Phyletec for Valve Distributors

A software system designed by PhyleTec for distribution/wholesale trade companies.

About Phyletec for Valve Distributors

Any distributor has the challenges of keeping track of inventory and making sure that order fill-rates remain at acceptable levels. Valve distributors face special challenges due to the wide variety of applications that they are called upon to support.

There are a wide variety of valves (gate, check, globe, etc.) and each has different applications and different components. Whether you are just stocking them or you are building them, you need to be able to identify the characteristics that make a valve right for your customers’ projects.

PhyleTec supports these requirements by providing the ability for you to define as many product characteristics as you need to identify any valve. You can even define different characteristics for valve components, which will work great in conjunction with PhyleTec’s light manufacturing capability.

If you make valve assemblies, you will be able to track the production process as well as the materials. PhyleTec helps you keep track of what was made, who made it, what materials were used and what was scrapped.

Don’t keep all this capability to yourself. With PhyleTec all your trading partners (customers and vendors) will have direct access to those portions of the system that you wish to share with them. The advanced supply chain security system allows you to control not only the functions to which your trading partners have access, but which data they can see as well.

User Reviews of Phyletec for Valve Distributors

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