An all-in-one ecommerce and business management software for business supply dealers and distributors.

Product Overview

ECI DDMSPLUS is an integrated, cloud-based ERP platform tailored for business supply dealers. It streamlines various business processes, including ecommerce, inventory management, and accounting, facilitating efficient resource management and operational optimization.


  • All-in-one platform including website, accounting, WMS, and payroll
  • Offers features like auto-short-buy to streamline warehouse operations


  • Requires consult call for setting up users or printers
  • Slower customer service times

Target Market

Distributors of office products and equipment, contract furniture, IT consumables, janitorial/sanitation, beverage and breakroom supplies.


ECI DDMSPLUS is a versatile cloud-based ERP solution tailored for business supply dealers. It enhances business efficiency by automating various operations and fostering sales growth.

DDMSPLUS Key Features

  • Streamlined Operations: It simplifies data entry, integrates financial processes to reduce errors, and reduces manual intervention from ordering to billing.
  • E-commerce Platform: Users can create customizable, modern online stores with extensive product catalogs.
  • Automated Purchasing: The software automates purchase order creation and offers detailed product availability information.
  • Data Integration and Analysis: It centralizes data for informed decision-making and offers comprehensive operational insights.
  • Enhanced Delivery Management: The system replaces traditional paper-based methods with digital solutions, improving delivery efficiency.
  • Margin Optimization: DDMSPLUS provides tools for pricing management, automatic updates to online stores, and advanced tools for maximizing profits.

Video Overview

Industries Served

  • Manufacturing
  • Home and Building Supply
  • Home Builders and Land Developers
  • Office Technology
  • Equipment Maintenance and Service
  • Office Products
  • Contract Office Furniture

Product Overview

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