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M-Files helps enterprises find, share, and secure documents and information. Even in highly regulated industries.

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No Folders: Sometimes finding the right document when you need it seems impossible. Where was that file saved? Who edited it last? What if it didn’t matter? M-Files organizes everything in one centralized place based on what it is, so you never have to remember where it’s saved or which version is the right one.

Check Out/In: Want to make sure that no one modifies a document while you’re editing it? Just check the document out in M-Files to protect it from any changes while you make updates. Checking it back in when you’re done allows everyone to view your changes or make any future edits.

Find Faster: Searching for (and finding) information in M-Files is simple and lightning fast. Search by document name, customer, document type, keyword, and more. M-Files even searches inside documents to make sure you can easily find anything you’re looking for. And with efficient local caching, files open fast even with slow and unreliable network connections.

Dynamic Views: Dynamic views are virtual folders that organize information automatically. Everything in M-Files is organized by WHAT it is instead of WHERE it’s stored, which enables you to manage and view documents and other items exactly how you want to.

Familiar UI: M-Files integrates directly with the Windows Explorer interface – so there’s no learning curve. You can access the document repository just like a disk drive, and drag and drop files into and out of M-Files in seconds.

Office Integration: M-Files integrates tightly with Windows Office. Access data vaults with standard file commands such as Open and Save As.

Share/Social: haring documents in M-Files is as easy as a right click. Whether you need to send a document to someone outside of your company or collaborate with colleagues, M-Files keeps everything streamlined and organized.

Mobile: Sometimes work needs to get done when you’re away from the office. M-Files allows you to access any document, anywhere, any time.

E-Sign: The eSignature capability integrated into M-Files enables you to monitor and approve processes, whether you’re at the office or on the go.

Workflows: M-Files automated workflows streamline common business processes (like contract approvals, controlled content, invoicing, etc.) so you can stay productive and ensure compliance. M-Files automatically monitors each step of the workflow process and sends a notification when there’s something that needs to be handled. It’s simple, quick, and built in to M-Files.

Document Templates: Eliminate unnecessary recreation of documents with M-Files document templates. Quickly create a template that will fill in information automatically for commonly used documents.

Permissions: Metadata-driven permissions: a revolutionary approach providing unprecedented power and flexibility for user access control management.

Co-Author: Simultaneously edit shared documents with co-authoring in M-Files. Check a document out in M-Files and send the co-authoring link to co-workers, work groups and external collaborators to seamlessly edit a single document.

Offline: Accessing important information and documents no matter where you are is vital. M-Files offline availability allows you to view, edit and save documents even without access to WiFi or a network connection.

Scan & OCR: Scan documents and automatically make them searchable with OCR technology built right into M-Files.

Annotations: Annotations and redlining capabilities enable any M-Files user to add comments to a document without modifying the original file.

Compliance: Tracking quality and compliance processes and verifying completion can be extremely time consuming. Maintain regulatory compliance and ensure product quality consistency with M-Files.

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User Reviews of M-Files

Submitted on December 31st, 1899 by Dave Newmarch And Kristin McIntosh

It was about getting away from multiple layers of folder structures and finding a system that enabled us to access documents quickly. It has good version control and, crucially, good audit processes.

We found it very easy to manage the configuration ourselves. So when we decided to make a change to some of our structures and how we wanted to have things set up, we could do that ourselves.

In terms of service delivery, it enables more time for face to face. If you’re not in front of a screen searching for information, you’ve got time to speak to your customers. If everyone is saving 15 minutes a day, by the time you’ve got a staff of over 100, that’s a significant amount of time per week that is being saved.