any information not present will be assumed to be a default value.

Elliott’s Sales Export module is designed to export COP Sales Order data to a user defined formatted ASCII file. The application can be used for EDI or any other applications that you may think of.

Vertical: Shipping Verification

Elliott’s Shipping Verification is designed to verify accuracy of quantity picked and to speed up the billing process by giving you an Auto-Billing feature. Using these features is a very easy and straightforward process. Without verification procedures, the item quantities on the picking ticket are what the order entry people use to select for billing. If there were errors on the picking tickets, then these errors will be reflected in the billed invoices causing inaccurate inventories and the time expense of reconciling billing errors with customers. Procedures included are entering orders, printing picking tickets, scanning picked items to verify, auto bill orders, printing invoices and posting invoices.

Vertical: Vertex Sales Tax Interface

If you have a need to collect sales tax nation-wide, then Vertex’s services will benefit your company. Vertex is a leading national sales tax service provider for up-to-date tax information (i.e. Sales, Payroll, and Property taxes) since 1974. We have developed an interface to Vertex pre-designed and monthly update sales tax tables so ELLIOTT can provide accurate and fast sales tax calculation and reporting. Elliott’s Vertex Interface will work with Vertex in the following areas:

  • Automatically assigned GEO code as customer/ship-to addresses are added or changed.
  • Batch GEO Code assigning process for customer/ship-to addresses.
  • Interface with Vertex Calculation module for sales tax calculation during COP or A/R Sales Cr/Dr Memo processing.
  • Work with Vertex Tax Decision Maker to allow for Ultimate flexibility in Sales Tax definition.
  • Provide Various Vertex Sales Tax Register and Management Reports.
  • Provide interface to Quantum Sales Tax Return module.

Product Overview

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Other Industries:
  • Non-Profit (5%)
  • Construction (5%)
  • Consulting (5%)
  • Service (4%)

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