A powerful and agile ecommerce platform

About Shopware Enterprise

Shopware Enterprise software is a powerful and agile ecommerce platform made for your unique business model. With this platform, you can serve both B2B and B2C business processes within a single system solution. The modular software architecture enables cross-channel sales solutions and makes it possible for marketplace models to be implemented alongside the traditional requirements of ecommerce.

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  • Own distribution network through connected merchants
  • Highly scalable system landscape with rental shops
  • Product range control based on individual supplier assignment
  • Considerable time savings owing to a high automation potential
  • Powerful B2B framework with an extensive feature set
  • High degree of integration through the framework approach
  • Tight control of rights and roles, budgeting and approval processes
  • Targeted customer approach through a customer-specific price function
  • Highly scalable search based on Elasticsearch
  • Stable performance with hundreds of thousands of products
  • Accurate search control through campaign functions and configurability
  • Perfect search results using various search metrics
  • Customized marketplace solution with connected suppliers
  • Enhanced brand awareness due to a high degree of customization
  • Flexible fee control through data provision
  • Constantly updated data due to automatic product updates
  • Centrally manage your pricing models
  • Highly configurable and flexible
  • Extremely powerful with millions of prices
  • Uniform gross prices possible for all lists


The community edition of Shopware is FREE. The recommended Professional Edition is available for a one-time $2,706 fee. An advanced Enterprise Edition quote is available upon request.

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User Reviews of Shopware Enterprise

Submitted on May 13th, 2020 by Kati Lu Kuehnberger from Beeline GmbH

We are already familiar with Shopware 5. Additionally, we have learnt to value Shopware through its flexible and, in particular, simple possibility for further developing the technology and keeping our shop state-of-the-art. The online software manufacturer has made a significant step towards enterprise capability with Shopware 6. The selected tech stack is forward-looking and promises to manage the initial challenges we are facing through the API-first approach.