A multi-module management system designed by Clearview Software.

About InFocus

InFocus is a all encompassing financial management solution that is functional in the following areas of your business:

  • Accounting
  • Billing
  • Project Management
  • Project Reporting
  • Project Forecasting & Planning
  • Resource Allocation
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Time & Expense Entry
  • Organizational Units & Profit Centers
  • Marketing & Sales


The Accounting portion of InFocus will give you the following capabilities:

  • Simultaneously operate your books on a cash and accrual basis - Allows you to easily generate reports and financial statements in accrual mode and in their cash basis equivalent.

  • Real-Time or Batch Entry - Make and adjust entries without ever posting a reverse or adjusting entry. Infocus unique IBRES technology does all the work for you automatically. However, if you prefer old school and want batch entries the system can accommodate that as well.

  • Unlimited Open Accounting Periods - Have as many open accounting periods as you desire. Periods can be reopened at any time and no closing procedure is required. The system will support almost any 12 or 13 period fiscal calendar.

  • Flexible Financial Statement Generator - Up to fifteen periods can be printed. Supports actual and budget figures in cash and accrual form. Complete support for organizational breakdowns. You can even factor your numbers based on the project that was charged.

  • Labor Distribution - Post your direct and indirect costs from time entry to your general ledger. Labor can be allocated at raw cost or in the case of cross charges burden or bill rates can be used. Segregate accounts by project, staff type, or employee exempt status. System automatically posts adjustments based on labor changes to prior periods. If you have sub-contractors that enter timesheets not a problem as the system will keep their numbers separate.

  • Recurring Journal Entries - Journals support not only recurring entries but also can be tagged as bookmarks. This makes recalling entries to the screen a snap.

  • Full Suite of Customizable Ledger Reports - General Ledger, Trial Balance, Journal Reports, and others come with the system.

Accounts Receivables

The Accounts Receivable portion of InFocus will give you the following capabilities:

  • Up to 6 Aging Periods - Define up to six aging periods of any duration

  • Support Sub-Clients - Clients can belong to sub-clients. A/R reports can show outstanding invoices at either the sub client of client level.

  • View Accounts by Revenue Type - The system includes A/R reports with revenue categories; labor, reimbursable, consultant, retainer, retainage, bad debt and late fee.

  • Statements of Account - Issue unlimited number of credit memos against an invoice

  • Multiple A/R Accounts - Run separate A/R ledger accounts by office and then optionally view them combined.


The Billing portion of InFocus will give you the following capabilities:

  • Flexible Invoice Designer - The unique invoice design wizard makes handling most industry standard formats a breeze. Invoice designs can separate labor, expense, and consultant charges. Allows multiple print versions of the same charge type on the same invoice, great for some government invoices. Invoice designs use templates so one change can effect many designs. Add logos, include statements of accounts, and print summaries are just a few of the things that can be accomplished.

  • Support of all major industry contract metrics - Cost Plus, Cost Plus Fixed Fee, Phase Fixed Fee, Lump Sum, Time and Material, and Multi-scheduled are just some of the contract styles that can be supported.

  • Fast and effective Billing Adjustment - Adjustments can be directed by on-line project manager remarks. All adjustments can be made in the wizard eliminating the need to bounce between screens. Projects can be filtered in numerous ways including project manager, project accountant, principal, client and billing group. Billing throughout the month rather just at then end of the month is supported.

  • Multiple Projects on One Invoice - Design coversheets that summary a clients multiple project billings and tie them altogether neatly under a single invoice. Each project can still have its own invoice format.

Project Forecasting & Planning

The Project Forecasting & Planning portion of InFocus will give you the following capabilities:

  • Interactive Gantt Control - When a task start date slides out six weeks simply grab the task bar with your mouse and move it over a few notches. All schedules resources are automatically moved with it. For critical path you can set and view task precedents.

  • Baseline & Working Plans - Start out with a baseline line plan and then freeze it when the project goes active. You can also refreeze the active plan to the baseline at any point in time.

  • Schedule and Allocate to Employees - Allocate project budget to job titles (e.g. senior architect, Engineer II etc.). Then schedule the allocation to various employees through our scheduling wizard. Time can be front-loaded, back-loaded or straight lined. Afterwards use the drag and drop Outlook like calendar to fine tune the schedule.

  • Budget by Pay, Burden, or Bill Amounts - Your project plan can be budgeted based on any of three rate types. Default rates or flexible rate schedules can be utilized. Monitor actual project metrics right in the same screen.

  • Tight Integration with Project Management - With InFocus, project plans are actual projects and can dynamically be altered even in the midst of an active project. Set upper levels of the work break down structure that deal with client deliverables under the supervision of the accountants while giving administration of the lower levels to project managers. Gone are the days of project management being controlled by the accounting department.

Project Management

The Project Management portion of InFocus will give you the following capabilities:

  • Powerful Report Designer - With almost 1,000 defined project variables, you will be hard pressed to find a report that we cannot produce. Reports support drill down to the transaction line item. A generous number of filters make getting the projects you want a reality. Reports can show metrics for up to three definable period ranges on a single report. Multiple levels of security can be applied so only those eyes you want can view sensitive information.

  • Unique Work-Order System - Work orders allow project managers to assign ToDo’s to employees. Work orders carry information that the manager is privy to such as work break down structure, job titles, labor codes, billing status that the employee may not be aware of or need to know. Employees treat open work orders as their in-box. Time can be charged directly to the work order or the work order can be referenced in time entry where the rest of the line will be filled out automatically. Employees need not even know project phase and task codes. And since work orders are proactive there is less end of the month time transfers that need to be done.

  • On-line bill Review - Give your project managers the ability to review the expenses for each project online. They are then able to give billing instructions to the project accountant.

  • Estimates-To-Complete from Time Entry - Project managers can optionally require estimates to complete be entered by the employee at time of timesheet submittal. Estimates can be at the work break down level or at the work order level. Individual projects or work orders can be earmarked for estimates.

  • Change Order Tracking - Change orders along with an approval process can be used to track changes to project budgets.

  • Unlimited Levels for Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) - Most systems support at most three levels of the work breakdown structure which they label project, phase and task. Infocus supports unlimited number of levels. This allows the project manager to manage the way they want not the way their accounting software wants.

Resource Allocations

The Resource Allocations portion of InFocus will give you the following capabilities:

  • Monitor Work-Load by Employee - View real time resource utilization by job title or employee. Quickly, compare scheduled versus available to identity over and under budget hotspots. View by day, week, month, or year and drill down on the schedule to the assigned projects.

  • Outlook Style Calendar - Schedules are maintained in an Outlook® style calendar. The calendar can bed switched between daily, weekly and monthly views. Rescheduling entries is a simple drag and drop.

Time & Expense Entry

The Time and Expense Entry portion of InFocus will give you the following capabilities:

  • Supports Any Time Period - Use standard defined weekly, biweekly or semimonthly layouts or customize for any date range.

  • View Billable Ratios - View target, billable and direct utilization numbers for current timesheet, current month and year-to-date.

  • Multi-Level Approval Process - Assign timesheet and alternate timesheet approvers to individual employees. A second level approval is also assigned to accounting personel. Time and expense entries can be accepted or rejected and a log is kept of who and when the sheet was approved.

  • Entry by Work-Order and/or the Standard Timesheet - Enter time via the familiar timesheet invoice or enter time directly against a work order. Any time entered against the work order will also appear in the timesheet.

  • Optional Estimate-To-Complete Entry - Project managers can optionally flag projects and/or individual work orders as requiring estimate to completes. Upon employee submittal of a final timesheet they will be prompted to enter estimates for any cited project or work order that has been flagged.

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User Reviews of InFocus

Submitted on December 18th, 2013 by Kristyne from Zepnick Solutions

Project Management: Being an engineering firm, we are very project driven. InFocus has proven to be effective project management software. Project Figures or Project Central (both provide drill-downs) provide managers information at their convenience. Project set up is fast and accurate using the template feature. Setting up templates does take a fair amount of time, but do it once, do it right. Predefined settings prevent staff from entering time on projects to which they are not assigned or at incorrect rates.

Financial Management:
Cash basis is always as of end of month, so clients need to be aware of this. The canned financial statements met only our basic needs. We do, however, have the capacity to design our own financial statements within the software. Doing so involved a steep learning curve, but once mastered, works very well and allows a great deal of customization. Support is excellent and very helpful (usually at no charge) at tweaking custom-designed reports. Once completed, the reports are quite nice. There are a large number of ‘extra’ reports within the software, but they are not readily seen. It would have been convenient to have more awareness of what was available at the onset.

Accounting Functions: Automated invoicing makes weekly billing a snap. This process is completed in less than half the time it used to take. AP can be paid via checks or EFT’s. For electronic payments, InFocus has a feature which automatically creates a file of preselected AP’s which can be uploaded directly onto our banking website.

Both timesheets and expense sheets are entered by the individual staff members, and then submitted for approval. This eliminates the duplication of effort used in the past when staff created timesheets and expense sheets in Excel, and then the information was manually entered by accounting staff into the software.

Overall Comments: Startup proved to be much more difficult and labor intensive than presented. The common “reason” for the conversion issues has been stated to be that we converted from QuickBooks. Get over it—reseller knew what we were using. On the other hand, not enough time and effort was put into pre-conversion groundwork. Being more educated on the settings of InFocus would have enabled more preparation of QuickBooks data that would have prevented many of the data conversion issues we had at the onset.

Not being able to work in the software or view other reports if a custom report is being used. From what I have heard this will be addressed in an upcoming release.

Submitted on December 16th, 2013 by Linda

Performs regular accounting functions, including handling accrual and cash basis accounting. The project management and project reporting areas of the software while adequate, are not very robust.

The Good…

The software owners are very willing to help

resolve issue - and will even write custom reports (at a cost) to help the software fit specific requirements.

The Bad…

Project reporting is cumbersome. Most times you have to get information from 2 or 3 reports to get a true picture of where you project stands.