Retail and Distribution

A web-based order entry service designed by Response Computer Group for distribution/wholesale trade and retail trade companies.

About Retail and Distribution

The RCG Retail and Distribution software package is designed to meet the needs of building suppliers, hardware stores, distributors, and point of sale customers. Using Opens Systems Accounting Software, this product will seamlessly integrate into the rest of your accounting functions. It was designed for ease of use and accuracy while providing critical and timely information to help you manage your business.

Retail and Distribution is your complete point of sale solution. Additionally, with purchase of the Retail and Distribution software package, you will be privy to the following features:

  • AR Bill To - Perform 3rd party billing, leasing, and financing functions
  • Bad Check List - Full list of customers not allowed to pay by check is maintained
  • Cash Receipt Form - Form with 40 separate columns; and the ability to edit your header and footer
  • Complete Order History - View or re-print any past order
  • Deposit Tracking - Allows you to apply on-line payments toward a sales order
  • Enhanced Change Batches - Option to only transfer orders that are completed into the posting batch
  • Filtered PO’s - only display line items with quantity not received.
  • Identity Invoice Number - If the customer id is not known you can use cash receipts to identify the invoice number
  • Internal Notes - Flag description lines to prevent printing on pack slip, cash receipt, and invoice
  • Item Cost Control - a table you can setup with valid inventory general ledger accounts, and will alert your staff of improper inventory general ledger account usage
  • Item Import - Import new inventory items (item #, description, UOM, category, sell price, weight, cost).
  • Job Tracking - Sales Orders can reference a Job ID to help keep track of sales and billing information for your customers. The system displays open invoices sorted by Job, with subtotals by Job. The cash receipts entry screen will display the Job for easy application of payments.
  • Location Transfers - Item transfers are processed through POS. The system will print a Picking Slip that will later be verified when the goods are received. An optional transfer cost can be automatically applied to each transfer based on a minimum fixed charge or a percent of total cost. Prints transfer journal and updates G/L accounts.
  • Multi Location Inventory Tracking - allows you to setup the automatic creation of new items, updating of sale price and standard cost for each location.
  • Order Activity and Reporting - You are able to track editing users name/data/time/TID when various functions are performed. The activity report prints line items with G/P percentage, no item #, deleted items, credit override, etc.
  • PO Pay To - Useful for buying groups, order from main vendor, pay to finance company
  • PO Received Goods - You can print invoices from within the PO module when the goods are received
  • POS Comments - Customer comments are displayed during order entry.
  • Promo Pricing Detail - allows you to easily setup sales events (Labor Day, Memorial Day, etc.)
  • Quote by Job - you can assign a quote to a particular job ID, which will control pricing and quantity sold for the job
  • Special Order Processing - Within POS, the system will allow creation of a temporary item number, prompting for sell price, cost, g/l code. The system will prompt to create the P.O. and print the P.O. The Purchase Order shows the Customer ID, Sales Order Number, and Batch for cross-referencing. Drop Shipments: customer ID, Ship TO ID, or manually enter.
  • Supervisor Authorization - When a credit limit is reached, a supervisor (with proper authorization) is required to approve the sale. Credit over-rides are logged and reported on.
  • Terminal Based Defaults - The POS terminal will track location ID, Batch ID, POS printer assignments, and cash drawer codes by terminal ID and Company ID.

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