Online file management for teams and individuals.

About Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs is an intuitive, full-range document management software from Zoho. Zoho Docs helps organizations create, share, store, and secure documents, files, and data. Easily share and collaborate on documents by tagging them by individuals, teams, clients, and more.

Keep documents moving along the workflow by managing who can see and edit what, and sending notifications when a document has been sent up or down the line. And Zoho Docs will save different versions of the same document, to aid audits and retrieve older versions when necessary. Users can also download documents for offline work, and then re-upload them for online work.

Zoho Docs is similar to Zoho’s other document management software, Zoho WorkDrive. WorkDrive is more scalable for enterprises, while Zoho Docs is designed more individuals and smaller businesses.

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  • Cloud Storage
  • Sync To and From Desktop
  • Password-Protected Links
  • Task Managers and Alerts
  • In-App Chat
  • Audit Trails
  • Custom Branding


Zoho Docs starts at $4/month/user. There is a free version of Zoho Docs. And Zoho Docs does have a free trial.

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User Reviews of Zoho Docs

Submitted on April 26th, 2020 by James Cadden

Our police department has been looking for a web based email, contacts, calendar and document management system for some time now. We examined several of the leading solutions in the market, but could not find product that met our needs. When we found Zoho Docs, the search was over.

Zoho provides quality services and support all wrapped in a elegant interface. We are a 24/7 government agency, so our officers need access to their documents in a secure and easy to understand manner, Zoho excels at this.

Needless to say, we are very happy with Zoho Docs. Keep up the great work!