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Electronic files work just like paper files, only better, giving your company the ability to do multiple versions, approvals and document mark-ups without jeopardizing your images. INTACT has made things faster and easier without compromising any robust features. It is a powerful, easy-to-use document management solution that turns MFPs and scanners into the center of productivity for any business. Think of all the applications needed for effective document management; scanning software, barcode printing, auditing capabilities, database management, copier integration, version control, inter-application connectivity and a feature list that goes on from there, INTACT makes you look intelligent just by using it.

INTACT works in an office, department or across multiple locations which gives a user the capability to log-in to INTACT and access documents from any connected computer or office. It brings ease of mind by having documents protected in a secure location preventing the capability to view for those that do not have access while protecting the documents during unforeseen circumstances, like Mother Nature.

INTACT also comes with strong customer focused support. It is supported by a nation-wide network of knowledgeable partners along with the creators, InfoDynamics. Friendly and timely help is just a phone call or email away. You will have a sense of assurance knowing a courteous professional can look at your computer and diagnose your issue regardless of where you are.

The Only Document Management Software System You’ll Ever Need.

  • Store millions of documents safely with instant access.
  • Robust search engine that allows users to choose from all words in a document, just the index values, any combination or even allow for misspellings or possible variations on words.
  • Built in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for content searching and automatic indexing based on document templates.
  • Role-based permissions tailor the users experience to ensure the correct access to folders and appropriate functionality on the documents.
  • Review and approve documents right from your mobile device.
  • Built in audit trail to see all actions completed on documents stored within INTACT.
  • Keep multiple versions on the same document in one location to allow for easy management and history viewing.
  • Complete office integration. Add and index documents and have it automatically named and filed.
  • Portfolio Management allows users to index documents once and file a group of documents for any scenario by creating labels, coversheets or scan tickets automatically for perfect filing every time.
  • Create bar-coded coversheets or labels that save paper. This allows for scanning to be done all at one time and the documents to be correctly filed.
  • Create rules to route documents to the proper storage location with the correct indexes and title.
  • Automatically, create the proper expiration date for every document type for each document that comes into the system whether that is for 7 months or 7 years.
  • Documents can constantly be updated with searchable notes, annotations, redactions of private information and stamps added at any point of time to help with document specific communication.
  • Create hot folders that INTACT will monitor to allow users to quickly scan while choosing to index the documents at a later time.
  • And many more productivity enhancing features.
  • Book SMART – Allows users to have all of the functionality of INTACT and be able to easily associate and access supporting documents while in your accounting or ERP system. Eliminate duplicate data entry by having the information from the accounting system populate the document management system. Ask what systems integrate with INTACT.
  • Link SMART – Permits users to quickly and easily associate and access documents with a line-of-business software system. Search for documents related to the line-of-business system or documents that are stored in INTACT with a quick search or drag and search.
  • Web SMART – Access documents stored in INTACT anywhere an internet connection is available. Add documents into INTACT in real time with the web client. The web client also allows documents to be approved via the web.
  • Work SMART – Create workflow processes to be fully automated from beginning to end. Create conditionals for routing, have documents approved by multiple users, set-up failure routing and send email/mobile device notifications.
  • Buy SMART – Provides a purchasing framework for creating requisitions, EDI interfaces with vendors and full routing and approval for a comprehensive purchase management system.
  • Rescue SMART – Provides business class, entire network online backup

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