B2C Ecommerce software designed for use with Sage 300 and Sage X3.

About commercebuild B2C

The commercebuild B2C (formerly XM Symphony) Sage eCommerce platform inserts orders and quotes in real-time and updates products, orders and client details automatically so your team won’t have to. With proprietary Sage eCommerce solution running through a secure connection to your Sage ERP, you can be sure you have up-to-the minute information wherever and whenever you need it without risking it falling into the wrong hands.

Take Full Advantage of the Investment in Sage 300 ERP

With significant investment in your Sage ERP be sure you can get the absolute most out of it with commercebuild B2C. You will be able to have multiple users entering orders via the Sage eCommerce solution, running reports and checking information at the same time with no ‘bottle necks’.

Unique Web Based Categories

commercebuild B2C synchronizes with your Sage ERP categories automatically, although sometimes these categories make more sense to you than the customer. commercebuild B2C Sage eCommerce has a simple yet powerful Content Management System to allow the adding of new categories and sub-categories using your browser and a ‘Drag and Drop’ feature for assigning products to categories. You can assign one product to as many categories as you want.

Cross Selling

As you would expect from a leading Sage eCommerce platform commercebuild B2C has cross-selling and up-selling features found on world-leading websites eBay and Amazon. Functions like ‘Customers who bought his also bought’ are calculated on all order activity including offline orders. You can also ‘link’ items together to suggest accompanying products using the simple ‘Associate’ tool. commercebuild B2C also pulls alternative products as setup in Sage ERP into your web store.


commercebuild B2C has an array of advertising banners and effective ways to communicate special offers, products, services or paid adverts with your customers. You can even set notices to appear to different customers at different times. ‘Drop Banners’ can be set to only appear when a customer first logs in. ‘Side Adverts/Banners’ can be associated to products and by clicking on a banner it will navigate to that product.

You can have multiple side banners that will randomly change whenever the page refreshes. All Banners can have URL links embedded so they can navigate to anywhere on the internet.

Track Orders

If your carrier allows online ‘Track & Track’ and ‘Proof of Delivery’ then commercebuild B2C is able to insert hyperlinks into client orders that navigate to these Carriers’ websites. Now customers can track their own order progress online, anytime with no need to contact your customer services.

Quotes/Quotes to Orders

commercebuild B2C allows the items in cart to be saved as a Quote. The details of the Quote are inserted into Sage ERP and the Quote is recorded both by commercebuild’s Sage eCommerce and in your Sage ERP. Quotes can be edited online at a later date and have other details added such as the customer’s Purchase Order number. Once Quotes are approved online they automatically change to Orders and are inserted as such into your Sage ERP.

Sales Rep Ordering, Reporting Access for Customers

commercebuild B2C’s unique user-based architecture allows complete control over who can access what information, allow or restrict critical information such as QOH, Prices, Transaction History and Account Balances.

This software identifies your Sales Rep at login and record sales activity to automatically associate commissions. Features such as these allow Sales Reps to view critical customer information in real-time, on any internet-able device. Sales managers are able to use the reporting features allowing up-to-the minute information to track only their team’s KPI’s and sales targets. Senior Managers are able to view reports across regions or the entire company at a glance.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of commercebuild B2C

Submitted on February 12th, 2020 by Mike Grilli from Batteries Experts

Our commercebuild solution provides just about the best ROI of any application we have implemented

Submitted on February 12th, 2020 by Jeremy Brown from Micro Mobility

The clean integration and end-to-end experience from customer right through to the dispatch of the order and then back to the customer again means information is keyed only once, thereby reducing human effort but, more importantly, reducing the margin of error.

Submitted on February 12th, 2020 by Ben Hume from Mirage Screen Systems

Unbelievable integration with our Sage 300 system; what every distribution company needs!