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About OpenKM

OpenKM is a document management software that describes itself as an Enterprise Document and Record Management System. OpenKM helps organizations capture, manage, store and preserve content. OpenKM offers both cloud-based and locally installed versions of its software, as well as paid and free versions.

OpenKm aids collaboration, sets consistent workflows, and grants access to appropriate users. And with document check-in/check-out, you can always see who is working on a document at any given time, who made the last update, and where it needs to go next.

Video Overview


  • Internal Forum
  • Automatic Metadata Capture
  • Version Control
  • Internal Calendar
  • Watermarking and Stamping
  • Notes and Annotations in Documents


OpenKM does offer a free, open source version of its software for Windows and Linux users. And it does also offer a free version of its cloud-based system. OpenKM will charge for more users and features.

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User Reviews of OpenKM

Submitted on April 23rd, 2020 by David R.

OpenKM has proven to be an extremely cost effective document management system. It has proven to be a very stable and easy to maintain environment. OpenKM’s support services have been excellent assisting in everything from trouble shooting to upgrades. We are extremely happy with the product and the support of it.