Phyletec for Plumbing Distributors

A software system designed by PhyleTec for distribution/wholesale trade companies.

About Phyletec for Plumbing Distributors

As a plumbing distributor, you face a difficult challenge; how to help your customers identify the right product in a wide range of categories. Fittings have one set of attributes and boilers have a completely different set. PhyleTec solves this problem for you by allowing the administrator of your product list to be able to define different sets of attributes for each type of product.

By using PhyleTec’s product attributes, coupled with the advanced supply chain security system, you can allow your customers to find the products that they need without your intervention. Simply give them a logon, determine what data and functions that you would like them to have and step out of the way. PhyleTec is so intuitive that customers will be able to use the system with little or no training.

With the new advanced sales order entry module, your inside sales people will be able to enter large orders while on the phone. The high-speed interface takes full advantage of the Windows environment to provide visibility into the data you need without slowing you down. And, if your high-volume customers would like to electronically transmit orders directly from their system, the PhyleTec team can arrange to map their system to yours.

When it comes time to replenish, PhyleTec gives you the tools you need to bring in the right product to maximize your order fill-rates without overstocking. By keeping tight controls on inventory in, out and through the warehouse, you can have the confidence that the inventory records in PhyleTec match what you actually have in your warehouse. This means that you don’t need to ýpadý your inventory to allow for mysterious variances.

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