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  • Discontinued

EDI Notepad was a document editing and validating application for Microsoft Windows. It was discontinued in 2018. Version 8.2 is the last available version. See below for some modern alternatives.

Product Overview

Liaison EDI Notepad was a free-to-use, native Windows application designed to help users build, inspect, parse, and validate electronic data interchange (EDI) documents. EDI Notepad was discontinued in 2018 after being acquired by OpenText. A version of 8.2 is available to download.


  • A free-to-use EDI solution


  • Dsicontinued in 2018

About Liaison EDI Notepad

Liaison EDI Notepad is no longer sold or supported. Liaison was acquired by OpenText on 12/17/2018. Review free alternatives to EDI Notepad below or search all EDI software.

Liaison EDI Notepad was a free-to-use, native Windows application that helped users manually build, inspect, parse, and validate electronic data interchange documents. Users liked EDI Notepad for a quick and easy way to validate and review EDI test files before deploying to their providers.

EDI Notepad was discontinued after being acquired by OpenText in 2018. While a hosted mirror download of the latest version is available below, we recommend looking at alternatives. It may not work in future OS releases.

  • Version: 8.2.123
  • Release Year: 2015
  • Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows
  • Size: 51.7 MB

Free Alternative #1: Stedi EDI Inspector

Stedi EDI Inspector is a free tool that allows you to view, edit, and debug any X12 EDI File. This tool also allows you to translate EDI into JSON for validation and manipulation.

Stedi EDI Inspector

Free Alternative #2: EdiNation EDI Translator

EDI Translator’s free option is another free tool to parse and translate EDI documents to JSON.

EDI Translator

EDI Service Providers

If you are in search of an end-to-end EDI service provider to automate your EDI operations, here is an option:

Radley EDI: iREDI EDI Document Overview Dashboard
Radley EDI: iREDI EDI Outbound Document Dashboard
Radley EDI: Job Scheduler Audit History
Radley EDI: iREDI EDI Document Inbound Dashboard
Radley EDI: iREDI EDI Document Journal
Radley EDI: iREDI EDI Easy Job Scheduling
Radley EDI: iREDI EDI Document Alerts
What We Like
Configurable dashboard for tailored monitoring
Comprehensive translation and communication capabilities
Integrates with ERP systems
What We Don’t Like
On-premise setup requires specific server capabilities and space
May require IT resources for setup and integration
Client OS: Windows, Web
Deployment: Cloud or On-Premises

Radley’s EDI solution increases accuracy and speed and lowers costs by replacing phone calls, emails, and paper-based exchanges. iREDI by Radley EDI is a business transaction automation tool that translates EDI to X12, EDIFACT, and other standards while maintaining trading partner compliance. EDI features include a configurable dashboard, translation, and communication. It also offers automatic real-time updates to help you maintain compliance. In addition, this tool easily integrates with ERP software and other business systems. This solution can be implemented on Windows 2012 R2 with Microsoft IIS or the cloud.


Q: What is the latest version of EDI Notepad?
A: The last version of EDI notepad was 8.1, created in 2014.

Q: Why was EDI Notepad discontinued?
A: EDI Notepad was discontinued after OpenText acquired its parent company, Liaison, in 2018.

Q: Was EDI Notepad free?
A: Yes. A free version of the software was available for download.

Starting Price
$149 /user (perpetual license)
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Product Overview

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