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ProfitPoint Distribution Management

ProfitPoint is our flagship Distribution Management Software for wholesalers of all sizes.

Its real time synchronized processing links all the key functions of the wholesaler including sales, customer service, product returns, warehouse (picking, receiving, put away, replenishment, cycle counts), inventory control, and purchasing all linked to accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger.

Integrated Financials

ProfitPoint’s integrated financials provide an accurate and comprehensive view of your company’s performance using real time data. By having all of your financial data centrally located and integrated with all of your company’s transactions you will increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of collecting, managing, consolidating and reporting financial data.

TurningPoint’s customers have realized quantifiable benefits from our integrated financial module including:

  • Ability to support company growth without added staff
  • Simplified tracking of regulated products such as tobacco and Rx
  • Reduced credit fraud
  • Reduced receivables collection time
  • Elimination of re-keying of data
  • Reduced staff required to support AR, AP and GL functions

Distribution Management

ProfitPoint’s distribution management capabilities have continually evolved over 30+ years to provide a broad array of logistics functionality to the wholesale distributor. ProfitPoint has been engineered to take the complexity and expense out of controlled substance reporting and sales reporting and make the wholesale distribution process simple to direct and supervise.

Our customers have used ProfitPoint to empower them to:

  • Enhance the efficiency of their entire supply chain
  • Improve trade velocity and compliance
  • Improve customer service
  • Optimize labor costs
  • Reduce transportation costs

ProfitPoint’s support for the unique requirements of food service, candy & tobacco and pharmaceutical distributors run deep and wide. We provide end to end solutions to link the entire supply chain to make sure that everyone in your organization has the right information in the right place at the right time.

Warehouse Management

ProfitPoint was architected to drive the entire warehouse process from regulatory compliance to order allocation, picking, shipping, replenishment and financial accounting. ProfitPoint provides our customers with detailed information on inventory, warehouse space utilization, individual and group productivity.

Our customers have used ProfitPoint’s Warehouse Management to:

Dramatically increase inventory turns while increasing in-stock rates Reduce the cost of labor to receive, shelve, and restock inventory Increase the accuracy and reduce the time required for inventory cycle counts Increase picking efficiency and improve warehouse worker productivity Reduced inventory carrying costs Significantly improve the utilization of warehouse space Order Entry

ProfitPoint provides comprehensive order entry functionality across the supply chain to ensure that the right information is in the right place at the right time. ProfitPoint has the options to enable customers and sales people to utilize a PDA or SmartPhone through our optional ProfitPDA, through the internet using our optional ProfitWeb, or right “off the truck” complete with invoice & payment processing linked to a backend inventory and accounting system using our ProfitDSD module.

ProfitPoint’s order entry capabilities have been enhanced to provide capabilities typically only found in much larger, expensive and complex software systems.


ProfitPoint has been designed to provide complete purchasing control to generate and track purchase orders from PO issue to receipts, allowing buyers to spend more time negotiating deals and less time on more mundane tasks. ProfitPoint provides controls for the complete procurement process, from vendor quoting through receiving, inspection, cost accrual and vendor payment.

Purchasing features of ProfitPoint include:

  • Daily, weekly and monthly forecasting
  • Seasonality SOQ’s
  • Industry standard SOQ calculation to include mean average deviation, safety stock, system managed lead times
  • Multi-level cost structures to track all inside margins
  • Buyer defined purchase order cycles
  • Laser printed purchase orders
  • Fax purchase orders directly from ones desk


ProfitPoint can improve the quality and velocity of communications across your supply chain to help to increase your customer satisfaction, improve the productivity of your sales team and make your company easy to do business with. Getting the right information to the right place at the right time through the right device can make your sales team, your back office team and your customers more productive.

ProfitPoint was designed with the following features to empower our customers to be as effective as they can be with their customers:

  • A wide variety of pricing options
  • Promotion and rebate management
  • Multiple electronic invoice formats and customized invoices by customer
  • Full function support for a wide variety of mobile devices
  • Ability to enter order by item, UPC, cross reference or description
  • Custom order guides to include bar codes and the ability to run for specific categories, only for new items, and based on what the customer has purchased
  • Retail price management including retail plans, category level, item level maintained by %, $ or fixed.
  • Sales person commissions
  • Lost sales and outs analysis

Other ProfitPoint Features

  • ProfitPoint is an entirely real time system – there are no batch processes
  • ProfitPoint has a number of standard external interfaces including Multi Cat, Frito Lay, Unipro, Infometrics, electronic invoices (multiple customer formats), EDI 850 PO’s
  • Integration with TurningPoint Systems Solution Providers complementary software products
  • Native support for a number of handheld devices; support for additional devices through its ProfitPDA, ProfitWeb, and ProfitDSD offerings
  • Optional ProfitPoint Warehouse Management Module

ProfitWMS is a comprehensive real-time warehouse management and inventory control system designed to meet the needs of the large to medium-sized wholesale distributor. ProfitWMS leverages bar code scanning technologies to streamline operations within the warehouse and extends its capabilities to suppliers, mobile sales and delivery people, and directly to the customer through PDA’s, EDI and RF technologies. ProfitWMS is an optional module that is fully integrated with ProfitPoint and is available to ProfitPoint users at an additional cost.

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