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A software system designed by zeckoSoftware, by Terracor.

About zeckoShop e-Commerce Suite

For enterprise class e-commerce, look no further than zeckoShop. zeckoShop is designed as an enterprise-class web commerce system, providing you a means to effectively grow and expand your business without the need and expense of hiring new people to sustain that growth. zeckoShop is a website and e-commerce platform that provides all the tools you need to create a dynamic and flexible web extension to your business operations. The web is a great way to promote your products and sell online or even just make specific customer sales information available online via a secured portal.

Key Features, zeckoShop Enterprise Edition

  • Integrates extensively to BusinessVision and other Accounting/ERP software
  • Can be used as your entire website and/or webstore
  • Supports B2B and B2C commerce
  • Color/Size/Style matrix
  • Production relationships / Wish lists / Customer favorites
  • Integrates with common online credit card payment processors, including Paypal, Moneris, Beanstream and others
  • PCI and PA-DSS compliant. If you’re planning to processes credit card payments online, then you MUST be PCI compliant
  • Product associations and relationships
  • Shipping cost calculator, including integration with common carriers UPS, Fedex and others
  • Online shipping integration
  • Multi-language / Multi-currency support
  • Multiple warehouses / Multiple web stores
  • Multiple hosting options
  • Supports multiple database configurations
  • SEO enabled
  • Marketing and promotional tools to help draw customers back to your website.
  • Product related files [Product-specific content for MSDS sheets, video media, and other files]
  • Support for substitute/alternate products
  • Ability to assign product content/keyword filters to your products
  • Customer specific products
  • Multiple product stock display options
  • Advanced customer “My Account” section, enabling customers to view purchase history from BV, product purchase history, open orders, shipment tracking numbers, etc
  • Integration to eBay storefront; Affiliates; Sales Order Configurator; Dealer/Store Locator; and others
  • And many more features

Optional Add-on Modules

There are many optional add-on modules, each designed to provide a specific set of functionality, extending the value of the zeckoShop e-commerce suite. Some of these include:

zeckoShop Mobile Commerce

  • A private web-based sales order processing portal, designed to enable your mobile salesforce to process sales orders, showcase and view inventory and customer details, in an offline or online mode, using mobile devices such as a notebook computer, tablets [ie: iPad, etc] or smartphones [ie: iPhone, etc].
  • zeckoShop Mobile Commerce is a great compliment to a zeckoShop website/webstore solution for your customers. It works off the same platform as your zeckoShop website, and provides functionality to enable your mobile sales force to be connected while on the road.

zeckoShop CSR Portal [Formerly Salesperson Web Portal]

  • A private web portal connected to your main zeckoShop web database, designed to enable your inbound salespeople to process sales orders, view inventory and customer details, much like an online Order Entry system. This module is ideal for companies who want their internal sales reps and customer service reps to place orders online via the web, without the need to access BusinessVision directly. Orders placed in the Salesperson Web Portal will flow through the web system and into BusinessVision. This is an ideal way to limit the number of BusinessVision user licenses required, and to restrict access to your BusinessVision software.


  • zeckoCatalog is an excellent companion to zeckoShop, as it provides a means to generate traditional print-based product catalogs in pdf output. A detailed brochure of this product is available upon request

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User Reviews of zeckoShop e-Commerce Suite

Submitted on March 18th, 2019 by Steven Murray

It’s both full featured and incredibly flexible as my industry and several aspects not handled by other e-commerce platforms but zeckoShop either has something built to handle these areas or their in-house development team can build what I need as required. Also, there support team is incredibly responsive and helpful

The Good…

The best aspect is being able to customise it on a per customer or customer type basis so that the experience given to our customers is focused on what they need to have the best shopping experience

The Bad…

The thing I like least is that customers can’t directly change their contact information online and have that flow back into my accounting system. They have to fill out a change request that we receive allowing us to carry out the change. I understand this is something required by other companies/industries as a way of controlling changes but for us it would be more convenient if it was automatic