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An electronic file transfer solution.

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Rethinking File Transfer

Electronic file transfer is becoming a fast-growing and missioncritical method of business process integration. Today’s extended enterprises need a file transfer solution that provides strategic agility to connect with communities across the global marketplace.

Unfortunately, most file transfer solutions still don’t sufficiently address two critical concerns: 1) high file volumes and 2) solid security and regulatory compliance. They also lack the configuration flexibility required by such dynamic environments as financial services, healthcare organizations, and a host of other markets which are driven by supply chains.

Liaison Exchange overcomes those shortcomings because it is a file transfer solution suite designed for the extended enterprise. It offers easy scalability, secure direct and indirect connections, and flexibility that allows companies to adapt as internal and external relationships evolve.

What Is File Transfer for the Extended Enterprise?

It covers a lot of ground, ranging from the occasional transfer of FTP files between individuals to the exchange of millions of business-critical files among thousands of organizations in a trading community. Liaison Exchange addresses these scenarios and everything in between. It’s specifically designed to manage the secure, auditable sharing of files among the “extended family” of third parties that form today’s extended enterprise.

The Need to Support Strategic Business Objectives

Profitability is driven more and more by the speed of business. That’s why companies depend on advanced information-sharing methods to facilitate communication and collaboration across expanding trading communities. Key business goals behind this digital technology evolution include:

  • Cutting costs and maximizing productivity
  • Accelerating information flow to enable just-in-time operations
  • Sharing data with greater speed and accuracy across suppliers, business partners, customers and other external organizations
  • Protecting sensitive data – whether it’s at rest in applications and databases, or in transit to a destination

Conventional Solutions Are Widely Adopted but Fast Becoming Outmoded

The business goals for file transfer are well understood and file transfer technologies, including electronic data interchange (EDI), have gained broad market adoption in response to those needs. However, businesses are outgrowing conventional point solutions because they were not designed to accommodate rapidly evolving requirements of integrated business relationships. Among the shortcomings are the:

  • Inability to scale with growing transfer volumes, file sizes, and communities – as file transfer dependencies grow, there are serious business consequences for undelivered files, interrupted business processes and frustrated partners
  • Lack of visibility into document flow and status makes it hard (and labor-intensive) to resolve problems
  • Outdated or insufficient security protocols that could result in data breaches

Liaison and the “Extended Enterprise” View of File Transfer

Many organizations recognize that their outmoded file transfer technology and growing file volumes pose the risk of compliance shortfalls and even devastating system failure. They’re ready for change, and Liaison Exchange is a family of enterprise-class file transfer solutions that makes proactive change easier and less expensive while delivering immediate benefits.

With Liaison Exchange, file transfer can be treated as an enterprise infrastructure asset – maximizing benefits, averting rogue deployments, and minimizing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This approach advances strategic business objectives, including:

  • Integrating business processes to achieve competitive advantage
  • Readily adapting to varying partner file volumes with a combination of direct and indirect connections
  • Streamlining file transfer infrastructure to reduce administrative costs and provide greater visibility
  • Managing compliance with a growing body of industry and regulatory mandates more cost-efficiently

By supporting these strategic aims, Liaison Exchange enables companies to conduct business more efficiently, safely and cost-effectively

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