A web-based multi-module management system designed by TECSYS for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.

About PointForce Enterprise

PointForce Enterprise is made for distributors and importers the most comprehensive and flexible automation tool available. This product will automate many of your business processes, and streamline many others; resulting in a fluid and efficient company. This product will thread the product path from beginning to end, with these capabilities: Accounting & Financial Management,Customer Service, Forecasting, Purchasing, Importing, and Transaction Processing.

Accounting & Financial Management

PointForce Enterprise gives you complete financial control. Meaning this program gives you the following features:

  • Credit Management tools
  • Automated tracking of commissions and royalties
  • Booking versus Sales analysis
  • Customer profitability
  • Account activity statistics
  • Average days to pay information and payment history
  • G/L distribution
  • Audit Trails
  • Flexible period posting
  • Check printing and reconciliation

Customer Service

PointForce Enterprise gets the accurate and needed information your sales and customer service representatives need to perform their jobs. This will allow your CSR’s and Sales staff to more effectively manage customer orders and relationships; some of the features included that allow you to do this include:

  • Detailed order status and estimated delivery dates
  • ýOpen to Sellý products based on time window from order entry
  • Substitutes for out-of-stock products
  • Automated pricing by customer, quantity and location
  • Automated fax and email for invoices, AR statements, order and reports
  • Price history by product
  • Pricing matrices that factor in customer contracts, promotions and price breaks
  • Track returns, credits and compliance disputes

Forecasting, Purchasing & Importing

PointForce Enterprise gives you the tools to deliver top selling merchandise, by optimizing all processes associated with products. Some of the features of this product include:

  • Re-order forecasting based on demand history by month and lead times
  • Suggested purchase order generation to make purchasing less laborious
  • Analysis for re-order patterns and product distribution breadth to ensure you bring in the hot sellers for that season
  • Account and track forecasted orders from major accounts in your inventory management
  • Track ýin-transitý shipments from overseas, with container numbers and vessels
  • For accurate costs, automate landed cost calculations and allocated cost by item based on a combination of item value, size or quantity
  • Fulfillment and stock allocation based on fill rate, order value, customer priority and future receipts - deliver more products with fewer shipments

Transaction Processing

With PointForce Processing, you will be able to process transactions faster, with maximum flexibility. Most transactions within the system are automated and require little, to no manual intervention. Some of the benefits of this product include:

  • Fast order entry
  • On-screen credit card processing to eliminate manual authorization, billing and cash posting
  • Automated Customer ýPhoto Quotesý (no more filling out forms)
  • Automated EDI to save on labor and 3rd party costs
  • Integrated web orders from your customer self-service website
  • Import Rep Group orders directly from their systems
  • Import your own Show orders directly from your PDAs

Product Overview

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User Reviews of PointForce Enterprise

Submitted on December 20th, 2022 by Anonymous

4/5. takes some practice to use and it runs on any version of windows (unsure about Mac) but is overall very helpful

The Good…

It has a lot of information available through different numbered programs

The Bad…

It can be hard to remember which module does what action and if someone is in a specific screen you cannot access it at the same time