A multi-module management system designed by SRCJ Services.

About SRCJ’s PRI

SRCJ’s flagship product, PRI, is a front-end software solution for the efficient management of purchasing, receiving, and invoicing business cycles. User-friendly input screens and practical features allow any business to tailor PRI to meet its unique needs. PRI’s low-cost and streamlined design guarantees a quick return on investment.

Organizations of All Sizes Use PRI To:

  • Manage and track purchases of goods and services
  • Electronically submit and approve orders
  • Verify and document receipt of goods and services
  • Reconcile invoices to purchase orders and receiving documents
  • Code invoiced charges to the proper general ledger (budget) accounts
  • Batch invoices for transfer to home office or accounts payable
  • Update inventory pricing
  • Comply with governmental (Sarbanes-Oxley), lender, investor, and internal audit purchasing requirements
  • Review product pricing history from competing vendors

The annual license fee is $595.

Invoicing and Accounting

Features Include:

  • PRI Accounting and Invoicing features allow for invoices to be matched to G&S (goods & services) items ordered. Unless a vendor or item has been exempted by management, invoiced items may not be processed without first having been ordered and approved through the purchase order system
  • If so elected, PRI may also be used in the receiving department to enter all items received. When this option is chosen, invoice items will also not be processed without first having been documented as received
  • During invoice entry, each item is coded with a general ledger code. This code is saved, referenced to departments (when used), and automatically assigned the next time this item is invoiced
  • Once closed, invoices can be ‘batched’ with like invoices for offices that need to transfer their invoices to a home office or accounting service. A batch header report – with summary totals by general ledger account code – can be printed for use with transferred invoices

Purchase Orders

Features Include:

  • Purchase orders are assigned unique order numbers based upon parameters established by the system administrator
  • Orders can be approved manually (i.e. physically signed by managers) or electronically. Managers are assigned order approval limits from -0- (none) up to unlimited dollar amount
  • Order reports include ‘Order Listing’ and ‘Open Items’. The order listing report includes options to select orders by user, vendor, order status, and order date. The open items report lists goods and services ordered but not invoiced (accounting & invoicing option selected)
  • Once approved (or closed in manual approval mode), orders are locked and cannot be modified unless re-opened by an administrator (or user with assigned rights)
  • Goods and services are tracked throughout the system, allowing order / invoicing history, price change, and recent purchases reports to be run. G&S Items are tracked by vendor item number, manufacturer name and/or number, and custom classification codes established by the system administrator; allowing reports to be filtered by each


Features Include:

  • Receiving documents are assigned unique numbers based upon parameters established by the system administrator
  • Receiving document items are pulled from the same G&S tables, allowing for matching of items ordered and received to invoices (accounting and invoicing options selected)
  • Receiving reports include ‘Document Listing’ and ‘Open Items’. The document listing report includes options to select by user, vendor, status, and date. The open items report lists goods and services received but not invoiced

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