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About Kontainer

Kontainer is a cloud based media library. With Kontainer you and your colleagues can easily organize, structure, file and share, pictures and videos both internal and external.

Kontainer has several features such as picture editing tools and the possibility of downloading material in pre-set format such as for social media, as a presentation tool and much more. With Kontainer you can ensure that the right material is available to the right people, in the correct formats.

Kontainer can also be integrated with almost any system, including: CRM, CMS, ERP systems, applications or any other communication or resource system.

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Kontainer has many features, including:

  • User management and folders: Using Kontainer you can create and categorize folders to suit your needs. Additionally, the administrator can provide different users or user groups differentiated accesses to different folders. This way, the individual user can only view the folders they have been granted access to.
  • Customized functionality: Kontainer is designed to fit into your daily life. Therefore, we would like to tailor the system’s functionality and design to make it the best possible tool for you. It may be important for you to be able to associate special data with individual files or generate JPG’s for web in a predefined size, all directly from the Kontainer system.
  • Send large files with a direct link: In addition to the usual file exchange, Kontainer also supports file exchange through email. That allows, you to select different files from the system and send them to one or more recipients. In addition, Kontainer facilitates users to mail an encrypted link to a folder. In that case, the recipient can click the link and be taken directly into the folder with the files without having to login.
  • Upload and preview: Upload is made easily and quick with the built-in “Multi-Select” feature. That way, you can easily upload many files at once. Once the files are uploaded, a thumbnail preview is autogenerated, so all files can be viewed, regardless of format. This also applies to, e.g. logos made in Illustrator in .eps or .ai files as in Kontainer can easily be viewed and shared without having to open them in Illustrator.
  • Collections and favorites: In Kontainer, users and customers can use “Collections” and the favorite functionality to select and comment on files. This optimizes the selection process between multiple users, making it easy and more secure to exchange, comment and select files, whether internal or external. Audio and video conversion: Through Kontainer’s built-in conversion tool, audio and video files can be converted to various common, pre-defined formats such as Mp3, QuickTime, Flash Video and many more. If you want special formats for special channels, this can be customized to your Kontainer.

Target Market

Kontainer is used across many different industries, including:

  • PR, Communication & Advertising
  • Architectural & Construction Industry
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Housing, Interior & Design
  • Fashion & Luxury brands
  • Public Authorities

It’s used in marketing departments, IT departments, in advertising, PR, and for saving, organizing and sharing important documents both internal and external across all the industries above.


  • Subscription-based
  • Basic version is free
  • Small package starts at around $13/month
  • Business package starts at around $45/month

The packages are divided into standard and pro solutions, where pro has more features and space. In both our standard and pro solutions we have four different packages, differing on size (space) and number of users.

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