A full ERP system designed by Application Computer Systems.

About MASTER Software

Application Computer Systems’ MASTER Software is a Fully Integrated Software Solution for Apparatus Repair Shops that combines Job Cost, Inventory, and Distribution with complete Accounting to help manage bottom line performance.

Today’s Apparatus Repair and Sales companies have unique, complex needs. MASTER Software provides a proven solution for these businesses. MASTER was also written seamlessly to use the internationally recognized General Accounting Software AddOn. The business areas that are best addressed by MASTER are:

  • Electric Motor and Apparatus Repair
  • Fluid Power/Hydraulics Apparatus Repair
  • Pump Repair
  • Blower Motor and Gear Box Repair
  • Equipment Storage and Equipment Rental Services
  • Apparatus Sales/Wholesale Distribution
  • MASTER Software is Scalable and operates on Microsoft Windows Server and LINUX Operating Systems and all current MS Windows Client Operating Systems.

The Repair Shop Module uses the department and work center structure and assigns cost parameters and varying burden rates by department. This is helpful when handling both internal repairs and outside service work. Job Types can define the item being repaired and users can define a nameplate template based upon each type. Labor Codes are user defined and these are used for quoting labor, tracking actual time and invoicing repair work. Labor and Material can be charged to a job from the shop floor using bar code technology and work stations strategically located on the shop floor. A full slate of Job Reports lets you keep up with the status of each job as it works its way through the repair process.

Order Processing with a flexible Point of Sale feature lets you handle the sale of equipment and parts ranging from counter sales to blanket purchases with extended delivery dates. Quotes for the sale of items or parts can be created and converted into sales orders or directly into an invoice with a single click of your mouse. Flexible look ups and inquiries let you search inventory, non-stock items and vendor catalogs to quickly find the item your customer is looking for.

The inventory Module manages the items that you stock with both Min Max and Order Point and provides costing flexibility with Average, Replacement, Standard, High, and Landed Cost plus the option of LIFO or FIFO. Lot and Serial Number Tracking are also available if required. The attachments feature lets you store pictures or related documents like material safety data sheets with each inventory item.

The Purchase Order Module is interfaced with both the Repair and Sales modules and Purchase Orders or Requisitions can be generated for non-stock items directly from a Repair Estimate or Sales Quote. Purchase Order line items for repair or sales related items can be tagged listing the specific Job or Sales Order number. At purchase order receiving items related to a job are transferred with their cost to the job cost folder eliminating the concern over lost receivers resulting in items not appearing on the repair invoice. Drop ship purchases orders can be created from both repair and sales. Purchase Orders can be e-mailed or faxed from the system or printed and mailed to the vendor. RFQ purchase orders are also supported.

The new CRM Module empowers the sales force letting them track their activity with both customers and prospects. Activities can be scheduled and maintained using the calendar function and notes of all meetings and events are stored in the contact history file. Mailings and e-mails can be sent to individual contacts and the mass mailings of letters or e-mails to selected audiences, using flexible filtering criteria is another option. Access to all customer information in the Repair and Sales Modules is available to the sales force via look ups and information drill downs to help them stay current with customer needs.

The Financials Package includes General ledger, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable with an optional Payroll Module. The General Ledger is the cornerstone of the MASTER Accounting Software and it integrates with all of the other applications for automatic postings of all General Ledger transactions. Supporting the Work In Process (WIP) Accounting functions all repair postings for labor and material are accrued to the appropriate Work In Process General Ledger accounts and a monthly WIP Reports is generated to balance with the GL WIP Account balances. A Financial Report Generator is supported to create custom financial reports beyond the standard reports contained in the GL. Financial information can be exported to Microsoft Excel for additional analysis.

Our Accounts Payable module aids in the efficient cash flow management of your business. Stay in complete control of payables tracking, and check writing functions. Save time with invoice entry matched to purchase order receipts, flexible invoice payment selection, and a built-in Bank Reconciliation feature. The Accounts Receivable module is an easy to use system for processing cash receipts, issuing statements and follow up for collection of open invoices. Flexible Aging reports can be generated for managing receivables. Customer comments, customer notes, and invoice notes all aid in the receivables collection effort.

The Payroll module provides an easy to use processing solution in the face of increasing government regulations and more complex employee benefits requirements. Multiple pay structures and deductions are satisfied with user defined earnings, deductions, taxes and employee contributions for multiple states and localities. Direct deposit is supported.

Accounts Payable

Efficient cash flow management is critical to any company’s health. The MASTER Accounts Payable application helps carry out this function with ease and accuracy. Stay in complete control of payables tracking, accounting, and management of accounts payable and check writing functions. Reduce expenses and save time.

  • Invoice Entry matched to Purchase Order Receipts for control
  • Flexible selection of invoices for payment
  • Make partial payments
  • On-line vendor information always up to date
  • Keep complete and accurate records for every vendor and transaction
  • Cash requirement report for planning
  • Bank reconciliation feature built-in, integrates with Accounts Receivable for cash deposits, and with Payroll
  • Multiple bank accounts for multiple divisions
  • Multiple accounting periods open at the same time - begin processing in the new month before completing the prior month
  • Temporary vendor feature along with user defined terms codes

Accounts Receivable

The MASTER Accounts Receivable system is an easy-to-use system with powerful capabilities for processing cash receipts, statements, and collection of open invoices. It also tracks and controls customer history information.

Track receivables status promptly with Aging Analysis Reports and resolve disputes with complete invoice and payment history. Enhance collection efforts by e-mailing of faxing invoices or statements, including historical invoices.

  • Automatic cash receipts application
  • Customer comments, customer notes, and invoice notes for better customer service and collections
  • Flexible aging reports
  • Create statements and finance charges


After reviewing multiple options, ACS decided that the best solution to our client’s requests for a CRM So ware interface with MASTER was to develop our own module. Designed to contain both customers and prospects, the CRM data base has a utility to copy your customer ?les into this module. The CRM Module supports multiple contact information – email – phone #'s – address per company record and will allow you to store notes for both the company and the individual contacts separately. When a Customer Record is displayed on the CRM Screen, the Customer Info butt on will be highlighted. Clicking on the Customer Info Button will provide the CRM user with all of the information available in the Customer’s Pro?le SpeedSearch Lookup including job information. Drill down functionality to look at sales orders, purchase orders or job detail will be supported. Form letters can be generated using the mail merge capability within MS Word and e-mails can be sent with the MS Outlook interface. Reports supporting the various sales functions are available as well. There are many more features too numerous to detail.

General Ledger

As the cornerstone of the MASTER Accounting system, General Ledger smoothly integrates with all of the other applications for automatic posting of general ledger transactions with no double posting. For easy data access, a full-featured financial report generator is included. General Ledger provides an accurate, detailed record of all entries, giving a complete audit trail of any and all accounts whenever needed.

Generate financial reports whenever desired, at any time of the month historical and current information is always up to date. All financial information may be output directly into Microsoft Excel no re-entry of data for financial reporting. Review and compare up to three years of balance information. Retrieve detail financial transactions easily. Current and prior years transactions are at your fingertips with online display.

  • Fully integrated with all subsidiary systems
  • Easy-to-use financial report formatting
  • Financial data output directly to spreadsheets
  • Multi-companies with consolidation
  • Post to multiple periods/years; leave last year open for 12 months
  • Budgeting
  • Allocating, recurring, and reversing journal entries
  • Post in detail or summary
  • Flexible accounting period definitions
  • Multiple segment account numbering for division and department tracking


MASTER helps track margins by customer and warns you whenever a sale price falls below a targeted margin percentage. With customer oriented look ups your sales people can know how much a customer paid for the item last time, what the discounted price would be if the customer wants to order in volume, how much stock is on hand and where it is located, and what does the on order status look like while never having to put the customer on hold to gather this information.

Improve Customer Service - Online updating of inventory balances allows immediate access to current details about inventory availability, future demand, and expected receipts. Our SpeedSearch can be used at any input field to respond to customer requests for information without interrupting your current task.

Increase Inventory Accuracy - Regular cycle counting and complete transaction auditing can be used to improve the accuracy of your inventory data. Inventory analysis tools can help you determine how to allocate resources within your inventory.

Reduce Asset Investment and Increase Inventory Turns - Safety stock, EOQ, and order point are automatically calculated for each inventory item. This information along with replenishment analysis, will help you maintain the right amount of stock to service your customers while reducing your asset investment.

Job Cost

Repair jobs are organized by department and work center. Each department can have different cost parameters and different burden rates. This is especially useful when performing outside item being repaired and the user can define a nameplate template assigned to each type. Labor codes are user defined for the various repair tracking actual time, and for invoicing repair, can repair if needed.


  • Compare actual performance, estimated time, and dollars.
  • View current profit in dollars and percentage at any point in the job process.
  • Track and report on both labor hours and labor dollars.
  • Monitor all labor hours including over time and double time.
  • Track all Purchase Orders issued to a job.
  • Recall a job from history every time it comes in for a repair.
  • Enter new jobs using the copy function to select prior jobs for the same or similar repairs.
  • Flexible repair invoicing includes customer pricing and multiple jobs on a single invoice.

Order Entry

MASTERTM Order/Invoice Processing allows access to extensive vital information during Invoice Entry. No more frustrating searches for customer orders. Any open order, backorder, held order, or quote can be located by order/invoice number, customer PO number, status, or any character string (keyword) from the open order file.

Flexible cross references lets you use customer’s part numbers to order your parts. Access to vendor catalogs speeds up item look ups and lets you select and copy item numbers, descriptions, and cost into the order entry or quote entry screen. Orders for non stock items will be driven to either a purchase order or requisition with reference to the sales order number and line number. This eliminates duplicate entries and assures that required items are purchased. Using Microsoft Word templates for customer quotes allows you to easily modify these documents to meet your specific requirements. Quotes can be printed, faxed, or e-mailed directly from the system.


Accurate, on-time paychecks are expected by employees and employers even at a time when government regulations and employee benefits requirements are ever more complex.

Multiple pay structures and deductions can be challenging, but the MASTER Payroll application can meet the complex requirements with a flexible, easy-to-use processing solution.

A flexible design allows user-defined earnings, deductions, taxes, and employer contributions of almost any type. Each employee can have taxes and employee contributions for multiple states and localities.

  • Flexible pay codes
  • Multiple tax locations
  • User defined deduction capabilities
  • Multiple employer contributions
  • Automatic update from the Service Repair Time clock/Time card
  • Direct deposit options
  • Security levels and passwords ensure payroll confidentiality


A True POS Point of Sale Application can be added to the Order Invoice Processing selection.

This Powerful Module will streamline the order entry process for counter type sales eliminating the initial Order Entry Screen putting you immediately in the detail screen to start processing the customers order.

The ability to “Park A Transaction” and then recall it should you need to wait while your customer needs to retrieve some information lets you process another customer’s order and then call up the parked transaction and pick up where you left o?. Record Credit Card Transaction Approval Codes on the screen and have this information available later should you need to recall it.


For maximum efficiency, on a single purchase order you can enter multiple shipments for the same item with multiple required dates. Select the option to drop ship an item. Tag purchased items with service repair job numbers or sales order numbers to expedite allocation at Purchase Order Receiving. Copy item information from available vendor catalogs for fast Purchase Order Entry. The capability to send RFQ is also available.

Improve customer service. A list of applicable customer backorders is automatically printed when backordered products are received. Use it to fill backorders on a priority basis, and enhance your reputation for quick order turnaround.

Automatic replenishment processing creates a “suggested buy” report that you can use to determine what, when and how much to buy to get the best purchase price and to achieve your customer service targets. Track open purchase orders and identify potentially late shipments before they actually become late, and easily recall a history of purchase orders for any item or for any vendor.

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