A document management application.

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Store and Manage Paper Documents as Searchable PDFs

File cabinets full of contracts, invoices or other business “paper-work” are costing you money. Filing and retrieving these documents takes time away from more critical tasks. With our Document Management solution, scanning documents takes just moments, and retrieving them, just seconds.

Still printing reports from your business system to paper? Save reams of paper and distribute reports more efficiently by printing them directly a Document Management system. Whether your system runs on Windows or some form of UNIX, our system works for you!

Manage Incoming Faxes Like Other Documents.

Faxes are an integral part of every business, so they should be managed just like other documents within your orgainzation.

Any Software, Any Text Equals Instant Search Results

Reading an email about an invoice that you wish to see? Looking at an order in your business system and want to see the signature on the Proof of Delivery? Connect any software application to your documents or reports in seconds.

Capture, Organize, Manage, and Share Information

Sort and manage any type of file (i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, HTML, audio, video, digital pictures, etc) in a safe, secure and easy-to-retreive server. Communicate more effectively with your employees.

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