ObviO Document Management

A document management system designed by ObviO Software.

About ObviO Document Management

Dealing with documents and information can be one of the most challenging aspects of business. ObviO Document Management provides comprehensive, enterprise class document management and email archiving solutions to capture manage and share paper, email, and digital documents. Eliminate wasted time searching for paper documents, emails, and files stored in the maze that is your corporate network by storing these documents in a central repository database. The ObviO Document Manager, when used in combination with the ObviO EMS Workflow Processing module, establishes a nearly paperless environment by providing cross-referenced electronic access to all of an enterpriseýs documents, forms, and reports.

With ObviO Document Management the user has the ability to interface the central repository database that may be used for all documents forms, images, attachments, etc. that are being imported and scanned from third party sub-systems or generated from within the ObviO Enterprise Management system. The database provides two levels of indexing, providing maximum performance for storage and retrieval. The first indexing level is the standard SQL indexing structure; the second indexing level uses the power of the dimensional database architecture to cross-reference all documents to the data stored in the Revelation database. The query functionality extends beyond typical SQL query options because it can also search for documents based on date ranges or other related accounting database elements when used with ObviO EMS.

All documents are assigned a unique identifier by the system and are stored in a compressed format in the central repository database. Documents can be indexed and searched/filtered based upon name, class, key words etc. Documents are available for access by third party software as well as multiple interface points within ObviO EMS.

Users can also create their own document classes that are specific to the industries and business processes that they employ. Other document management features include:

  • Microsoft Office Integration: The document database interfaces directly with the Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, Excel, Outlook and Exchange Server. Tasks, appointments, e-mail, documents, spreadsheets, images, and even phone calls can be linked to any database element, such as customer, company, vendor, employee, project, purchase order, invoice, voucher, or check, for instant retrieval, review, and extended processing.

  • Indexing: The user may assign properties to each document as it is stored so that it may be indexed and ýsearchableý at a later date. Default indexes include Customer, Location ID, Contract number, Contract Type, State, Project ID, Task ID, Pricing Type, Contract Start Date, Contract End date and Effective date, Project Manager, Task Manager, Contact and others. Of course the source of the original file name as well as creation and storage dates will also be saved as properties on each document.

  • Associations and Searches: Include a special ýassociationsý index that allows for an unlimited number of ýkey wordsý to be associated with the given document. The user enters the values associated with each unique document and on-demand filtering and/or searching of the database will be allowed on these associations.

  • Retrieval: A user-friendly front-end window to allow for searching of the database and on-demand retrieval of forms, documents, reports and images that are stored here.

  • Viewing and Printing: Any item retrieved from the Documents database will be able to be viewed, printed, emailed, faxed and/or exported.

  • Reporting: Statistical analysis of count and size totals will be available so the user may run reports based on the given filter criteria. For example, ýReport of how many documents have the words ýbig birdý in them, with sub-totals on the counts by state. This example assumes that the user entered ýbig birdý and the state code as one of the associations on each appropriate document.

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