A resource scheduling and planning software

About Float

Float is a team scheduling and resource planning software which allows you to visualize your entire workload in one place. Forecast project budgets, shift project timelines, and engage in real-time collaboration with your entire team all from one easy to access app.

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Features of Float

  • Resource Scheduling: Monitor workloads by employees or projects
  • Capacity Management: Manage team availability on an individual or company-wide level
  • Multi-Project Planning: Organize all resources across multiple projects
  • Forecasting and Reports: Analyze data on team utilization, budgeting, and project progress
  • Mobile Apps: Access the app from anywhere to make updates to team schedules

Float Software Pricing

Float pricing is $5 per person scheduled per month. Pay annually instead of monthly for 15% savings. You only pay for the people you schedule.

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User Reviews of Float

Submitted on February 25th, 2020 by Jason F. from Social Chain

Float gives us a simple way for everyone across the business to see and understand the availability of our creatives.

Submitted on February 25th, 2020 by Joshua T. from Designli

With Float’s reporting tools I can see how much budget (time) is left and what needs to be assigned for my projects.