A browser-based, scalable, and customizable print MIS/ERP solution

About Pace

The eProductivity Software Pace™ is a browser-based, scalable, and customizable print MIS/ERP solution purpose-built for the commercial print and display graphics industries. Powered by certified end-to-end workflows designed to provide print workflow management solutions that provide out-of-the-box value, Pace™ offers a powerhouse of solutions including estimating, scheduling, production, inventory management, accounting, and reporting.

With advanced integrations to eProductivity Software industry leading enabling solutions, Pace offers smart software solutions that:

  • Increase operation efficiencies
  • Maximize profit potential
  • Optimize print production and time-to-market
  • Streamline operations by reducing touchpoints

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Pace Features

Pace provides advanced integrations to EPS’s leading solutions in eCommerce, marketing, shipping, warehouse and fulfillment management, and planning and imposition. As part of the Midmarket Print Suite, Pace offers smart software solutions in an integrated and certified workflow, allowing for an end-to-end approach to process improvement.

With a modular architecture, Pace gives printers the tools they need today. It allows printers to adapt to new processes without interrupting business operations. Pace uses modern open-source technologies and provides a long life cycle that translates into years of productivity and a significant ROI.

Pace has the following base features:

  • Estimating
  • Job control
  • Accounts receivable
  • Job billing
  • Job history
  • Pace Station

Pace Target Market

Pace is built to meet the needs of the mid sized and large commercial print and display graphics industry — whether you are a commercial printer, produce banners, vehicle wraps, point-of-purchase displays, or other display graphics products.

It can help:

  • Commercial Printers
  • Display Graphics
  • Digital and Offset Printing
  • Publication Printing
  • Direct Mailing Printing
  • In-Plant Print Centers

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User Reviews of Pace

Submitted on May 23rd, 2022 by Brian Baarman

ePS Pace has the tools that make it the easy button for data mining. Quickly and accurately aggregate appropriate data to build an ROI for equipment decisions. Build reports that bring your weakness right to your inbox. Detect and flag common mistakes right in your reports. With the right skill set, your only limitation is your imagination.

Submitted on May 23rd, 2022 by Dennis Riggs

Our business has changed a lot, we’ve gotten into several different businesses… what Pace and ePS has allowed us to do is bring all of those technologies under one virtual roof, allowed us to grow our business and scale our business and have good visibility into all those pieces and parts and how they relate to one another.

Submitted on May 23rd, 2022 by Shannon Ulrich

With Pace, we have better insight into the costing of our jobs. Previously, we bucketed it all together for a job, but now we have a really clear picture of the labor, the materials, the ink pricing going into the job. Since all the products communicate so well together with our ePS system, we can see the different inputs that are going into a job and know exactly where we stand for profitability. And we can communicate that clearly to our staff and our customers.

Submitted on August 22nd, 2019 by Anonymous

Poor Service. Everytime you need something fixed, they want to sell you another module that has a work around rather then fix the underlying issue. Implemented for over two years and still waiting on fixes regarding calculations being incorrect

The Good…

If you are willing to shell out for the many many extended modules then you can semi customize a great deal of the software

The Bad…

Poor Support. Browser based app makes you recalculate or update 10-15 times for a single non-complex estimate. Inconsistent techniques within the software