A multi-vendor shopping cart eCommerce software.

About CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

Multi-Vendor from CS-Cart is an on-premise marketplace platform that lets your business create up an online marketplace. Multi-Vendor marketplace software lets independent vendors sell their product from a single store front.

As a store owner you will gather independent vendors in your marketplace, let your vendors sell on your storefront, and make money on their sales. Vendors will fill out an application form, store owners will approve/deny, vendors will add products and shipping methods, customers place their orders, and the store owner keeps commissions.

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CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Marketplace Builder Features

  • Vendor payout system
  • Vendor plans
  • Product approval system
  • Advanced order management
  • Statistics and reports
  • Category Commissions
  • Vendor debt payout
  • Mutiple storefronts

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Marketplace Software Pricing

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor has a 30-day free trial available. This software is available in three editions. the first, Standard, is meant for small, niche marketplaces. Next is Plus, intended for medium-sized to large multi-vendor websites. Finally Ultimate is for large, global marketplaces with multiple storefronts. There is no free version available.

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User Reviews of CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

Submitted on February 13th, 2020 by a CS-Cart Multi-Vendor user from Hotscripts.com

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is the best software the store’s owner could find — it easily allows to deal with a lot of number of vendors, take payments, upload and edit products very quickly and engage with the customers.