Visual 2000 DPMS

  • Discontinued

Visual 2000 DPMS is no longer sold or supported. CGS, a global provider of business applications, acquired Visual Next in 2019. Review BlueCherry Enterprise as an alternative option or visit our Distribution Software roundup page.

Product Overview

Visual 2000 DPMS was a software for enterprise management and distribution in the apparel industry. It offers features like Web-Based PDM, sales, inventory, and accounting. Tailored for supply chain efficiency and profitability, it was adaptable and interactive. Originally designed for the soft goods sector, this product and distribution management software is no longer available, as CGS acquired Visual Next in 2019.


  • Supported multiple product configurations
  • Multi-location and warehouse support
  • Over 300 reports with onscreen preview


  • Discontinued in 2019

Target Market

Companies in the soft goods industry, offering a fully-integrated import, distribution, and production tracking software solution. It was designed to support multiple product configurations and locations, making it adaptable to companies of any size.

About Visual 2000 DPMS

Visual 2000 was a comprehensive import, distribution, and production tracking software designed primarily for the soft goods industry. Compatible with Windows, it offered multi-lingual support and was highly adaptable, making it suitable for companies of various sizes and industries. The software allowed multiple users to simultaneously engage with its integrated modules, covering activities from customer creation to order processing and purchase order generation.

Visual 2000 DPMS Key Features

  • Accounting: A complete accounting package with multi-currency support and functionalities like bank reconciliation, accounts receivable/payable, and a full double-entry general ledger.
  • Customer and Vendor Management: It included customizable codes, credit history tracking, and contact management with sophisticated scheduling features.
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Web Integration: The software supported online ordering, stock checks, and seamless computer-to-computer exchange of business documents.
  • Inventory Management: Visual 2000 provided detailed inventory management capabilities, including tracking for regular or damaged goods and detailed transaction records.
  • Product Management: Users could manage product information with customizable classifications, a powerful search engine, and integrated graphics.
  • Production and Purchasing: The software allowed tracking of purchase orders, inventory receiving, and management of production cycles.
  • Report Generation: Over 300 customizable reports were available, including financial and sales analysis.
  • Sales Management: It supported sales order processing, multi-currency and multi-tax transactions, and integrated seamlessly with EDI.

Visual 2000’s flexibility and extensive features made it a valuable tool for businesses needing comprehensive management software. However, its discontinuation has led to the emergence of other options like BlueCherry Enterprise for similar needs.

Product Overview

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