A web-based software system designed by EFI for commercial & service companies.

About EFI Pace

You face intense challenges today – competitive pressure, consolidation, offshore outsourcing, media dollar reallocations, shorter runs and reduced turnaround times. You must be fast and flexible to protect your profits and company’s long-term survival.

EFITM Pace solves these issues. This browser-based, scalable and customizable print management system streamlines operations, reduces costs and provides you with the information that you need to win more business and deliver quality customer service.

Pace provides you with a fully integrated solution for estimating, production, accounting, sales management and e-commerce. The leading edge management information system also gives you a distinct competitive advantage by offering a new level of automation and control.

Business Analysis & Reporting

With EFI Pace Business Analysis and Reporting, you can quickly and easily mine the vast transactional data in your organization and turn it into meaningful information that you can use for fast, accurate decisions that help you optimize your business performance. With EFI Pace Business Intelligence you can:

  • Improve your company productivity by reducing the time spent hunting for information. It eliminates the need to reconcile numbers and build spreadsheets, allowing more time for value added tasks. Meetings become more strategic and your company becomes more productive.
  • Understand your company performance by easily viewing cost center production plans, monitoring collections efforts or tracking jobs in real time.
  • Increases access to key information needed at each level in your organization, in the users’ preferred format, enabling immediate and consistent access to accurate information for improved customer service and increased efficiency.

EFI Pace Business Analysis and Reporting is your key to accessing the information you need, on demand, to answer the questions about your company’s performance that will enable you to make the decisions needed to improve it, every day.

CRM and Sales Management

Maximize revenue opportunities and improve customer satisfaction & retention with EFI Pace CRM and Sales Management capabilities.

EFI Pace’s CRM and Sales Management capabilities allow you the ability to easily track, monitor and manage customer and prospect opportunities. With calendar views of all activities and comprehensive reporting options to help maximize the effectiveness of your sales team, EFI Pace’s CRM capabilities can help your company increase revenue. Your organization will also be able to easily and effectively track various opportunities to do business with specific companies so you can target strategic prospects – prospects with the potential to become your best customers.

CRM also enables your organization to plan sales and marketing projects, link campaigns, activities and related costs to projects, and track results against budgets and projected results. With comprehensive reporting capabilities your organization will be able to track opportunities by account, from campaigns, by representative and by a specific date range, sorted by your preference.

With EFI Pace’s CRM and Sales Management solution, your organization can optimize its competitive capabilities while satisfying your existing customers with superior service.

Estimating and Quoting

EFI Pace can help you remove guesstimating and turn your estimating into an exact science, helping you improve your margins and respond more quickly to quote requests.

With EFI Pace Estimating you can produce fast (often in 60 seconds or less) and accurate estimates based on your shop’s standards. Featuring cost-based estimates with pricelist integration, EFI Pace estimating optimizes estimates automatically based on press, materials, operations and by quantity, while offering support for virtually unlimited press configurations and quantities on a single estimate. It’s flexibility allows estimators to review estimates, make adjustments to parameters or explore other possibilities to maximize efficiencies and improve profit margins on jobs.

EFI Pace Estimating supports sheet-fed, web, digital, wide and superwide formats and creates planning records for each operation to be scheduled. It allocates materials to the job, providing a seamless transition from estimating to production without the need to re-key data.

With EFI Pace you can also enjoy robust pricelist quoting capabilities including:

  • Automatic generation of quote letters which can be emailed directly to customers, so your sales representatives can send fast, accurate and highly professional quotes to help your organization win more business.
  • Facilitates fast and accurate scheduling by linking quote items directly to inventory items, to ensure the right materials get to the right job, in order to produce the right item at the right price.
  • Offers flexibility to support multiple and single quantity, multi-part quotes and includes capabilities to support customer specific pricelists, so you can streamline and automate your entire estimating and quoting operations.

With EFI Pace, you can automate and optimize your estimating and quoting capabilities and quickly determine the most cost-effective production plan using your shop standards and estimating attributes.

Financial Management

EFI Pace’s robust financial management capabilities enable you to integrate and automate your financial operations for better management of your costs, more accurately billing of your clients and reduced manual accounting processes.

EFI Pace Financial Management software is a complete system developed specifically for the Printing and Graphics Arts industries. It includes General Ledger, Job Billing, Payroll and Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable as well as Bank Account Reconciliation. It’s capabilities can help your organization manage complicated issues such as complex commission structures, sales tax reporting, sales credits and reasons, cash forecasting and collection activities.

Along with world class accounting capabilities, EFI Pace Financial Management includes the ability to generate financial statements, and sophisticated reporting capabilities, to help you gain visibility into your entire financial picture. With EFI Pace Financial Management your organization can:

  • Produce and automate the process of customer statements, finance charges and charge backs to reduce manual work and errors
  • Automatically itemize or summarize change orders, to save time and gain visibility into adjustments
  • Automatically add inventory items to invoices when inventory levels are reduced, ensuring complete billing of materials costs against jobs
  • Leverage the system to accumulate and add all miscellaneous charges to invoices, such as freight and sales taxes, so your organization does not lose money by missed billing of costs.
  • Easily track customer balances and project cash flow so you can manage your company’s cash position
  • Leverage an application to address company payroll including checks, payroll register tracking pay, managing deductions, monitoring vacation and sick hours and handling federal state and quarterly reports, so you can accurately manage and record your company’s payroll operations

EFI Pace’s Financial Management software has comprehensive capabilities, but offers the flexibility to be deployed in a modular approach, providing automation and management in areas you need today, while offering more robust capabilities should your requirements grow in the future.

Inventory Management

Automate the management of your materials and finished goods to improve customer service, reduce inventory carry costs and increase your staff and production efficiency.

EFI Pace Inventory Management allows your organization to automatically track and manage the receipt, use and billing of materials in your production operation, eliminating manual processes, diminishing missed materials billings and reducing inventory carry costs through more accurate inventory control. The software supports multiple warehouse and bin locations, item classes, product types and subtypes and can manage thousands of items for different customers, helping your organization reduce costly errors while gaining complete visibility into the status of all materials on hand against all materials needed for each job in your production schedule.

Fully integrated with the Estimating module, the Inventory Management module allows your organization to track existing inventory against production estimates, automatically determine what you need to order and when, to meet deadlines for jobs, automatically allocates the materials in stock and on order to the jobs – then records them for billing purposes.

Wireless hand-held scanning devices enable your staff to be more productive and quickly enter inventory transactions at any point in your supply chain, from receiving production materials, to the tracking of completed finished goods for orders. With EFI Pace’s Inventory Management your company can automate and improve the accuracy of managing your most expensive outside resources.

Job Control and Scheduling

EFI Pace Job Control and Scheduling provides a fully integrated hub so you can access and easily manage all of your job activity, from planning and scheduling, to collecting costs, tracking purchases, managing inventory and shipments and collecting shop floor data.

EFI Pace’s Job Control and Scheduling is fully integrated with the rest of the EFI Pace system, enabling your company to contain all current and past job information in one place, allowing customer service, sales, production and management access to the same information, when and where they need it to better serve clients while improving employee productivity.

EFI Pace’s Job Control and Scheduling also offers flexibility, allowing jobs to be entered manually, or to be automatically converted from an existing estimate or duplicated from an existing job. The job information can then automatically flow to the job jacket, stock ticket, scheduling ticket, shipping labels, delivery tickets and other standard and customizable forms, to eliminate manual steps, reduce errors and allow your employees to focus on more strategic tasks to grow your business.

With EFI Pace you can automatically compile schedules for all jobs. The scheduling capabilities use the promised date for each job, along with the current workload, production capabilities and production plan to create an optimized and graphical schedule for production, which can be reviewed and manipulated by scheduling staff to manufacture jobs as efficiently as possible. It also includes daily totals of scheduled hours for each cost center and alerts the production scheduler when resources are over-allocated or under-utilized, allowing your production to become more efficient and your resources to be leveraged most cost effectively.

Job Production and Costing

EFI Job Production and Costing allows you to plan for the production of jobs in the most efficient way possible, automatically manage all the processes required in production and easily keep track of actual costs against the estimated costs, to maintain healthy profit margins for your business.

With EFI Pace Job Production and Costing your scheduler can view the entire job plan at a glimpse or manipulate the priority of jobs in any department by changing information on the electronic planning board in the system, allowing you to more easily maximize your margins and meet production deadlines. The software allows you to see, organize and sort all jobs in the system by cost center, activity and resource, so you can easily view and optimize your production workflow.

The powerful Job Costing capabilities allow you to quickly and easily compare actual costs against estimated costs and measure results against plan, so you can make informed decisions to improve your organization’s performance. EFI Pace’s Job Costing also enables your organization to distinguish clearly between non-planned work, such as rework caused by human error or defective materials, and chargeable work, such as customer change requests, to help your company reduce non-billable rework, and capture billing for chargeable work.

The system also includes comprehensive reporting capabilities, such as reports for any time period, for employee time sheets, job charges, job billing and actual vs. estimated costs, giving you full visibility into your job cost details. It also allows flexibility to capture information automatically through Shop Floor Data Collection, so the location and status of jobs is captured as they move through your facility, or by quick and easy entry of information via devices such as portables or data collection keypads, allowing your company full visibility into the status of your operations, at all times.


Automate, plan and track your purchasing for improved vendor management, precise reconciliation of materials from vendors and more accurate vendor payments.

EFI Pace Purchasing allows complete tracking and automation of planned and actual purchases, from planning through ordering, receiving, inventory updates and invoice reconciliation.

With EFI Pace Purchasing you can automatically verify that invoices contain correct purchasing prices and terms and that the amounts invoiced match the amounts actually received by your company. You can automatically track adjustments and changes and run variance reports to identify areas for improvement.

EFI Pace also handles inventory and special order items for jobs in process and and general purchases and provides reports and alerts for receiving employees so they know what to expect and where it should be allocated. The system also contains alerts if there are any items missing that were supposed to be included, allowing you to make adjustments to vendor payments and immediately notify production personnel so schedules can be adjusted accordingly.

From Purchase Order Receiving Worksheets to reports that provide information to plan for COD shipments and outside services, EFI’s Pace Purchasing can help your organization make purchasing more accurate, efficient and cost effective.

Shop Floor Data

EFI Pace’s SFDC capabilities allow you to automatically collect and view real-time information on the status of each job, while capturing information to help your organization measure job costs and automate manual processes such as collecting hours for payroll and reducing inventory levels based on goods used in production.

With EFI Pace’s SFDC, your employees and your customers can access accurate information about the status of each job, helping your staff to be more productive and providing your clients with the ability to check on their own orders, anytime. EFI Pace is fully integrated so the costs from the time and materials used on a job are captured and tracked in the total job costs, allowing you to gauge your actual performance against estimates.

The system also allows for complete automation, so as jobs are produced, finished goods quantities are captured and materials inventory levels are reduced, helping your organization reduce manual processes and eliminate errors.

Leveraging EFI Pace’s SFDC will also provide your organization with complete visibility into your production operations. With comprehensive reporting capabilities, your company will be able to determine where estimating can be more accurate, spoilage could be lower, overtime could be reduced, and machines and departments could become more efficient.

EFI Pace’s SFDC capabilities provide printing companies with the automation and improved visibility into operations necessary to reduce costs, increase productivity and improve customer service.

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User Reviews of EFI Pace

Submitted on August 22nd, 2019 by Jay Gage

Poor Service. Everytime you need something fixed, they want to sell you another module that has a work around rather then fix the underlying issue. Implemented for over two years and still waiting on fixes regarding calculations being incorrect

The Good…

If you are willing to shell out for the many many extended modules then you can semi customize a great deal of the software

The Bad…

Poor Support. Browser based app makes you recalculate or update 10-15 times for a single non-complex estimate. Inconsistent techniques within the software