Visions Distribution Software

A web-based software system designed by Visions Distribution Software for professional services companies.

About Visions Distribution Software

Visions provides secure, anytime on-line access for all of your acounting needs.

Features Include:

  • 100% Hosted, Windows, Linux, and Macintosh installations
  • Distribution/Manufacturing Accounting Software
  • Ecommerce
  • CRM
  • Support Exchange
  • Pricing as alow as $259 per month
  • No Concurrent User or Per Seat Charges

Accounts Payable

  • Suppliers and purchase orders can be in any currency
  • Invoices can be entered against goods received with a user definable allowance for over-invoicing
  • Invoices can be entered as a cost of a shipment for apportionment between the items
  • Aged accounts payables available as a PDF by summary balance or invoice detail
  • Supplier invoices can be entered against multiple GL codes Distribution Accounting
  • Payment run creates payment transactions based on payment of all due invoices and not flagged as held
  • Supplier invoices for freight, duty, etc. can be charged against shipments from other suppliers
  • Supplier invoices cannot be entered with the same reference as prior invoices
  • Supplier invoices/credits can be entered against the internal record of goods received from the supplier, providing an internal check to insure only those goods received are paid
  • Complete General Ledger integration

Accounts Receivable

  • Customer analysis drills down to the source document
  • Full general ledger audit trail is maintained with drill-down for each GL transaction
  • Sales analysis is exportable to PDF or spreadsheet (CSV)
  • Individual exchange rate for each account
  • Invoices and credits can be emailed
  • Integrated with stock records
  • Statements show monthly activity or outstanding transactions
  • Complete General Ledger integration
  • Customers are linked to the CRM
  • Create custom reports
  • Exchange rate analysis of charges/credits against receipts with corresponding general ledger journals

Bank Accounts

  • Bank transaction matching to bank statements show outstanding payments/receipts only or all depending on selections
  • Bank accounts can be any currency and payments/receipts can be paid in any currency from any bank account
  • Transfers between accounts are automatically detected by entry of payment or receipt to another bank account
  • Online reconciliation statement based on matched and all entered transactions
  • Calculation and posting to GL of unrealized exchange differences in foreign currency bank account balances
  • Unlimited bank accounts: Details and account numbers can be held against the bank account definition


  • Transfer and link accounts to Distribution Accounting with just one click
  • The Shopping Cart automatically adds and updates Customer records in Distribution Accounting and Accounts and Contacts in your CRM Account Management
  • Specify parent-child relationships between accounts and their subsidiaries or other divisions
  • Import accounts from external sources, such as ACT, GoldMine®, QuickBooks® and other applications
  • Create fully customizable account reports
  • Customize templates for mail-merge with Microsoft® Word®
  • Attach documents to both accounts and/or contacts for company-wide retrieval
  • Create the hierarchy of contacts within a company to have better coordination while dealing with customers
  • Export contacts to spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft® Excel®, OpenOffice®, and others for further analysis
  • Manage leads end-to-end (from creating leads to converting them into opportunities)
  • Convert leads into sales opportunities, accounts, and contacts with a single-click
  • Create fully customizable account and contact fields
  • Export leads to spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft® Excel®, OpenOffice®, and others for further analysis
  • Add all customer-related emails to CRM for quick reference in the future
  • Store all the details of customer meetings and calls in an intuitive calendar
  • Associate opportunities with accounts, contacts, activities, and other modules to have a better visibility on the opportunities
  • Sales pipeline analysis by stage
  • Drill-down the dashboards by time and opportunity stage
  • Send mass email campaigns from the selected mailing lists
  • Visions CRM supports advanced security management functions including roles, hierarchies, profiles, and groups
  • Flexible sharing and access control tools for CRM setup to match the needs of your business
  • Profiles can be used to manage sets of access permissions and assign them to roles


  • Tight integration with Distribution Accounting, such as sales orders, terms, credit limits, account status, pricing, product pictures, product brochures (PDF) and customer records
  • The order is automatically entered into Distribution Accounting and CRM - nothing to synchronize or import
  • All data records are maintained and matched without duplication orders, invoices, payments, available inventory, address changes
  • Sell to both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C)
  • Product catalog shows list selling prices and converts the pricing to discounted, negotiated selling prices after login
  • Order fulfillment and stock replenishment are managed through Distribution Accounting
  • Flexible sales tax models
  • Manages an unlimited number of products and categories
  • Quick search for categories, manufacturers and products with filters for features or discounted products
  • Handles downloadable products (virtual goods)
  • Multiple images and files (like spec sheets and flyers) per product
  • Product types for classification (like ýPumpsý, ýGeneratorsý or ýBeveragesý)
  • Order status management
  • Comes with live PayPal® credit card processing

General Ledger

  • Reversing journals
  • Reporting against budget
  • Automatically maintains periods, reports over any range of periods: No ýrolloversý
  • Analysis on any account over any period
  • Posting journals into any number of periods ahead or periods behind
  • Automatic posting: No separate process to post general ledger transactions
  • Extensive journal narratives created by AP/AR sub-ledgers
  • Accounts can be grouped using relational methods, i.e. flagged as a member of user definable account groups rather than the chart of accounts numbering structure
  • Account groups can be nested so hierarchical structures can be accommodated: Detailed profit and loss, balance sheet and trial balance all use account group structures to display reports
  • Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statements


  • Weighted average (automatic) or standard (manually maintained) costing
  • Movement history with links to invoices and credit invoices
  • Inventory usage available for current and last four months
  • Automatic back ordering
  • Inventory adjustments and cost changes create GL entries to reflect write-on or write-off stock value
  • Stock taking allows business to continue while recording system stock quantities at the time of counting
  • Stock item selling prices can be set for each sales type, in any and all currencies, specific to an individual customer account or specific customer branch
  • Unlimited user-defined fields with each item category allows for required information stored against items
  • Unlimited number of stocking locations
  • Serialized inventory allows for controlled items
  • Allows non-inventory items (labor or services)
  • Controlled items allow referencing of each stock movement to the bundles/batch references


  • Usage variances reported to GL
  • Inventory category record determines GL accounts
  • Phantom bills automatically explode into components when a parent work order is created
  • Automatic cost rolls ups on change of Bill of Materials (BOM) or component costs
  • Full material requirements planning (MRP). MRP II not available
  • Work order costing: Automatic weighted average cost or standard cost
  • Multi-level bill of materials (BOMs)
  • Kit-set parts can be exploded into individually priced components
  • The cumulative quantity on order for assembly items shows the demand against its components in the stock status inquiries

Order Entry

  • Negotiated customer pricing by sales type, branch and currency
  • Quantity discounts can be applied to multiple items
  • Pick from unlimited inventory locations
  • Orders automatically calculate weight and cubic
  • Flexible taxation options for USA, Canada, South Africa, UK, Australia, New Zealand and most other countries
  • Quantity updates stock status as demand multiple shipments and invoices from single order
  • System logs differences in quantities shipped
  • Printable packing slips
  • Complete General Ledger integration


  • The same item can be purchased from many suppliers
  • Suppliers and purchase orders (PO) can be in any currency
  • POs can be optionally emailed to defined supplier contact
  • POs can be entered for non-stocking items
  • Goods received are numerically sequenced as a Goods Received Note (GRN)
  • POs record the quantity ordered, received and invoiced
  • Optional costing across several POs from same supplier
  • Quantities on order show on inventory status inquiries and planning reports
  • Over delivery of goods received can be entered up to a user definable percentage
  • Receiving inventory against POs creates journals in the GL reflecting the increase in stock value and the amount owing to a supplier

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