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About PaperTracer

PaperTracer allows customers to easily use SQL Modules to deploy powerful custom SQL databases, make them collaborative with both internal and external users, personalize with your Corporate Logo, and begin using the software within a matter of minutes!

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User-friendly: A system that can be mastered through incorporated tutorials quickly.

Access: Authorized user is capable of accessing rapidly through any desktop computer.

Retrieve Information 24/7: With PaperTracer, documents, images and other information can be retrieved immediately.

Generate Specific User-defined Reports: Allows you to meet particular project specifications.

Confidential and Protected: Provides protection of propriety data, images and documents and a 100% secure digital routing system that allows for a flow of information between co-workers, colleagues, clients or vendors.

HIPAA compliant: Designed with an integrated automatic session time-out or termination (a must-have protocol for HIPAA) with audit trails and logs pertaining to user activity relating to any stored record.

Multiple User Access: Provides access by multiple users to records within the system and in a secure environment.

Create reliable and project specific SQL database records: Records can be customized and configured in a matter of minutes.

Comments field: Permanently capture user notes relating to data and ability to view custom folders in a 2048-bit encryption environment. Higher bit encryption means better security protection for your data.

Provides Alerts and Notifications: Email alert and notification system that advises of future events and looming deadlines.

Provides Sophisticated Archiving: Allows for multi-library searching for stored data – this includes quick, 100% accurate indexing and an autoscan system with complete OCR capabilities.

Scalable system: Easy to deploy and can grow with changing business and system requirements well into the future.

Customizable Record and Document Management System

Create your own custom electronic record and document management system that can be tailored to meet your specific business application needs and workflow. No technical expertise required. With more than 20+ predefined database SQL module field types to capture your data or record structure. Among these fields types are:

  • Archive - Use to flag a record if it is currently in active use or not.
  • AutoNumber - Allows you to store a configurable system generated numbering system like “ABC-12345”.
  • Free Text - Use to store data consisting of numbers, letters or any type of characters.
  • Number - Allows you to store numbers, amount, Zip code or any numbers.
  • Decimal - Allows you to store decimal values like 123.75.
  • Global (Lookup) - Allows you to select data values from a dropdown list that can contain one or more related fields. The global field type can be shared and reused among different departments in your organization.

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User Reviews of PaperTracer

Submitted on April 23rd, 2020 by Dr. Pratima Palekar

The PaperTracer software is a good tool to maintain a comprehensive medical database of all my patients. It is easy to use, easily accessible, and it becomes easy to share data with other medical consultants.

I use PaperTracer to send out medical prescriptions, feedback forms to all my patients, fitness certificates, medical certificates, maternity leave certificates, and more. The best part of the software is that it is HIPAA compliant.