Web Pro Pack

A web-based multi-module management system designed by EC Internet.

About Web Pro Pack

EC Internet’s Web Pro Pack is a line of web applications that perform retail sales, business sales, and online bill payment. This product will help you develop, deploy, and manage your web site and e-commerce efforts. The Retail Sales Module and the Business Sales Module fully integrates with Sage accounting systems, eliminating hours of data entry. The benefits of selling your product over the internet are numerous; however it is plain to see by adding e-commerce capabilities you can drastically increase sales, while not needing to increase staffing. If you are planning on adding e-commerce options to your business the Web Pro Pack is the product for you. The modules available for this product are:

  • Retail Catalago Sales Module
  • Business Sales Module
  • Sales Representative Ordering Module
  • Multilingual Prompts Module
  • Color, Size, Style Module
  • Wish List, Order Copy Module
  • Coupons and Promotions Module
  • Gift Certificate Module
  • Credit Card Authorization
  • Bill of Materials Module
  • Ordering Instructions Module
  • Customer On-line Inquiry Module
  • Sales Tax by County and State
  • Shipping Address Registration
  • Freight & Boxing Module
  • Kit Module


The Web Pro Pack allows you to easily implement an online storefront to your web site. With the Retail Catalog Sales Module you are given the ability to sell to the public. The Business Sales Module allows you to easily sell your products privately to other businesses. Both of these modules are fully integrated with Sage Pro ERP, MAS 90 and 200; so all orders that are made by customers are immediately posted for accounting purposes. All customer information is stored in an account; each account includes ship to addresses and payment history. To make a payment a customer simply has to enter a credit card on their shopping cart page; which also displays the bill to address, ship to address, shipping charges, and an order header.


Web Pro Pack also features a basic inventory management system. This system allows you to view inventory detail, allowing you to browse inventory items and in stock quantities. You may also view items that are on order or available by selecting and viewing individual inventory fields. You can also create large memos or text fields, with special instructions, for each inventory item.


Your business may not just sell one version of every product to each customer. In today’s world customization and personalization is a great way to increase sales to your customers. If you want to allow your customers to personalize their products through selecting several options; the kit module for manufacturing is your solution. Your customers, dealers, manufacturers reps, and sales people can configure manufactured items on the Internet. By selecting various options; the user is creating a bill of materials. After which a work order is generated from the configured manufactured item. This work order is then put through the manufacturing steps and produces a customized product for your customers. This module allows you to build sophisticated, customized and personalized products for your customers; and hence increase the appeal of your product to individuals.

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