A software system designed by Bayern Software for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.

About STEEL PLUS Imaging

STEEL PLUS Imaging allows you to scan, store, and easily retrieve mill test reports (MTRs) and other critical documents. It also allows users to easily retrieve these documents through powerful search functions. In addition, STEEL PLUS Imaging includes state-of-the-art delivery functions. This powerful addition to the Bayern Software lineup allows you to print, fax, and email test reports to your customers in a matter of seconds.

Document Control

Controlling MTRs and other documents can be a daunting task. Fortunately, the features available in STEEL PLUS Imaging help to reduce the amount of time and effort typically associated with these tasks. MTRs and other documents can be easily scanned one-by-one or in batches using reliable, high-speed scanners. In addition, you can easily attach documents that you have received via email or EDI. It’s as easy as working with email attachments!

Seek and You Shall Find

We’ve worked hard to make it easy to find MTRs and deliver them to your customers. You decide what information is stored with your documents, and you decide how you want to search for them. You’ll have the option to search for MTRs by:

  • Heat
  • Tag
  • Mill Reference
  • Item ID
  • Purchase Order
  • Vendor
  • Other Information (that you choose) stored in additional user-defined fields

STEEL PLUS Imaging will take all the hassle out searching for your MTRs!

Deliver With Ease

Delivering MTRs have never been easier. Once you use our powerful search engine to find your MTRs, you can print, email, or fax the MTRs right from your computer screen! We integrate directly with Microsoft Outlook to provide an easy and powerful way to email your MTRs and other documents. You can also electronically fax MTRs to your customers without printing hard copies or ever leaving your desk!

Other Documents and Files

STEEL PLUS Imaging also gives you the power to scan or attach other images and file types. You can store images by Invoice #, Packing List #, Purchase Order #, Sales Order #, and Tag #. Here are a few examples of the types of documents and images our customers are storing in STEEL PLUS Imaging:

  • Signed shippers
  • Packing lists
  • CAD drawings
  • Word documents
  • Digital (or scanned) photos

With STEEL PLUS Imaging, you’ll have the power to keep track of all kinds of files, images, and drawings!

Integrate With STEEL PLUS/06

Bayern Software also offers other powerful products for the metals industry. Our flagship product, STEEL PLUS, is now used by nearly 300 metal companies throughout North America. STEEL PLUS/06 is a fully-integrated inventory control, sales, purchasing, and accounting package built specifically for the metals industry.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using STEEL PLUS Imaging with STEEL PLUS/06:

  • Auto-Delivery option allows MTRs to be automatically be delivered to customers with packing lists or invoices
  • Store customer delivery preferences (MTRs can be printed, emailed, or faxed directly to customers based on their preferences)
  • Attach other documents (such as signed shippers, letters, and CAD drawings) to STEEL PLUS/06 customer accounts

In addition, STEEL PLUS Imaging works perfectly with our STEEL PLUS Fax program. With this combination, you’ll have the power to electronically fax documents directly from STEEL PLUS/06 or STEEL PLUS Imaging without printing a hard copy or ever leaving your desk!

Product Overview

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