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About hh² Document Flow

hh2 Document Flow is the answer to your document routing and approval needs for construction. Easily import invoices, receipts, credit card statements, and reimbursements into the system for coding, routing, and approval. Document flow comes with a full-featured payment app management solution, complete with a vendor portal for subcontractors to use in the payment app process.

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hh² Document Flow Features

The features of hh² Document Flow include:

Accounting Integration

hh2 Document Flow syncs seamlessly with your accounting system. You can access current jobs, codes, and vendor data from your ERP while acquiring, coding, and routing receipts and invoices. You can’t lose access to your information because hh2 Document Flow pulls it from your accounting system into the cloud and maintains continual sync with your ERP.

Invoice Acquisition

Use hh2 Document Flow to acquire receipts and invoices without hand-entering data. Document Flow offers multiple ways to take your receipts and invoices to the cloud. Set up a designated network watch folder. Create an email address for incoming invoices—scan receipts and invoices with mobile devices. Enable vendors to send invoices directly to you via the web. Or use hh2’s full-featured website to upload invoices from your computer.

Credit Card Transactions

You can stay on top of the hundreds of receipts that move through your construction business every week with hh2 Document Flow.

Enable company card users to scan and code receipts with smartphones right at the point of purchase before they pile up on your AP manager’s desk.

A single click sends transactions into custom workflows created by you based on your company’s policies. Every stakeholder views and approves every receipt before it makes it to your AP manager for final sign-off.

Document Flow automatically reconciles credit card receipts with bank statements. And when it’s time, hh2 syncs your work back into your accounting system.


Document Flow’s Auto Fill Function converts hard copies into digital header information such as vendor, invoice number, description, amount, and payment dates. For recurring invoices from frequent customers, you can create a formatting matrix that Document Flow uses to convert scanned information to the correct fields.

hh2’s advanced OCR eliminates the need to hand-enter data; this increases accuracy and reduces human error on receipts and invoices before they flow into your construction accounting system.

Workflow Engine

hh2 Document Flow enables you to create workflows and add as many stakeholders as needed. You can Insert decisions based on invoice amounts and add actions, perhaps to notify your controller of sizeable invoices coming down the pipe.

Send receipts and invoices into your workflows with the click of a button. Approvers receive notifications when they need to review documents. With the appropriate access rights, they can review, edit, code, and approve or reject documents anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Payment Applications

Use Document Flow’s cloud-based payment applications to end progress billing surprises. You and your subcontractors can genuinely collaborate on billings. Work with your vendors from job inception to create a schedule of values. Plot the billing future based on job completion checkpoints.

As vendors complete benchmarks, they can visit Document Flow’s payment applications screen to submit invoices. You can require vendors to attach supporting documents to their billings.

And when it’s time to update payment apps, edit the percentage or dollar amount complete fields. Document Flow does the rest.

All payment applications head through custom workflows according to your company’s policies before dispersing funds.

Your subcontractors can get answers to many questions regarding billing status and job progress in the vendor portal without picking up the phone and calling you. hh2’s Vendor Portal keeps communication clear and proactive, leading to smoother GC and subcontractor relationships.


A single major construction project can require scores of subcontractors. In addition, each subcontractor must hold specific certification and compliance documents for building to commence. And when the auditor shows up, you don’t want to be caught unprepared.

hh2 Document Flow organizes compliance documents and associates them with your subcontractors. hh2’s mobile app lets you check any vendor’s compliance anytime, while walking the job site or at the main office. Just pull up a vendor’s information and click on the Pay Apps & Compliance button.

With scores of liability insurance certifications, safety data sheets, bonds, certifications, and more to track, it’s easy to risk fines by letting important documents fall through the cracks. hh2 Document Flow removes the complexity of managing vendor compliance.

Other Features

  • Easily import invoices, credit card receipts, reimbursements, and other financial data.
  • Route and approve documents down completely customizable workflows.
  • Native format is PDF. Most systems use the TIFF format.
  • Credit card transaction management and approval are included at no additional cost.
  • Complete Payment App management for both contractor and subcontractor.
  • Vendor compliance management for projects.
  • Apps created for iOS and Android.
  • Access from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

hh² Document Flow Target Market

Construction companies of all sizes can use and benefit from hh2 Document Flow. Accounts Payable departments

hh² Document Flow Pricing

The cost of hh² Document Flow starts at $209/month. The pricing is based on hte number of documents that are sent through the system. There is no free trial available. There is no free version available.

Starting Price
$209 /month
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User Reviews of hh² Document Flow

Submitted on July 21st, 2022 by Jill Conrad

hh2 is a great product for invoice routing and approval. It saved our company a lot of time and money. We’re able to route invoices to the field for approval and coding, which allows more eyes on an invoice to avoid overpayment or duplicates. It allows us to control the costs that are hitting each job more closely and has saved time in the accounting department by processing those invoices electronically.