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About LogicalDOC

LogicalDOC is an electronic document management system that can be used by small and large companies alike as a flexible and low-cost way to effectively manage records.

Thanks to a system like this, companies can effectively control employee access to resources. This leads to a medium-term increase in productivity.

Using a system of electronic document management, the information and knowledge generated within an organization can be made universally available to its employees.

Managing the Electronic Documents of Your Business Will Be Easy With LogicalDOC!

This software application contains a web-based user interface that performs operations including file sharing, setting security roles, and finding and auditing enterprise records and registers. By using a document management system, users can easily communicate and collaborate with one another. Documents are not created or consumed in a vacuum – information is created for a purpose! Furthermore, the flow of documents through the business cycle can be tracked and managed, from sharing and collaboration, through approval, to reviews and revisions.

LogicalDOC ensures that employees can find, use, share, and secure valuable corporate content. Information assets contribute to the constant flow of business, and collaboration on new or existing documents is central to how users engage with corporate knowledge. A secure, interactive archive connects teams to critical information, even across the most decentralized organizations.

Share and Collaborate

Help your employees save time by finding the right information exactly when it’s needed. Empower your teams to share, access, enrich, and store high-quality content in a single place. LogicalDOC can manage all of your organization’s documents and valuable intelligence in a secure archive that spans the entire company. Create, distribute, and improve records within team collaborative workspaces while ensuring proper approval and reviews with positive workflow.

LogicalDOC Can Be Deployed in Different Ways:

  • Stand-Alone: Install LogicalDOC onto your PC (Windows, Linux or Mac OS X operating systems). LogicalDOC comes with an embedded database and doesn’t require the installation of additional components.
  • Shared Server: The best use of LogicalDOC is as a shared service. You can install LogicalDOC on a server that is accessible to all the workstations in your organization. This approach allows you to easily manage document changes.
  • LogicalDOC Cloud: That is the SaaS approach. This solution allows you to access the LogicalDOC software on our remote servers, with no need to install any software on your computer.

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