Binary Stream Healthcare Materials

A software system designed by Binary Stream Software for health care & social services companies.

About Binary Stream Healthcare Materials

Streamline Your Supply Chain Costs

Healthcare Materials Management brings you a complete Microsoft Dynamics GP based solution to streamline your supply chain management. With materials costs making up the second highest expense for healthcare service providers, the importance of materials management in healthcare cannot be understated. By providing you with a comprehensive and scalable package to manage requisitions, procurement, fulfillment and consumption processes, you can bring great time-saving process improvements across your organization.

Improve Patient Care

By allowing hospitals, clinics, and supply centers to achieve greater levels of control over their inventory costing and supply chain activities, you can increase operational efficiencies throughout your entire supply chain and ensure that the materials you need are there when you need them. For example, integrations with handheld devices and inventory control procedures allow greater insight into where items are at any given moment and provide timely data on usage. These efficiencies can save organizations a significant amount of time and money, while simultaneously improving patient care and customer service.

A Cost Effective Solution Built Specifically for Healthcare

Healthcare Materials Management was developed with the complex workflows of healthcare organizations in mind. Offering integrations to many best-of-breed products that are needed in complex healthcare environments, particularly in the areas of hospital requisitioning and patient billing systems, Healthcare Materials Management is an essential part of any Microsoft Dynamics GP platform for Healthcare. Combined with the solid financial backbone of Microsoft Dynamics GP, Healthcare Materials Management optimizes control over materials management and also provides senior management with the reporting tools they require to stay on top of ever-changing healthcare environments.

Fully Integrated, Dexterity Based

Binary Stream`s Healthcare Materials Management is fully integrated to Microsoft Dynamics GP. Written in Dexterity, the programming language of Microsoft Dynamics GP, this solution is a seamless fit with the pre-existing modules of Microsoft Dynamics GP. This tight integration allows you to create an unlimited number of reports and provides you with robust functionality on top of a well known and trusted ERP platform.

Features & Benefits

Reduce Purchasing and Requisitions Costs

  • Maintain optimal inventory levels
  • Higher inventory accuracy and reduced waste
  • Automated purchasing and requisitions
  • Handheld data collection and labelling
  • Streamlined vendor management

Ensure the Highest Quality of Patient Care

  • Increased employee productivity
  • Streamlined ordering and replenishment processes
  • Snap-shot inquiries on inventory levels and locations
  • Accurate patient charges
  • HIS integrations

Maintain Optimal Inventory Levels

  • Accurate demand planning
  • Auto-Receive items of completed POs
  • Streamline par-level management
  • Efficient serial and lot management
  • Multi-bin/location management

Higher Inventory Accuracy and Reduced Waste

  • Handheld data collection and labelling
  • Strict purchasing controls
  • Purchase order and delivery ticket tracking
  • Inventory snap-shot inquiries

Streamline Vendor Management

  • Electronic document delivery via email
  • Vendor contract management
  • Pay parent vendors for transactions made with their subsidiaries
  • Links to EDI available

Increase Employee Productivity

  • Automated purchasing and requisitions to ensure stocks are on hand
  • Improved consumption tracking
  • Handheld data collection and labelling capabilities

Fully Integrated to Microsoft Dynamics GP

  • Handheld data collection and labelling
  • Basic capital project tracking with touch points into Fixed Assets

Reporting & Data Analysis

  • Monthly Receipt Report
  • Expense Reports
  • Requisitions report
  • Vendor contracts savings report
  • Various inventory and site inquiries
  • Export to Excel for further analysis

Product Overview

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