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A software system designed by Binary Stream Software.

About Binary Stream Sales Document

How Much Time Are You Spending Processing Multiple SOP Documents for the Same Customer?

Sales Document Consolidation was designed exclusively for Microsoft Dynamics GP customers who need to combine multiple sales documents (invoices, orders, quotes, etc.) into one single document. This solution can help you save time by consolidating multiple Sales Order Processing (SOP) documents within Microsoft Dynamics GP and, unlike alternative solutions, this product gives you the flexibility to decide on the criteria to use when consolidating documents. Sales Document Consolidation is built in Dexterity, the native programming language of Microsoft Dynamics GP and is the only solution that offers you the capability to recover and inquire on historical documents that have been consolidated.

As the only fully integrated solution available, the Sales Document Consolidation offers you the ability to simplify and significantly streamline your sales document processing and delivery.

Combine Multiple Sales Documents Into a Single Document

Sales Document Consolidation can automate the merging of SOP documents for the same customer based on several user defined criteria, such as billing or shipping address, payment terms and many more. By providing you the ability to combine multiple sales documents into a single consolidated document, this solution can help you reduce document delivery costs. Handling only one sales document simplifies order processing and can work to improve customer satisfaction by reducing the paperwork and purchase order processing on the customerýs side.

Restore Merged Documents

As a failsafe against user errors, Sales Document Consolidation allows you to find and restore previously merged documents back to their original state. Since all of the original documents created in Microsoft Dynamics GP are stored in the database, you can easily restore merged documents back to their original state. In order to see what documents have been merged, a report is also available to let you see all of your merging activity and check to see that everything has merged correctly.

Fully Integrated, Dexterity Based

Binary Streamsý Sales Document Consolidation is fully integrated to Microsoft Dynamics GP. Written in Dexterity, this solution integrates with the Sales Order Processing module of Microsoft Dynamics GP. This embedded functionality allows for several benefits including increased ease of use, user adoption, and standard role based document security.

User Reviews of Binary Stream Sales Document

Submitted on February 5th, 2018 by khalid from al shamsi trdg

unable to find single customer sales in specific dates, either range by customer or range document is available, both options are not available, e.g. i want to see my cash invoices between 1/1/2108 to 10/1/2018, which is not possible. strange.