SmartBees Wholesale Merchant

A full ERP system designed by Safenet Software for retail trade and distribution/wholesale trade companies.

About SmartBees Wholesale Merchant

This product is no longer sold or supported. Please visit the distribution software page for alternatives.

SmartBees Wholesale Merchant is a multi-user enabled vertical accounting solution for wholesale businesses designed to automate and streamline often complex and labor intensive operational activities. In day-to-day tasks such as tracking inventory, processing sales orders, generating invoices, generating picking list, and running sales and accounting reports, SmartBees is the ideal solution that can help cut costs and grow your business.

With pre-integrated modules, you can create sales orders and purchasing orders from registered inventory items, and generate invoices directly from the existing sales orders. Tracking transaction history is made easy with account summary views and quick snapshot of account status windows. SmartBees also allows for easy handling of back-order placement, inventory control, payment application, and purchasing. The product also comes with account notation capabilities where certain accounts trigger pop-up warnings and transaction memos.

Accounts Payable

SmartBees’ A/P module provides all the core functionalities needed to manage vendors, write checks, pay invoices, create payable debit memo, setup expense codes, and track refunds from vendors. This module is fully integrated with other SmartBees modules and comes with reports that reflect all accounts payable activities.

Accounts Receivable

SmartBees’ A/R module enables users to maintain detailed customer account information, enter payments, manage credit cards, handle bounce checks (also post-dated checks), setup beginning balance, create and modify terms, design pricing structure, customize income code, enter customer memo, apply credit memo, apply refunds to customer accounts, and run comprehensive reports on all A/R related activities.

Admin Console

SmartBees Wholesale Merchant comes with a powerful Administrative menu options to manage data and feature access per user and user groups. The multi-tier access design within the security menu allows administrator to create multiple users and customize various security access profile. Depending on the defined job functions of the user, Administrator can turn on and turn off program features and data read/write privileges. The module also includes data backup, workstation configuration, and program option settings to optimize the program use in a collaborated work setting.


The banking module is a simple tool designed to manage and track bank deposits, fund transfers, bank journal entry, and bank reconciliation. The module includes one comprehensive report on Bank Reconciliation.


SmartBees’ Inventory module features vertical market specific functionalities that allow users to register inventory items and assign item type, group items with product lines, assign additional categories (for tracking and reporting), manage sales prices, create pricing groups, setup item-specific default reorder quantity, enter bar code and catalog number, and view item quantity. The inventory module works in conjunction with Sales Order and Purchasing modules and helps users eliminate process redundancies and manual paper work.

Mobile Sales Order

SmartBees Mobile Sale Order Module is a RF-technology based wireless sales order generation tool specifically designed to facilitate remote order processing - whether you’re in a trade show convention or in a showroom. Mobile Sales Order uses a hand-held RF order-entry device to instantly scan the product’s bar-coded style number and complete the order by entering the quantity. The application is fully interfaced with the SmartBees Sales Order module and automates the data synchronization via scheduled batch updates or in semi-real time.


SmartBees’purchasing module works in conjunction with the A/P module. Utilizing the existing vendor and product list from the A/P & Inventory module, you can place purchase orders quickly and efficiently. This module comes with features that enable users to place P.O.'s, track received items, create debit memo, prepay vendors, apply prepayment, configure shipping codes, setup remarks, and run purchasing-related reports.

Sales Order

This application module enables users to create sales orders from the list of inventory already registered in the inventory module. For wholesale distributors, SmartBees supports three different types of inventory including group item and matrix-item option (registers color, size, and other custom product attributes) that allow for speedy order provisioning. The module tracks inventory status and automatically places backorders as well as apply commissions, tax, and discounts for the final order amount. Some additional features include group pricing, disposition manager, sales agent manager, terms and shipping code generator.

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