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Business to Consumer eCommerce: coAction offers robust, on-demand eCommerce solutions for B2C companies with an emphasis on the all-important user experience whether they access online, mobile or in-store channels.

Business to Business eCommerce: coAction’s B2B eCommerce platform provides a single collaboration portal that connects your customers with your sales, marketing, finance and customer service teams throughout the entire commerce lifecycle from order to cash.

Order Management: Enjoy seamlessly integrated eCommerce, Order Management and Inventory Management right out of the box. Eliminate the costly integration expenses, hassles and headaches that come with other so-called enterprise-level solutions; along with an enterprise-level price tag.

Campaign Management: coAction Marketing Campaign Management is a comprehensive solution to plan, test and execute multi-channel marketing campaigns so you can improve marketing efficiency and effectiveness.

Invoicing & Payments: Our Invoicing & Payments platform offers an easy to use and flexible Web-based environment for invoicing and payment. Use its rules-based services and notifications to ensure signup and continued use of Web-invoicing by customers.

Receivables: coAction offers an advanced receivables platform that brings together the best of collection processes and strategies to manage collections-related activities.

Returns & Claims: coAction offers a Returns & Claims platform which brings together people, process and technology in a comprehensive and coordinated system that aims to substantially reduce deductions and exceptions.

Service & Support: coAction offers an on demand and easy to use rich web application for customer service and support.

Invoicing & Payments

According to Gartner, the average biller can save at least $5.7 million annually by sending Web-based invoices to corporate customers. So why has there been not enough adoption of Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) in the Business-to-Business segment of the industry? The crux of the issue is in the ability to sign up customers to the web platform in sufficient numbers to justify the investment.

Our Invoicing & Payments platform offers an easy to use and flexible Web-based environment for invoicing and payment. Use its rules-based services and notifications to ensure signup and continued use of Web-invoicing by customers.


  • Customize the invoice format using an easy drag-and-drop interface
  • Choose the form of delivery of Invoices: electronic push or pull
  • View and download invoices over e-mail, the Web, or a file transfer
  • View or download invoices using a variety of formats such as PDF, HTML, or Text
  • Integrate with third-party ERP applications


  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce disputes, error handling, and bad debts
  • Improve customer relationships
  • No software to install or maintain

Technology Process and People

A software or web based solution is not enough, what is needed is active collaboration with your customers to initiate and maintain the web process. coAction’s Web Invoicing and Payment platform offers an easy to use and flexible web based environment for web invoicing and payment. Our user friendly, customizable customer portal provides your customers with 24/7 access to their account statements, invoices, and payment options (credit card, electronic check, etc.) to ensure continued use of the web platform by customers across disparate sizes and needs.

Customized Design, Flexible Delivery

coAction’s leading software platform provides invoice imaging in multiple formats either through uploading images from an external A/R system or designing formats within the application. Users can customize the invoice format using an easy to use, wizard-driven, drag and drop interface using only a web browser. Platform users can choose the form of delivery of Invoices. The delivery can be an electronic push or pull. Subscribers can choose to view and download invoices over e-mail, the web or a file transfer. Customers can view or download invoices using a variety of formats such as PDF, HTML, Text. Custom adapters for ERP applications such as SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, Great Plains and others are available.

Receivables Management

coAction Receviables Management provides an advanced platform that allows you to dramatically improve your order-to-cash process. Receivables Management combines the best of collection processes, customer collaboration and automation to manage collections-related activities and improve DSO.


  • Prioritize collector portfolios leveragins risk data, account history, and other criteria
  • Powerful automation, alert and task engines allow agents to focus their efforst more efficiently
  • Integrates with power dialers, IVRs, and call centers
  • Customizable emails and call templates provide standardized communications and allow attachment of account statements and invoices
  • Receivables routing and prioritization allows for rapid escalation of issues
  • Real-time monitoring and analytics tools provide insight into outstanding portfolios


  • Collaborative platform for internal and external partners improves communication
  • Process debtor payments via the Web
  • Boost employee productivity through intelligent collections
  • Track payment promises, disputes, and customer communications all from one unified platform
  • Reduce DSO
  • Exchange information with credit grantors via the Web
  • Manage inbound and outbound calls effectively
  • Understand and interpret customer behavior and key trends
  • No software to install or maintain

Process Based Collection Management

For too long, collections and receivables departments have been using vanilla software systems to manage collections. Even with the best of collection process and strategies in place, the rigid and inflexible software environments used by many collections departments lack the breadth and depth of functionality needed in today’s real time world. The lack of advanced collection management software has led to inadequate management of business workflow, more paper than needed floating around, lack of auditing & history and patch work systems based on spread sheets.

coAction interfaces with the end user’s accounts receivable system. Employees can pull specific pieces of account data, such as balance owed and notes about the account, directly from multiple databases using drag and drop technology. Workloads can be prioritized by user-defined categories and other criteria that direct data flows and tasks to the appropriate employee or manager. coAction is focused on ways to boost end-user productivity. coAction integrates collections software with power dialers and call centers to more effectively manage inbound and outbound calls.

Simple to use yet powerful boost to employee productivity coAction makes it easier for collections personnel to exchange information with credit grantors, account executives, sales teams and managers via the Web, receive debtor payments via the Internet, and boost employee productivity. The platform uses analytical expertise, reporting, and data mining tools to understand and interpret customer behavior and key trends that change customer behavior. coAction uses the most predictive combination of models to measure risk, response, revenue or any other objective that is to be measured.

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