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Document Management: The Docassist cloud platform makes it easy for your organization to transform mountains of paper, electronic files, and data into a single, secure, scalable, and always available source of business documents and information. Our OCR and Barcode Capture technology automatically identifies what is printed on documents or data within files, transforming your content into smart documents.

Advanced Workflow: Advanced Workflow is a configurable rules engine that includes a set of tools to manage documents in controlled, easy-to-track, pre-defined business processes. The Advanced Workflow module supports all business processes, simple through complex.

Application Integration: Docassist Application Integration solves the document and data management problems many businesses face when they have silos of information living in several different business systems. By integrating your business systems with a cloud document management platform, data and documents are indexed and archived as they are processed, and can then be pushed into your ERP, CRM, or HRM systems. With Docassist, integrating is simple and requires no customizations or costly implementations.

Security: Docassist document and data security lets you control who has access to the content in your document system and which actions they can perform. System authentication and permission determines how users interact with system containers – cabinets, drawers, folders, and files – as well as document group types and their underlying pages.

Activity Logging: Leveraging Docassist’s electronic information tracking capabilities dramatically reduces the time and effort it takes to find and maintain this information to pass an audit and to enforce internal business rules. Docassist automatically provides two types of activity logging—at the user-document level, and at the administrative level. .


  • Retrieve and capture documents directly from within your accounting software.
  • Automate manual, paper based accounts payable processes with an online workflow process that provides routing of invoices for review, approval, and payment.
  • Capture vendor and customer invoices, receiving documents, or any other documents and store them on-line for quick retrieval.
  • Search for any document by parameters you set, like invoice numbers and vendor codes, or using our robust full-text search engine.
  • Never be caught manually searching files for a vendor invoice during an audit.
  • Scan, save, print or fax documents into docAssist.
  • Speed processes, empower collaboration, and enforce compliance with document workflow.
  • Secure your documents with user permission based security.
  • Index, annotate, and access documents with powerful search tools.
  • Annotate and Redact documents docAssist integrates with virtually any windows business application in minutes and creates a direct connection between your data and your documents.
  • Automatically print, fax or email documents based on business rules.

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