A web-based ERP system designed by EFI for commercial & service companies.

About EFI Radius

As part of EFI, a world leader in digital printing products, services and support, EFI Radius is helping to lead the print industry’s analog to digital transformation with innovative, long-term solutions that make your business more profitable, productive and efficient. The solution expands EFI’s ERP/MIS portfolio of products, which streamlines your processes, maximizes resources and eliminates redundant operations throughout your company for greater business success.

Radius’ integrated ERP/MIS solution for flexible packaging, labels and folding cartons, organizes analyzes, interprets and leverages data across your entire company.

The solution gives you immediate access to critical information, so you can make effective and accurate business decisions. Radius is a flexible solution that fits the way you work and gives you a competitive edge with a broad product portfolio that meets your company’s needs now and into the future.

Business Intelligence

Packaging and label companies using EFI Radius Business Intelligence (BI) software have greater visibility of job and plant costs. They can more easily identify their most profitable label, folding carton, flexible packaging, extrusion and print plants, clients and jobs according to a recent third party survey of packaging companies.

With EFI Radius Business Intelligence (BI) software, you can quickly and easily mine the vast transactional data in your organization and turn it into meaningful information that you can use for fast, accurate decisions that help you optimize your business performance. Designed specifically for packaging companies producing labels, folding cartons, flexible packaging, extrusion and print, EFI Radius Business Intelligence software allows you to:

  • Improve your company productivity by reducing the time spent hunting for information. It eliminates the need to reconcile numbers and build spreadsheets, allowing more time for value added tasks. Meetings become more strategic and your company becomes more productive.
  • Increase your revenue by monitoring and analyzing costs down to the transactional level to identify new revenue opportunities and perform ‘what-if’ analyses to understand the potential impact of changing variables, such as increased materials costs and respond to them in ways that improve your bottom line.
  • Understand where your company is making or losing money by identifying profit margins for plants, machines, salespeople, customers or even down to individual jobs.

EFI Radius Business Intelligence software is your key to accessing the information you need, on demand, to answer the questions about your packaging company’s performance that will enable you to make the decisions needed to improve it, every day.

Customer Relationship Management

Every interaction with your customer is an opportunity to drive new business, build loyalty, strengthen your brand and gain referrals, with EFI Radius Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

According to a recent third party survey, EFI Radius customers view their ERP system as critical for good customer service at three times the rate of those running other systems. With EFI Radius CRM you can better understand and anticipate the needs of your current and potential customers.

EFI Radius CRM facilitates easy access to vital customer and prospect information, helping you make more accurate decisions, more quickly, in support of objectives. When used with our full EFI Radius ERP system, you can make the most of every interaction with each customer and prospect across your organization. With EFI Radius CRM you can:

  • Gain better visibility into customer information, allowing customer facing staff to connect to the information they need from any location.
  • Streamline the quotation process to allow for accurate and fast response requests, by integrating to EFI Radius Sales Estimating to provide easy tracking of quotation status, recent sales orders, shipping and invoicing details.
  • Increase employee productivity by enabling sales teams to quickly and easily create and track opportunities, record details of meeting, e-mails and calls.
  • Accurately track key performance data such as analyses of customers, orders and financial status.

EFI Radius CRM can help your organization improve customer service and increase sales.


Extend your electronic efficiency to your external contacts with EDI.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a form of structured, electronic communication between organizations. Paper documents are replaced with electronic data, and EDI provides the automated transfer between computer systems, using an agreed upon set of standards. EFI Radius EDI messages provide information, e.g., receiving shipping notes.

Save time and reduce errors with EDI. The automatic, electronic transfer of information means your employees don’t have to take as much time to process them anymore so you can do things more quickly. Human/data interaction is minimal, so data automatically flows from one point to another, minimizing the opportunity for error.

EFI Radius offers a sub-set of standard EDI transactions, however non-standard and variations of standard EDI transactions can be developed to meet specific needs. The EDI package is completed with the use of a 3rd party EDI solution, such as Biztalk or Gentran, which your organization uses to process EDI files to and from.

Environmental Data Management System

EFI Radius Environmental Data Management System (EDMS) allows you to streamline the collection, management and reporting of the chemical constituents used in your production processes.

EFI Radius Environmental Data Management System (EDMS) allows you to extend the efficiency of your ERP system to the collection and reporting of chemical data in order to comply with government regulations. As data is collected, managed and reported in your system, you can ensure regulatory compliance, have the detailed reports you need at a moment’s notice and quicken your response time as issues begin to appear.

  • Printing and packaging companies are no exception to increasing government regulations.
  • Companies must find efficient ways to ensure their compliance.
  • Manual data collection is a cumbersome drain on productivity.
  • Streamline the collection of chemical usage data based on your requirements.
  • Run standard or custom reports directly from your collected data.
  • Ensure accuracy with Exception Reports.
  • Stay ahead of issues that could mean non-compliance.
  • Be prepared to quickly provide information for audits.

The EFI Radius EDMS has been developed to automate the process, keep you informed and minimize the effects increasing regulations will have on your company.


EFI Radius packaging estimating software has been developed with specific functionality for companies producing labels, folding cartons, flexible packaging, extrusion and print.

Packaging companies using EFI Radius estimating software can immediately compare the commercial advantages of different layouts, material quantities and machine routings for each job. This intelligent ERP/MIS software helps ensure the most competitive prices for your customers, at the most profitable prices for your company.

With built-in template libraries containing the most common label, folding carton and flexible packaging formats, the estimating software automates the estimating process from pre-press and CAD, through plating, stock, finishing and shipping. System flexibility allows estimators to edit any input or system calculation and automatically alerts estimators of potential problems, enables resolution and automatically reconfigures new quotes based on new information.

Once the intelligent software has recommended the most efficient production routing paths based on information held in the Radius ERP/MIS system, and the user has compared different estimate quantities, pricing options can be considered. Selections include standard or specific overhead percentage mark-up, costs can be uplifted by a defined profit percentage, or added value ratios may be applied.

Packaging companies with label, folding carton, flexible packaging, extrusion or print workflows can prepare quick, accurate and profitable estimates with this industry-specific ERP/MIS estimating software from EFI Radius.

Financial Accounting

Integrated Financial Accounting software helps you automate and streamline your core financial and accounting practices.

Integrated Financial Accounting software options provide financial capabilities to help your organization address financial accounting and budgeting, asset management, costing, payroll, and cash management, as well as reporting and analysis.

The systems are designed to address tax regulations and accounting practices on a global scale, while providing your organization with a view of its financial performance across the entire enterprise.

The General Ledger is the foundation of your accounting system, with flexibility that meets the current and future financial management requirements of even the most complex packaging and printing organizations. It provides robust capabilities designed to handle your most demanding budgeting and processing needs. General Ledger is integrated with the entire EFI Radius application suite, and is the key to maximizing the efficiency and accuracy of your financial data.

Full tax reporting and analysis adheres to both European VAT and North American tax requirements. Powerful inquiries enable accounts to be analyzed in detail. The management of financial periods is flexible, particularly at year-end when prior year adjustments can be made.

Accounts Receivable enables your company to manage your customers and fine-tune customer relations by keeping track of important sales information and outstanding balances. Accounts Receivable allows you to easily apply cash to outstanding invoices and create recurring charges for quick invoicing of monthly charges. Accounts Receivable is also fully integrated with Bank Services, for complete bank reconciliation.

EFI Radius Accounts Payable provides robust accounting features to streamline your entire cash flow process and help you save money. Accounts Payable facilitates rapid entry of vendor invoices, flexible cash disbursement, check reconciliation, prioritization of payments and negotiation of terms. With its powerful accounting and reporting features, Accounts Payable makes it easy to manage the detailed information your company requires.

Budgeting provides a means for setting up an annual budget apportioned across the year at either general ledger account or summary level. Reports enable you to check the budget and then apply a budget model to the live General Ledger. Budgeting provides flexibility, allowing budgets to be derived from actual values for the current year, the previous year, or to be imported from an external spreadsheet.

With Integrated Financial Accounting options, a wide variety of reporting is available to help you gain full visibility into the performance of your organization.

Inventory Management

EFI Radius’s Inventory Management contains the processes to help your company streamline its operations, reduce errors and get the right materials to the right place as they are needed for each job.

The system can simplify the control of inventory and improve the accuracy and speed of its movement by leveraging optional radio frequency barcode scanners with handheld device support. Beginning at the receiving dock, EFI Radius helps manage the verification of goods when they are received, so you can track what came in against purchase orders, before items go into stock. On receipt from the supplier, the system produces a bar-coded label to attach to the pallet, case or roll to allow for tracking of all further movements. Supplier information can be received via optional Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), allowing for the use of supplier-applied barcodes.

EFI Radius supports bin location control for efficient stock management, and allows for roll materials to be controlled down to the individual roll level.

Using the system, you can issue materials to jobs as required and they will be automatically reduced from stock values and the costs will be transferred to Work-in-Progress (WIP) against each job – helping to keep accurate track of stock and materials costs for jobs.

With EFI Radius you can automatically identify when there are not enough materials to run a job, so you can make informed decisions immediately - such as completing part of an order, providing a new promise date for a client or finding alternative materials on hand for a substitution.

The system tracks pricing and valuation of materials, it supports effective date pricing to allow for fluctuation in cost of materials over time, and it maintains a complete history of materials usage and activities that can be used in performance analysis.

When supplier invoices are received, EFI Radius’s on-line program facilitates and expedites matching up the invoices against the purchase orders and goods received - so companies can efficiently reconcile amounts due and accurately pay suppliers.

EFI Radius Inventory Management can help your company automate the process of getting the right materials to the right job, every time, while allowing you immediate visibility into the quantities and locations of all your materials, across any number of plants.

Job Costing

EFI Radius Job Costing can help automate your job costing processes, improve your job cost accuracy and enable you to quickly access your total job cost information.

EFI Radius Job Costing software enables your organization to automatically collect actual costs against jobs, allowing you to compare performance with standards, to compute work-in-progress and to quickly and easily determine accurate labor and material recoveries for management accounting purposes.

With EFI Radius, actual job costs are captured immediately, without the need to re-key data. Board and film, inks and coatings and all other stocked materials can be easily issued to jobs. The system automatically reduces raw material values and allocates the associated costs to each job. Labor costs can also be collected via a timesheet entry process or an electronic timesheet can be generated automatically from the system’s Shop Floor Data Collection, which can reduce administrative time, errors and expense.

EFI Radius software can help your organization gain efficient and accurate collection, management and analysis of your total costs for each and every job.

Manufacturing Resource Planning

EFI Radius MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning) can help you more efficiently manage your production planning, inventory control and manufacturing processes, helping you to automate and maximize your resources, improve client service and save costs in your organization.

EFI Radius MRP can help you more efficiently manage your production planning, inventory control and manufacturing processes, helping you to automate and maximize your resources, improve client service and save costs in your organization.

Amid the pressures of globalization and increasingly demanding customers, packaging companies must stay on top of their manufacturing process with up-to-the-minute, work-in-progress information. EFI Radius MRP is designed to assist in planning production jobs for standard products, it helps you adapt to ever-changing business requirements by recommending changes to meet new sales forecasts.

EFI Radius MRP is a highly customized solution for packaging companies with supply on demand contracts. It can enrich your manufacturing processes, helping you improve productivity, reduce costs and enhance customer satisfaction. When deployed with our fully integrated ERP/MIS system application, you’ll obtain reliable data across your enterprise that will streamline your business processes to make it more competitive, responsive, and profitable.

The cornerstone of the solution is EFI Radius Master Estimate, which provides the method of creating new jobs and generating a bill of materials. Sales forecasts are compared against existing production jobs, allowing the system to recommend changes to job required dates and quantities, as well as the creation of new production jobs.

EFI Radius MRP helps our clients:

  • Import Customer Sales and Demand Forecasts: The EFI Radius X-Link programs provide for the import of forecasts from customers or internally produced spreadsheets.
  • Improve Workflow: More accurately schedule and plan production and material requirements by analyzing current and future production requirements and the demand forecast.
  • Reduce Inventory and WIP: The continual adjustment of production to demand and economic batch quantities provides helps to maintain just in time planning, providing production efficiency; minimizing both work in progress and finished inventory.
  • Speed-up Data Entry: The automatic update of job required dates, adjustment of job quantities and creation of new production jobs minimizes data entry requirements.
  • Gain Valuable Insight into Your Manufacturing Process: Easily spot situations where capacity is short or long, to quickly resolve bottlenecks and shift production.


Effectively manage and impact your company’s production process.

The EFI Radius ERP system is focused around the production process of your organization. The production process depends on real-time, accurate information, which is pulled from the other modules in the EFI Radius system and those modules depend on accurate production information. Estimating, job costing, scheduling, inventory management and all other parts of your organization are intertwined with production and EFI Radius provides the cohesive link, ensuring your organization is as streamlined, informed and efficient as possible.

Take advantage of complete system integration: Make sure the right materials are available for every job and production schedules are up-to-date every time.

Manage tooling use and association to jobs: The extensive Tooling Library can be used to associate tools to jobs. Even multiple tools of the same type can be associated to a single job. Tooling use can be captured and monitored over time so you know when it is time for tools to be removed for maintenance or replacement.

Track current and past jobs: Use Work-in-Progress (WIP) Tracking to see how many parts have been produced at each stage of production and where they are in the shop in real-time.* Full Traceability allows you to review finished goods starting at their raw material origins and continuing through each production step, capturing machines, operators and times.*

Stay informed and communicate: Electronic Work Instructions can be segregated by production area, ensuring clear communication of job instructions and expectations.* Optional Shop Floor Data Collection offers two-way communication between shop floor operators and supervisors. Operators can see updated work-to lists on their monitors and supervisors can take a live look into the status of jobs. Broad or specific reporting options are also available.

Manage outsourcing: For externally produced job steps, the Outsource Manager creates a PO to ship items out and returns them back.* System integration ensures that job, job costs and scheduling are automatically updated.

*Available for Professional and Enterprise Editions

Production Scheduling

The Production Scheduling Assistant (PSA) is part of the fully-integrated Radius ERP/MIS software solution. Built using the specifications of packaging companies producing labels, folding cartons, flexible packaging, extrusion and print, the scheduling software improves profit margins, maximizes utilization and boosts your bottom line.

The intelligent scheduling software helps automate and optimize the planning and scheduling process. As new packaging orders are created, the planner sets the overall priority of each, and the ERP system loads the planning board in the most efficient manner.

The scheduling module provides full visibility into your production operations and takes equipment constraints and the status of all critical path resources such as film, artwork and die-forms into consideration to ensure the most efficient route for every job. Your planner can try different scenarios and store, change and retrieve results as desired before publishing the schedule to the plant for production.

Packaging companies with label, folding carton, flexible packaging, extrusion or print workflows can optimize their plants with this industry-specific ERP/MIS production scheduling system from EFI Radius

Quality Management System

Keep your customers happy by providing them with the quality they expect. And, make sure your raw material providers are doing the same for you. The EFI Radius Quality Management System (QMS) helps you ensure your customers get the best products possible and helps your organization monitor the quality of the raw materials you bring in. Increase profits through higher customer satisfaction and returning customers.

Create Quality Tests for Finished Goods: Set up quality tests based on your expectations or those of your customers. Tests can be performed item-by-item or per customer or product.

Turn Customer Returns into Corrective Actions: As your customer returns decline with use of the Quality Management System, take steps to correct returns that do happen. Categorize why items were returned and define actions to resolve them.

Capture Quality Issues Discovered During Production: Create corrective action reports with actionable fixes. Integration with Advanced Scheduling and optional Shop Floor Data Collection means schedule changes and waste reporting are quick and easy.

Monitor the Quality of Your Raw Materials: Have confidence in your inventory by employing the same quality pass/fail tests on incoming raw materials that you perform on outbound shipments for your customers.

With the EFI Radius Quality Management System, you can make sure the products you send your customers live up to your expectations and theirs. This starts at your receiving dock by verifying the quality of your incoming raw materials, and ends with quality shipments going out the door.

Shipping Management

Transform your shipping department from a cost center to a profit center with a fully integrated Freight Management solution.

Smartlinc Process Shipper

This feature rich, multi-carrier ‘Pack & Ship’ system is designed for printing and packaging businesses. It integrates and streamlines the shipping process in your organization helping your business to minimize costs, without the need for an expensive, highly customized shipping solution.

Whether you ship several packages per day or thousands, Smartlinc Process Shipper can execute your shipments with the speed and accuracy you would expect from a state-of-the-art, integrated system. It incorporates all of the carriers you currently use into one single shipping system: UPS", USPS®, FedEx®, DHL, as well as LTL and full truck load carriers, in addition to your company vehicles or regional carriers. The condensed SmartWare package handles your UPS and FedEx shipments.

When shipments are executed in Process Shipper, all charges and tracking numbers are automatically updated to your EFI MIS/ERP system. Customers are provided with an e-mail notification which can include the shipment date, carrier, and freight cost, helping you to automatically provide enhanced customer service, while accurately capturing all shipping costs by customer.

With SmartLinc Process Shipper, you can streamline your shipping process, eliminate double entries, and provide accurate information for tracking, support, costing and invoicing. It is easy to implement with a typical ROI of only six months.

Freight Management by SmartLinc Process Shipper:

  • Supports faster shipping and same day invoicing
  • Automates freight markups and 3rd party shipping
  • Includes support for all types of carriers including regional and generic
  • Eliminates duplication of efforts and rekeying errors
  • Improves visibility into shipping status and costs
  • Builds customer confidence and reduces inquiry calls
  • Provides audit labels and on-demand shipping reports
  • Includes pack verification with line item detail
  • Eliminates EOD closing
  • Supports Endicia® postal manifesting and Internet postage
  • Provides residential delivery indicator
  • Offers Best Way Shipping
  • Supports custom label production

Smartlinc SmartWare

This powerful, PC-based solution enables organizations to begin integrated shipping within hours of purchase. So, whether you want to cut shipping time from minutes to seconds, provide customer service with “real-time” shipping results, or speed up invoicing, SmartWare can help!

SmartWare is installed on the existing UPS WorldShip® and FedEx Ship Manager" shipping stations. Because it integrates to your existing carrier systems, there is no need to purchase additional hardware. SmartWare will utilize your existing scale, PC and label printer. SmartWare integrates with your EFI Radius solution. EFI provides first level support while SmartLinc provides advanced support and ongoing development.

  • Eliminates duplication of efforts and rekeying errors.
  • Improves visibility into shipping status and costs.
  • Supports faster shipping and same day invoicing.
  • Automates freight markups and 3rd party shipping.
  • Builds customer confidence and reduces inquiry call workload with advanced ship notifications via e-mail.
  • Utilizes existing hardware and can be carrier subsidized.
  • Delivers an easy-to-implement solution with a typical ROI of three months.

Shop Floor Data Collection DMI

EFI Radius Shop Floor Data Collection automates production processes and provides complete visibility into the status of all jobs on your factory floor.

EFI Radius Shop Floor Data Collection allows shop floor operators to see up-to-date work-to lists and work instructions right on their screen and schedulers can see potential scheduling conflicts and solve them immediately.

  • Actual transactions are summarized and are available for review by factory supervisors before being updated into the Job Costing module, removing the need for data re-keying.
  • Produced quantities can be collected automatically to orders using direct machine interface (DMI), or manually through the touch screen. A single workstation can simultaneously capture data from multiple production processes, minimizing hardware needs.
  • As a shop floor operator logs onto a production process, they are automatically presented with the latest work-to list published from Advanced Scheduling, already listed in the scheduled sequence.
  • Operators can view job plans that indicate the status of any previous processes and all relevant manufacturing information including special instructions.
  • Using DMI, the number of sheets or products is automatically accumulated against make ready. Run or downtime counts can be easily viewed.
  • EFI Radius Shop Floor Data Collection has a windows-based user interface, and can be operated by keyboard, mouse or touch screen technology.
  • EFI Radius SFDC provides a factory-level view of the status of all jobs on the shop floor, allowing plant management an instant view of their machines.

EFI Radius Shop Floor Data Collection is designed to streamline and automate your production processes, while providing full visibility into your factory operation.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of EFI Radius

Submitted on August 28th, 2019 by an anonymous EFI Radius user.

Software is archaic from an architecture standpoint, easily two decade-old technology, the core “radius” product receives few updates but EFI produces “new” products that integrate with the core software and sells it at outrageous prices, rather than including it in the core licensing…great for EFI’s bottom line, horribly expensive for the companies who use this software. Don’t; forget the nearly 20% annual licensing fees to get support and those few core product updates. Absolutely awful ERP option even for print/packaging companies.

The Good…

Really nothing, obviously there are features specific to print and packaging but this in no way brings the solution back to a positive.

The Bad…

Core Radius product built on decades old technology and architecture, “new” features are not part of core system, they must be licensed as new software with additional ~20% annual maintenance fees, support is poor, software is buggy.

Submitted on June 3rd, 2019 by M

Nothing is streamlined. Whoever created this program seems to need to get themselves in check.

The Good…


The Bad…

nothing is streamlined.

Submitted on May 10th, 2019 by an anonymous EFI Radius user.

It performs like any other MRP system but like any other MRP system, they are all built for manufacturing widgets. Although this system claims to be built for the print packaging world, it does not customize very well to more specialized operations.

The Good…

It tracks a lot of data…almost to a fault. If you like numbers and trends, this is heaven.

The Bad…

Customization to specialized operations would help. Ability to remove much of what I do not use for my business.

Submitted on October 22nd, 2018 by an anonymous EFI Radius user.

Constant disconnect issues. Counting is not accurate. Interface is not very simplified and streamlined . Not a very good system for anyone. You have to go to ten different things to find one thing. Who ever wrote this software is a moron.

The Good…


The Bad…