Corporate performance management system designed by Tagetik.

About CCH Tagetik

CCH Tagetik is an innovative software solution for corporate performance management that unifies all of your finance organization’s processes. From strategic and operational planning to disclosure reporting, Tagetik’s open architecture has only one database, one set of data, and one calculation engine. CCH Tagetik CPM software leaves finance and technology executives with more time to focus on analyzing, optimizing and expanding their business.

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Core Functionalities:

  • Expense Planning
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Capital Planning
  • Balance Sheet Planning
  • HR Workforce Planning
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Integrated Business planning
  • Production Capacity Planning
  • Sales & Operational Planning
  • Strategic Planning

More Features

Performance Management

Corporate performance management software from Tagetik unifies a multitude of complex processes including budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, and performance reporting. With CCH Tagetik, your company’s decision makers can finally unify key performance management processes and manage business performance in a more comprehensive manner. And since Tagetik believes in simplicity, all of this can be done without having to integrate multiple software platforms, products and technologies. CCH Tagetik has one database, one set of data, and one calculation engine.

With CCH Tagetik, there is no longer a need to purchase and implement separate software and technology for budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, and other key CPM processes.

Disclosure Management

There was a time when creating statutory filings and fulfilling financial reporting requirements involved only Finance staff and data. Not anymore. Today, information must be aggregated from multiple stakeholders - a process that remains manual, disjointed and error-prone. What’s required is a streamlined, automated process for collaboration, workflow, compliance and control of the entire disclosure cycle, from start to finish.

This is what CCH Tagetik Collaborative Disclosure Management (CDM) software delivers. In a unified, comprehensive software solution, you can address the Last Mile of Finance by automating and controlling the close-to-disclosure process from end to end.

CCH Tagetik Collaborative Disclosure Management (CDM) is the only software solution that stores disclosure management data in the same database as consolidated actual and plan data. This means with CCH Tagetik you can begin the disclosure management process earlier and have a full audit trail of all changes from consolidation all the way through disclosure in one place. With CCH Tagetik, disclosure reporting is fast, accurate, collaborative, and auditable, saving you time and effort all the way through the process; not just at the end.

Business Intelligence

Financial data is only as valuable as your ability to access it. If it’s stored across multiple sources, it is difficult to combine, analyze, and take action on. This is why having a consolidated performance management and business intelligence software solution like CCH Tagetik can dramatically improve business performance. Because the data is already in CCH Tagetik you have immediate access to it through CCH Tagetik Business Intelligence functionality.

Financial Governance

Corporate governance. Risk management. Regulatory compliance. They’ve never been more crucial to business success than they are today. Yet organizations still struggle with controlling these critical functions in their Corporate Performance Management processes.

CCH Tagetik Financial Governance capabilities can help. A unified approach to Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Financial Governance delivers a collaborative and controlled environment that lets you gather, organize, document and automate your control processes and risk management.

CCH Tagetik Financial Governance helps you simplify and manage all activities related to financial governance, risk and compliance, so you can:

  • Monitor and control internal auditing and risk management processes

  • Gain full traceability of data and transactions from start to finish, including who did what, when, where and why

  • Comply with regulations and produce multiple regulatory reports from a single source of validated data

  • Manage operational risks that impact financial performance

  • Set controls, thresholds, validation, and sign-offs

  • Run simulations and calculate the impact of possible actions on forecasts

CCH Tagetik Financial Governance software is built to work the way your business works, so you benefit from a tool that’s configurable to your methodology or organizational model without complex coding or scripting. As a result, you can quickly adapt the application to changing requirements for Financial Governance processes without IT intervention.

Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

For most companies, operational activities are not strongly linked to business strategy, but Tagetik’s corporate performance management solution unifies all of your budgeting, planning and forecasting processes in a single software solution.

With CCH Tagetik you gain full control of your budgeting, planning and forecasting processes on three separate levels: strategic, financial, and operational all in one place. You will also improve accountability and transparency, have a full audit trail, and a tight link between all of your planning processes. From communicating high-level objectives to developing annual plans, to reforecasting, everything can be done within CCH Tagetik performance management software with less manual effort.

Modeling and What-If:

Define different scenarios for modeling the impact of drivers and assumptions. See the P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow impact of various scenarios and easily compare one to the others to determine the best business outcome.

Driver-based Planning:

Establish key metrics, drivers and links for detailed driver-based planning.

Integrated Plans:

Strategic, long-range, and annual plans; periodic and rolling forecasts; salary, capital, production and other plans; all in one software application.


Manage the entire process flow of all plans in one place including tasks, activities, due dates, status and submission/approval.

Profitability Planning and Allocations:

down to the activity level, product level, or customer level for profitability analysis of all types of plans. Or allocating indirect costs out to divisions, departments and/or projects.

Cash Flow Modeling:

See not only the immediate impact of any change to any plan on P&L, Cash Flow & Balance Sheet statement and also the detailed cash in and cash out impact of each change. Model cash impact, cash shortfalls, funding options, changes to DSO, collection terms and more.


Quickly build periodic or rolling forecasts that combine data from strategic plans, budgets, previous plans and actuals. All without loading data from external systems, linking separate applications, or data redundancy .

Inter Company (IC) Matching:

Incorporate intercompany transactions and matching into the planning process to create more accurate forecasts and variance analysis.

Collaboration and Communication:

Create a single portal to share documents, versions, deadlines, workflows, status, and email communication across all departments involved in the budgeting process for a unified approach to enterprise performance management.

Cash Flow Planning

Today’s CFO needs a corporate performance management software solution that can unify cash flow planning with operational and financial planning processes. With the financial intelligence built-in to CCH Tagetik you can automatically see the cash impact of any changes you make to your plans. With unique double entry logic, you can make changes or test different scenarios, and the cash impact will automatically be calculated.

Your Finance Department Will Have the Freedom To:

  • Test multiple scenarios with intelligent data allocations that use different weights and rules for collections and payments
  • Leverage built-in, easy-to-use features for custom financial modeling (collection/payment deferrals, credit/debit schedules, taxes, cash pooling)
  • Develop more accurate forecasts using double-entry accounting rules
  • Manage assets and investments in individual operations
  • Create income statements that automatically calculate depreciation, profit or loss (i.e. short, mid and long term) and taxes
  • Calculate net financial position using built-in features for cash pooling and group taxation
  • Manage cash flow forecasts to carefully monitor your net financial position
  • Plan and monitor your cash and credit position
  • Measure performance through monthly deviation analysis
  • Manage billing “milestones” such as percentage of advance payments, guaranteed retentions, advancements and more

Cost Allocation & Profitability Analysis

In today’s competitive market climate, it’s essential to be able to determine which products, customers, channels and other factors are impacting profitability – either positively or negatively and continually monitor their contribution. But getting all of the costs into the “right bucket” can be difficult without embarking on a full Activity-Based Costing exercise.

CCH Tagetik’s Cost Allocation & Profitability Analysis gives you the ability to tag expenses and revenues directly attributable to the product, customer or channel and also has a powerful allocation engine for allocating indirect costs to any level of detail (even SKU). This improves the speed and accuracy of profitability analysis and provides detailed visibility into profitability in a collaborative environment.

Cost Allocation & Profitability Analysis Features Include:

  • Profitability Modeling - Map control structures for cost objects, activities, resources and their relationships.

  • Allocation modules - Allocate costs and revenues to resources and activities and allocate indirect costs with standard or waterfall allocations.

  • Drivers - Derive your allocations from any number of financial or operational drivers (revenue, quantity, headcount etc.).

  • Reporting and profitability analysis - Generate reports that intuitively visualize results of different allocations. Analyze profitability using filters, drill-down, and adjustments that provide detailed analysis of various allocation models.

  • Journal entries - Make manual or automated adjustments that take advantage of automatic double entry logic.

  • ’What-if’ analysis - Generate alternative analysis scenarios and compare scenarios to optimize profitability.

  • Data - Direct access to actual and plan data stored in CCH Tagetik. Automate import of data from other sources with built-in ETL capabilities.

  • Traceability - Manage accounting standards by segmenting your data into different components (sourcing entity, receiving entity), and analyze data in detail. Leverage structures already created in planning and consolidation processes for profitability analysis.

  • Workflow - Control the process and accountability at all levels using the same process control used in planning and consolidation.

Dashboard & Scorecarding

Fast and accurate information is only valuable if the right people can access it at the right time, in the right format, with the ability to take action. In today’s environment, you can’t afford to wait for integration routines, data extractions, and loading into a data warehouse just to have graphical visibility.

CCH Tagetik performance management software helps your organization translate strategy into operational objectives that drive both behavior and performance, define and gather metrics to measure and control business performance; and measure progress with a linkage between cause and effect. You can track and analyze performance in real time through a user-friendly dashboard, improving management insight which leads to better, faster, more relevant decisions and action.

Supporting the Most Well Known Methodologies (e.g., Balanced Scorecard, Six Sigma, etc.), CCH Tagetik Dashboard & Scorecarding Offers These Advanced Features and Benefits:

  • Dashboarding: Define dynamic, user-friendly dashboards that can be customized by users. Create drill-down to detail data and even to tasks, adjustments, and commentary.

  • Monitoring: Track the execution of strategy at multiple levels across multiple processes (plan, actual, profitability, reporting) using intuitive displays, metrics, and indicators.

  • Strategy definition: Define your strategic objectives and their key performance indicators (KPIs); disseminate throughout the organization; and monitor them on common dashboards.

  • Unification: Access, view, analyze and take action on all data stored in CCH Tagetik, including actual, plan, strategic plan, consolidated results, and final disclosure.

External Compliance and Disclosure

Improve the quality, accountability, and timing of your financial and disclosure reporting and do it all from one source with full traceability and reduced financial risk.

  • 10Q and 10K Disclosure

  • Annual Reports & Prospectus

  • Multi-GAAP reporting (IAS, IFRS, US GAAP…)

  • XBRL Tagging and Submission

  • Risk Assessent, Scoring and Mitigation

  • Solvency II Compliance

  • FinRep & CoRep Compliance

  • Basel III Compliance

  • SOX 404 Compliance

  • COSO Compliance

  • Law 262/2005 and 231/2001 Compliance (Italy)

Financial Close & Fast Closing

There are two ways to improve your close cycle: get it done faster, and get it done sooner. With CCH Tagetik performance management software, you can do both by executing tasks more quickly and by starting them earlier in the financial close process.

CCH Tagetik unifies your Financial Close and Fast Closing process with reconciliation, compliance and disclosure processes. The result: you can manage the entire workflow – from data acquisition through final close, reporting and disclosure – concurrently, to accelerate a compliant and auditable financial closing process with confidence.

With CCH Tagetik Financial Close & Fast Closing Software You Can Easily:

  • Develop and publish accurate timely financial statements with ease

  • Reduce the cost and effort of your monthly and quarterly closings

  • Eliminate inconsistencies across multiple systems

  • Map and reconcile data from different systems into one system of record

  • Automate controls and validations to reduce manual checks and errors

  • Create task flows and check lists to track progress, dependencies, and roadblocks

  • Start tasks earlier because the entire process is unified in a single solution

  • Automate production of periodic internal financial reports and external regulatory reporting

Internal and Management Reporting

Deliver management reports, financial statements, and board books from a single source. Prepare for internal audits with fewer errors, full traceability, and less manual effort.

  • Management Reporting & Board Books

  • P&L, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Reporting

  • Internal Audit Documentation & Audit Trail

  • Variance Reporting & Analysis

  • Credit Reporting and Analysis

  • Dashboards and Scorecards

Production Cost, Planning & Control

Production planning is only one part of a much larger picture. CCH Tagetik performance management software is designed with an enterprise-wide approach that unifies production planning with financial planning, cash flow, closing, reporting and consolidation processes. This unified software solution combines production cost planning & control with other planning functions (e.g., sales, finance, HR) to see not only the operational impact but also the financial impact across the organization.

Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Improve Efficiency Through the Unified Performance Management Approach in CCH Tagetik Production Cost Planning & Control:

  • Reduce production plan development time

  • Improve data transparency into the production planning process and the resulting financial impact

  • Support decision making at both the operational and corporate levels in one solution

  • Involve more business functions in the planning process to drive more accurate plans and forecasts

  • Create business workflow that crosses functional areas, with approval, validation and certification of data at each level

  • Bottom-up genesis of production costs (starting from product detail) and the financial intelligence to instantly calculate purchase costs and cost of goods sold

  • Execute complex calculations based on your specific production environment

  • Seamless business workflow with approval and certification of data at each level, across all departments involved in the budgeting process (including strategic, financial, and operational budgeting) in one place

Statutory and Management Consolidation

Corporate performance management software from Tagetik manages complex financial, statutory and management consolidation processes in a single structured and controlled environment that assures consistency across financial, statutory and management reporting.

As a result, CCH Tagetik improves visibility and transparency, of the financial, statutory and management consolidation process, shortens closing and reporting cycles, supports requirements of regulatory changes and manages multiple accounting standards, reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and cycle time of the entire consolidation and reporting process.

During Tagetik’s more than 20 years of delivering statutory, legal and management consolidation software solutions to customers, they have continually added specific functionality to improve the ability to effectively manage the complete close, consolidation and disclosure consolidation process from start to finish.

Financial, Statutory and Management Consolidation Features and Benefits Include:

  • Chart of accounts and rules: Define control groups between main accounts and related details/variations to be displayed in reports.

  • Legal entities & hierarchies: Define legal entities and reporting units, and set unlimited hierarchies to support complex ownership requirements.

  • Legal structure: Conduct event-based management of the history of your legal structure (% of ownership, financial investments variations, net equity variation) by period, managing multiple scenarios (holding and sub-holding levels) and consolidation rules.

  • Currency conversion: enter or load data in virtually any local currency and easily see currency and exchange rate differences and impact on consolidated actuals.

  • Accounting principles: Generate multiple, simultaneous consolidations for U.S. accounting standards (GAAP), XBRL, and International Financial Reporting Standards (IAS/IFRS) from a single data source without having to run multiple consolidations.

  • Decentralized web intercompany (IC) matching process: Define groups of accounts for intercompany (IC) matching with relative reconciliation accounts, thresholds and graphical web dashboard for matching between entities from within a built “IC Cockpit”.

  • Full auditability: Ensure complete data traceability from ERP to final reporting and disclosure, with automatic financial intelligence, powerful controls and validations, and detailed audit trails.

  • Automatic/manual data collection: Gather data, do intercompany (IC) matching, create pre-consolidation adjustments, add manual entries and monitor approvals workflows for each phase all in a single solution.

  • Controls and Diagnostics: At each step of the process from data entry to consolidation and reporting, by using automatic financial controls, validations checks, and balances.

  • Powerful reporting: Manage all financial reporting requirements, including pre-built logic for credit/debit signs, double-entry logic for creating cash flow statements, automated rounding and scaling, and drill-down capabilities for reporting and analysis at all levels of detail.

  • Segment reporting: Aggregating data “on the fly” by defined segment structures allows for simulation and ad-hoc analysis without frequent consolidation. Designed to allow autonomy at the segment level while meeting corporate requirements.

XBRL Tagging and Submission

Using CCH Tagetik, Finance departments can unify the process of preparing, sharing and publishing financial data ranging from management reports to statutory filings, sustainability reports and XBRL submission. What makes CCH Tagetik unique is its ability to automate the entire consolidation, closing and disclosure process, offering full XBRL and iXBRL support all in a single solution.


CCH Tagetik brings XBRL production in-house, reducing costs and risks, and giving you greater control and ownership than outsourcing XBRL to an external printer. That makes it easy to incorporate last-second changes into your disclosure documents and provides more time for reviews before submission. All of which reduces errors and risk.

CCH Tagetik Supports Your XBRL Reporting By:

  • Producing XBRL reporting information on both entity and group levels

  • Importing XBRL taxonomies with the ability to extend

  • Automating tagging of financial data and XBRL taxonomies

  • Displaying reports in XBRL format

  • Retaining tagging from one period to the next (eliminating repeated retagging)

  • Producing XML files for required instances


CCH Tagetik allows you to create iXBRL submissions and validate them to ensure they’re error free before filing. You can tag financial data and submit it in iXBRL, thus meeting online submission requirements for corporate tax returns in the UK. The solution provides support for all phases of the financial information lifecycle including preparation, validation, analysis and dissemination of iXBRL reports.

CCH Tagetik works seamlessly with Fujitsu Interstage XWand®, which is used by the SEC for XBRL filings. You can manually or automatically tag items, import and extend established taxonomies, and generate filings in XBRL or iXBRL format from the same data you use for other reporting.


CCH Tagetik helps companies manage performance and improve decision-making throughout the organization. A unified approach means that finance processes can be managed from start to finish in a single solution with full visibility, workflow, accountability, and traceability throughout. In the same unified solution decision-makers can see how different choices can impact their business, monitor the implementation of strategies, and ensure regulatory compliance. Whether you are addressing one pressing issue or implementing a complete performance management solution, as your company grows and changes, CCH Tagetik software will grow with you.

Through its strategic, global partnership with Microsoft, Tagetik has unified its Performance Management and Business Intelligence solutions with powerful communication and collaboration features. This way, companies can make business information easily accessible to a larger audience and support a wide range of performance management processes that are increasingly interrelated and pervasive throughout the organization.

Companies Rely on Tagetik To:

  • Unify Performance Management, Business Intelligence and Enterprise Governance Risk & Compliance; pool expertise across multiple processes (competence center); gain a complete view of their business; and eliminate fragmented processes.

  • Optimize decision-making through greater visibility and advanced communication and collaboration across multiple processes to cope with tighter deadlines and growing regulatory pressures.

  • Increase business productivity through highly collaborative software that allows them to devote more time to analyzing information and spend less time reconciling data and producing reports.

  • Define a complete “Last Mile of Finance” process that includes financial intelligence, workflow, collaboration, and traceability from consolidation all the way through final disclosure.

  • Reduce deployment and maintenance time thanks to built-in processes and financial intelligence; vertical industry expertise and functionality; common, intuitive interfaces; and a single point of administration.

  • Maximize existing IT investments through straightforward integration with other systems and optimal use of innovative Microsoft technologies.

  • Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through a single, open, unified system for performance management and business intelligence.

Tagetik Performance Management Software Consolidates Key Business Intelligence Benefits Into a Single, Unified Source, So the Office of Finance Can:

  • Analyze and manage enterprise performance including complex financial processes, regulatory reporting, and compliance

  • Optimize communication and collaboration across large, international teams for a unified approach to enterprise performance management

  • Improve decision-making by embedding business intelligence into performance management processes

  • Do deep-dive analysis across multiple business processes such as budgeting, planning, forecasting, profitability analysis, consolidation and reporting at the business unit level and for enterprise performance management in a single solution

  • Provide financial data to decision makers in intuitive, consumable formats that are relevant to their specific role

  • Increase individual productivity and extend performance management data across a wider user community across the enterprise

  • Maximize existing investments in Tagetik and Microsoft technologies and skills

  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

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User Reviews of CCH Tagetik

Submitted on June 25th, 2019 by David Pettit

We have three major divisions and they all have different disparate systems so we’re able to use a software like Tagetik to consolidate them and bring reporting into one place. You’re just getting one point of truth.

Before, we were on Hyperion Enterprise and then when we went looking for a replacement, we ended up with Tagetik. Obviously being able to easily load from different disparate GL systems and use the data entry form to load data as well allows us to quickly and easily get the data in the database and then we can move on and start the report. The number one reason we went with them because everything was combined into one system. Number two, the customer service that Tagetik has offered has been very helpful. The web-based application to allow remote users to easily connect and use the system (which was not something we had with Hyperion).

Our best look scenario was basically taking and combining our actuals and the most current forecast or plan and building up a scenario instead of doing a forecast every month like a rolling forecast. It was taking me a minimum of two days, sometimes up to three days to complete it once we had all the financials done from the book. We were able to build using the tools within Tagetik to bring that two to three days down to fifteen minutes. It’s saved an enormous amount of time.

We can run Tagetik as we go through the month so the business units are done earlier are from the whole company. So they can run it at day two or day three and they’ll have their best look all ready for them and they don’t have to wait for day five when I’m running it.