A full ERP system designed by Pronto Software for large enterprises.


PRONTO-Xi is Pronto Software’s flagship ERP product. PRONTO-Xi offers flexible, scalable performance and a strong base from which to achieve an accelerated return on investment. It is a solution designed specially for small to medium organizations.

Video Overview

PRONTO-Xi enables you to achieve strategic and operational excellence by providing tools to increase productivity, lower costs and simply tasks. Fully integrated across a number of business functions, PRONTO-Xi delivers:

  • Financials
  • Distribution, Retail and Collaboration
  • Manufacturing
  • Facilities Management
  • Specialised Applications

PRONTO-Xi is a sophisticated solution which can be tailored to suit your unique needs. While these modules can be used alone, they are most powerful when integrated in combinations.

PRONTO-Xi can also be hosed on the following servers:

  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Linux or Unix
  • Hosted as a service

PRONTO-Xi is compatible with the following Database Management Systems:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Informix

Accounts Payable

Pronto Xi Accounts Payable offers you the ability to effectively control your supplier accounts. It is fully integrated with the General Ledger and Purchase Order modules. It allows you to drill down to detailed information of your supplier accounts with a full view of supplier arrangements, transactions and approval levels.

  • Customised automated cheque and Electronic
  • Funds Transfer (EFT) payments;
  • Multi-currency support;
  • Withholding Tax PAYG/1099;
  • Current and Forward commitment tracking;
  • Recharge expenses to customer account;
  • Easy purchase order, invoice and shipment matching;
  • Full purchase and payment history.

Invoice Authorisation Tracking

Accounts Payable accurately tracks supplier invoices from the moment they are received. Not until the invoice has been authorised is the expense account in the General Ledger entered and updated. You can enquire on the current status of an invoice at any time and see whether it is still awaiting approval, and on whom it is waiting or use Pronto Xi Alert Intelligence to implement escalation procedures.

Easy Options for Payment

You can draw a payment manually and enter its details against the supplier account. This includes the flexibility to draw from foreign bank accounts and use a variety of currencies. Alternatively you can automatically generate a single payment for a supplier, for all invoices due by a specified date.

Customer Accounts Visibility

Pronto Xi now provides an Accounts Payable Business Dashboard highlighting relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) applicable to that aspect of the business. Pronto Xi Business Dashboards provide accurate, real-time, relevant and easy-to-understand information to assist management teams with their decision making.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivables comprehensively stores and manages all your customer data in a sophisticated repository that supports superior operational efficiency and sound financial management for your business.

Flexible Account Control

Accounts Receivable information such as dispatch warehouse, sales representative, territory, applicable tax, price level are the default parameters used during sales order entry. They can be overridden if required.

  • Budget and Forecast;
  • Flexible Invoicing, tax options and charges;
  • Part payments, retentions and credit claims;
  • Foreign currency, including loss/gain handling;
  • Comprehensive cash receipting for both local and foreign values;
  • Auto/manual cash allocation and full banking slips;
  • Powerful sales analysis tools, including enquiries, reports and optional Business Intelligence.

Customer Accounts Visibility

With powerful enquiry options, you can interrogate the customer’s file for ageing analysis, product sales history, sales orders, outstanding invoices, inventory exposure, historical transactions, etc.

Pronto Xi now provides an Accounts Receivable Business Dashboard highlighting relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) applicable to that aspect of the business. Pronto Xi Business Dashboards provide accurate, real-time, relevant and easy-to-understand information to assist management teams with their decision making.

Advanced Forecasting

Pronto Xi Advanced Forecasting is a key module to optimise your Retail Supply Chain planning. It improves your inventory management by providing accurate means of predicting the future demand for your products. It also allows you to consider a number of different factors that may affect your forecasts by calculating forecasts based on entered sales orders, goods shipped or inventory transfers (usage). In addition, it accounts for trends as well as seasonal fluctuations and applies appropriate smoothing factors. Advanced Forecasting sets out to achieve four important purchasing-related goals:

  • Modelling - Develop a model of the sales pattern for each item to be forecasted built up from Trend, Seasonality and Random fluctuation;
  • Forecasting - The model can be used to generate new forecasts;
  • Enquiry - Amend the model by incorporating feedback from operation results;
  • Performance - Provide an objective criteria to assess forecast accuracy.

Advanced Forecasting Includes:

  • Graphical displays;
  • Exception handling and reporting;
  • Analysis filtering by territory, warehouse and state groupings;
  • Supports steady, seasonal demand, averaging and trends.

Intelligent Forecasting

Advanced Forecasting attempts to determine which pattern forms the “best fit” for the demand of each inventory item. To do this, it calculates a forecast using several techniques over a three month period and the technique that produces the forecast closest to the measured demand becomes the technique of choice for that item. Forecasting techniques supported include Triple Exponential Smoothing (Winter’s method) and 3 Month Moving Averaging.

In the triple exponential smoothing techniques, past observations are given exponentially smaller weights as the observations get older. This method provides better exponentially smoothed forecasts of data where there is expected or known to be seasonal variation in the data.

Overall, Pronto Xi’s Advanced Forecast provides a sophisticated and flexible way to predict demand.

BI Designer

Professional report authors produce professional quality content for others to consume. They want to dig deeper into the data and build complex reports.

Pronto Xi BI Designer provides the reporting solution to deliver on these requirements with advanced report building and capabilities that enable enhancement, customisation and management of professional reports.

It also allows authors to create reports containing a full range of visuals and objects. These include charts, cross tabs and lists, as well as non-BI components such as images and logos that can be linked to the information.

The WYSIWYG capability allows report authors to build, interact with, share and analyse results to follow a train of thought and generate a unique perspective around critical business information.

A collaborative workflow enables authors to create, distribute and share reports with other business users – in different report formats, languages and locations.

BI Designer allows organisations to extend the boundaries of traditional reports, giving professional authors unprecedented ways to view and communicate business performance.

Active Reports

Managed dashboards are often difficult for report authors to create, and can require coding skills. A steep learning curve is usually required to master the techniques and create composite report applications. It is also difficult to distribute and share these interactive reports unless users are connected to the system.

Active Reports provide a rich set of controls, allowing experienced professional report authors to build interactive reports for the business. The highly visual, intuitive interface lets developers quickly create these sophisticated report applications.

The software extends the reach of the BI workspace by allowing authors to create repor ts while disconnected from the network. Users can also access dashboards as email attachments instead of through a website that requires network connectivity.

BI Essentials

Pronto Xi BI Essentials provides all Pronto Xi users with a revolutionary BI workspace that allows them to assemble, personalise, analyse and interact with information through a dashboard-style user interface. Aimed at anyone who needs to access information, it comprises of an easy-to-access web-based portal for managing all reporting and analytics content.

Business Intelligence ‘Ready to Go’

Users receive direct access to a full suite of reports across many Pronto Xi modules without having to leave the Pronto Xi Client User Interface. It is ideal for users on the go, as Pronto Xi Business Intelligence can be delivered over the web, ensuring company data can be viewed at any time and from any web connection, making it easy to view and distribute BI data. By efficiently sharing information, Business Intelligence facilitates quicker and better decision making at every level of the organisation.

Enhanced BI Environment Supporting Individual Decision-Making Styles

Through a dashboard-style user interface, users can choose to view information in a way that supports their individual decision-making style, whether it is based on performance metrics or other reporting information in tables, or determined by reference to graphs and charts. From this intuitive workspace, users can hone in on a single report or, for example, add more reports for side-by-side comparison. Users can then sort and filter supplied reports, add comments or questions to documents, and communicate through familiar tools and applications – all from within a single, flexible workspace.

Other capabilities include the ability to add predefined or custom calculations, change chart types or add filters to clarify and highlight the most important elements of a report.

The workspace also has significant collaboration capabilities, allowing users to facilitate threaded discussions, add questions or comments to documents or reports, and embed RSS feeds to automatically share important reports and updates such as recent sales orders.

BI Manager

Pronto Xi BI Manager is specifically designed for business managers and executives who require easy access to uncomplicated information as part of the decision-making process. It provides a powerful and intuitive toolset that delivers an authoring workspace for creating simple ad hoc queries, reports, in-depth analysis views for data exploration, and business dashboard design.

Building a report is simple even for the novice user, due to an intuitive interface and data packages specifically built for reporting. Reports are easy to compile and users do not require any understanding of database structures or SQL coding expertise. And to make it even easier, data can be presented on the screen in real-time, providing immediate feedback while the query is being created.

Additionally, as Pronto understands that everyone has different reporting needs, we have made it fast and simple to modify the reports we’ve supplied with Pronto Xi.

Catalogue Management

Pronto Xi Catalogue allows for the storage and definition of very large supplier or manufacturer catalogues. It is designed to hold thousands of catalogue items that may or may not reside as inventory items in Pronto Xi Inventory. Unlimited supplier and manufacturer information.

Items can be cross-referenced to other Pronto Xi objects that allow searching via inventory enquiries with the option of dynamically creating them as normal Pronto Xi inventory master records. Each catalogue item can hold virtually unlimited information including technical product specifications, supplier or manufacturer information, price and part numbers.

Supplier Contracts

Catalogue supports the creation of supplier contracts that allows for multiple catalogue items to be linked to the contract. The contract contains, along with the catalogue items, past sales from each company, current price/supplier from each company to be reported, compared and a request for quotations to be created.


Pronto Xi Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps you successfully adopt a customer care methodology within your business. It allows for the analysis of customer and prospect needs, identification of the customers that require the most attention, and implementation of business processes that deliver superior customer service and promote repeat business. Pronto Xi CRM is also seamlessly integrated with other Pronto Xi business functions to ensure multiple “touch points” are tracked and managed correctly.

Pronto Xi CRM is especially designed for customer facing personnel performing sales, service and customer relationship functions. The ability to enter and retrieve transactional information (such as incoming calls, information sent etc) at high speed in real time provides your organisation with the most up to date and relevant customer information possible. Comprehensive opportunity management and visibility enables sales staff to work their sales pipeline with a focus on results, not just tasks.

Pronto Xi CRM has the features and capabilities you expect with the benefits of seamless integration:

CRM Console – Your single point of reference for CRM functions.

Address Book and Contact Manager – Store and manage your customers, prospects and companies with integrated MSN map links functionality.

Lead Management – Create, track and qualify leads with the ability to selectively convert a lead to an opportunity. Upon conversion, all transaction history remains intact.

Opportunity Management – Manage your sales pipeline. Opportunity Management helps sales teams manage opportunities and identify their progress to plan the best strategy for closing deals. Each opportunity can be weighted in accordance with the likelihood of success.

Sales Management – Detailed sales information about your customers and prospects at your fingertips.

Data Mining – Segment, extract and manage portions of your Pronto Xi customer database with this interactive tool.

Time Management – Keep detailed records on customer interactions, create follow up activities for your prospects, manage your day-to-day sales activities and synchronize your activities with Microsoft Outlook.

Marketing Campaign Management – Keep track of your marketing efforts with Pronto Xi CRM. All marketing activity is updated dynamically with key information available at a glance.

Data Intelligence

A New Dimension in Business Analysis

Pronto Xi Data Dimensions is a new range of business analytics solutions to help uncover the information required to optimise business performance.

There are two elements to the Pronto Xi Data Dimensions: Analytics Dimensions and Analytics Dashboards.

Pronto Xi Analytics Dimensions

Analytics Dimensions extends the functionality delivered in each of the standard Pronto Xi reporting packages by delivering users their information, live from the source in the form of a ‘virtual cube’. Analytics Dimensions delivers dimensional analytics packages that allow users to build reports and perform data analysis on their data, in real-time as if it were direct from an offline cube. And as we’ve modelled the data, not only do you not need to be a BI expert, your data is always up to date avoiding the need to perform traditional nightly data updates that can often be unreliable, saving you the time and stress of maintaining your data for the purposes of reporting and analysis. Another advantage of reporting from a dimensional data source, is that it allows you the flexibility to move seamlessly between ‘levels’ of your reporting hierarchies in real-time and also ‘slice and dice’ your data so you can compare trends and performance, thus improving your understanding of your business so you can make better, more informed decisions.

Pronto Xi Analytics Dashboards

Pronto Xi Analytics Dashboards are designed to be used with the corresponding Analytics Dimension. Because these dashboards receive their information from dimensionally modelled data provided with the associated Analytics Dimensions, they extend the capabilities of Pronto Xi Business Dashboards with the addition of drill-down, drill-through, trending and ‘slice & dice’ functionality on many key metrics. Use key metrics to quickly eyeball poor performing or troublesome aspects of your business and then use the extended capabilities to find the root of the problem or anomaly and take action to rectify.

Distribution Requirements Planning

Pronto Xi Distribution Requirements Planning is an effective tool that plans the flow of demand and supply of your goods through a network of satellite, branch and central warehouses across the entire Supply Chain. The output from the DRP can be used to:

  • Plan at the factory level through MPS and MRP;
  • Automatically generate Purchase Orders;
  • Create warehouse Transfer Orders to facilitate replenishment.

Optimised Warehouse Replenishment

The complexity of Supply Chain Management increases significantly with the number of items, suppliers and warehouses. Pronto Xi DRP simplifies the supply chain by facilitating the efficient replenishment of physical inventory locations. DRP utilises a number of optimisation tools which take into consideration supplier priorities, transport costs, lead times, inventory targets and product cost. Replenishment can be planned through the normal DRP network, or on an item by item basis for product supplied directly from the supplier to individual warehouses.

Time-Phased Distribution Plan

Pronto Xi DRP provides a time-phased distribution plan, similar to Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) in manufacturing. DRP brings the same level of time-phased visibility to non-manufacturing organisations, across an entire network of warehouses, distribution centres and suppliers.


Pronto Xi Avenue is a secured, integrated solution that delivers a fully featured web shopfront. Supporting both Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) functions, Avenue seamlessly connects your Internet customers to Pronto Xi product data to dynamically generate page content. Now, any changes to customer information - such as prices, product description or order status are automatically reflected at the shopfront.


  • Pronto Xi and your web site are always synchronised as they both use the same data;
  • Streamlined upgrades and maximised web server performance due to leveraging Pronto Xi back end business logic;
  • Website look, feel and content can be highly customised
  • Increase cash flow by adding credit card payment facilities for both B2C and B2B customers;
  • No need to worry about browser compatibility as Avenue uses complete server-side scripting, only serving standard XHTML to the web browser.


Avenue allows cross-sell (alternative) products or up-sell (complementary) products to be suggested. Cross-sell can be used for out of stock, superseded or phased out products. Your merchandising or marketing department can define up-sell products to offer for purchase against a particular item and have them suggested during the sales order process.


A very powerful feature for a web user is the ability to track and view the status of their orders (dispatched, on back order, etc). The order list has advanced search capabilities and users with access to multiple accounts can easily view orders from all accounts.


PRONTO-Xi EasyEDI offers the flexibility to extend and leverage your supply chain with customers and suppliers to achieve a common goal. By delivering agility and adaptability, EasyEDI allows you to realize new operational capabilities whilst reducing transaction costs.

  • Reduce administration costs
  • Eliminate errors in standard business processes
  • Streamline information flow within your enterprise systems.

PRONTO-Xi EasyEDI offers a fully integrated EDI gateway module that allows for the seamless exchange of everyday business documents between buyers and sellers. Increase your competitive advantage by serving your customers more efficiently. Reduce your overheads by managing your suppliers more effectively. Develop sustainable relationships by utilizing a collaborative framework which can incorporate future technological advances.

Take cost out of your supply chain by automating the exchange and processing of every day transactions such as purchase orders, invoices and shipping notices. By reducing the labor component of manual data entry, you are not just saving money but you will improve the accuracy of the information coming in and going out of your business.

Key Benefits

  • Responsiveness to trading partner needs
  • Increased accuracy of information
  • Increased visibility and improved relationships with trading partners
  • Extend your supply chain
  • Reduced Transaction and operation costs
  • Comprehensive suite of documents

Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets is a dynamic, robust tool for managing assets from acquisition through maintenance to disposal. All asset transactions are fully managed including acquisition, disposal, transfer, depreciation and reporting. Asset register transactions are automatically posted to the General Ledger. The fixed asset register covers both book and tax transactions.

  • Multiple methods of Asset acquisition;
  • Complete asset identification and maintenance;
  • Process to manage asset improvements and revaluations;
  • Flexibility to transfer or split an asset;
  • Specify depreciation method;
  • Handles tax aspects of disposals.

Integration With General Ledger

Pronto Xi posts the various asset transactions directly to specific General Ledger accounts. Based on the location and group codes, transactions such as depreciation expense, acquisitions and disposals, revaluations and profit and losses upon disposal are posted to specific accounts in the General Ledger.

General Ledger

General Ledger can handle complex financial requirements of an extensive range of industries and organisations, from small businesses to large multi-corporate structures, making it the backbone of your Pronto Xi ERP System.

Reduce Manual Processing

Transactions processed in other modules are automatically reflected in the General Ledger. Pronto Xi automates the flow of postings with account maps pointing where postings go and how much detail flows through to the General Ledger. Data entry staff require only minimal knowledge of GL postings as Pronto Xi performs this task for them.

Accelerate Your End of Month, End of Year

Pronto Xi Period End Processing functions automates many of the tasks involved in closing the current period. At year end, the P&L accounts are closed out to the appropriation accounts, and YTD balances updated.

Flexibility of Reporting Hierarchy

Pronto Xi allows users to determine exactly how they want their financial reporting to display. The clever use of customisable hierarchies means that users can choose to model how they want their financial information is be reported. This means that everybody in a business can find the information they need, and display it exactly how they want.

Inventory Management

Pronto Xi’s Inventory Management provides you with the flexibility required to meet the requirements of a broad range of industries. It is the platform for Pronto Xi Sales Orders and Purchase Orders, and is fully integrated with the General Ledger. Using Pronto Xi Inventory Management, you have complete stock visibility and can track your inventory by warehouse for recording of quantity, movement and other relevant information. Importantly, it provides your console to inventory changes that result from processing in other areas of your business such as Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Manufacturing.

Some of Pronto Xi’s Inventory Management attributes include:

  • Multiple warehouses, suppliers and prices per item;
  • Multiple Units of Measure (UOM) and full First In First Out (FIFO);
  • Inventory catalogue and support for SKU and PLU barcodes;
  • Standard, Average, FIFO, Actual and Replacement costing;
  • Serial number and lot tracking;
  • Item licenses;
  • Full stocktake / cycle counting;
  • Interactive image display for products;
  • Automated reordering and replenishment.

Pronto Xi Inventory Master Record Definition Sophisticated and Comprehensive

A Pronto Xi Inventory Master Record maintains all the information and transaction history of an item. To create or maintain an item, you can use the main inventory maintenance screen or industry specific screens.


Pronto Xi integrates a comprehensive Payroll package for Australian organisations. It allows you to set a full-time, casual and part-time employee’s pay rate by specifying an hourly rate, or an annual salary. The hourly rate can be tied to an award pay rate, where applicable, allowing easy maintenance of pay rates for employees covered under the same award. Conditions of current taxation legislation are taken into consideration.

General Ledger Integration

Transactions to General Ledger can be automatically posted to accounts of your choosing for each type of payroll transaction. This allows you to maintain separate General Ledger expense accounts for salary and wages, leave pay and provisions for leave as well as superannuation.

Human Resource Management

An included Human Resource Management (HRM) system allows you to control the detailed information you need to supplement the personnel management requirements of your business:

  • Recording of internal and external training;
  • Position vacancy tracking;
  • Employee position and salary summary;
  • Management of applications for job vacancies;
  • Statistical analysis of all employment categories.


Pronto Xi Easy POS combines an graphically rich touch screen user interface with real-time access to Pronto Xi’s industry leading inventory management capability. The result is a cost-effective POS that requires very little training yet is extremely productive.

You benefit from a powerful, secure and flexible system which is easy to operate. Your staff can concentrate on customers’ needs rather than the mechanics of transaction processing. Additionally, you reap the benefits of an integrated solution: elimination of double handling, enhanced visibility and increased data integrity.

For example, you centrally manage pricing and promotions and apply pricing updates to all your stores instantly. New customer accounts can be created at any store - including full credit control and special pricing rules - and are then instantly visible to Easy POS registers. And real-time stock enquiries and allocation from Easy POS allow your staff to satisfy customer requests without resorting to time consuming “store to store” telephone calls.


  • Increase staff productivity by offering personalisation, simplified sign on and role based access to information;
  • Win new business via superior customer service across multiple channels;
  • Lower inventory costs by real-time collaboration with suppliers and partners;
  • Real-time price updates and inventory availability;
  • Business Intelligence tools such as POS Decision * Support System to unlock spending trends;
  • Auditing and security protection via event driven auditing;
  • User defined transaction limits;
  • Full lay-by control with warehouse facilities and storage tracking;
  • Extensive reporting and store transaction visibility;
  • Advanced tender tracking capability with real time gift voucher management.


Pronto Xi is not just focused on POS functionality. It includes sophisticated management features that help you run your retail operation more efficiently, from the simple opening of cash drawers to closing the day’s trading.

Cash Drawer - holdings can be viewed while the drawers are active allowing you to review cash balances and determine when these need to be cleared for security purposes. In addition Pronto Xi has the ability to email a designated member of the management team when a cash drawer balance exceeds a defined cash limit. The ability to list cash drawer transactions provides useful details to assist with the balancing of the drawer.

Petty Cash - Petty cash is easily transacted at Point-of-Sale and makes for efficient reconciliation and allocation at the back office.

Adjustments - Adjustments to the cash drawer contents can be controlled by management and, when it is deemed appropriate, cash can be removed from the drawer for secure holding or banking.

Flexible Shift Management - The end of shift process may be the end of the trading day, or any other designated time. Management can choose to close some or all cash drawers for added convenience. This allows you to allocate a resource to complete the drawer reconciliation at the end of shift or end of day. Management also has the option to enforce a process of blind reconciliation for a more secure process that offers clear separation of tasks. Pronto Xi can make corrections to POS tendering errors as part of the reconciliation process, avoiding unnecessary back office reconciliation.

Advanced Tender Tracking - you can monitor and control all tender types across the organisation. For example, a lost gift voucher can be deactivated and instantly rendered unusable in all branches. Then, if the voucher is subsequently found it can be reactivated just as easily. Of course, all changes are comprehensively audited to ensure you retain control.

Flexible User Interface - you can readily modify Easy POS screen layouts, including adding, removing or changing the graphical elements, sales process and buttons. Changes can be applied centrally for each individual cash drawer or selectively at your discretion.

Production Planning

Pronto Xi Manufacturing Planning provides a range of tools to optimise materials and capacity planning over single or multiple sites. Demand is aggregated through a network of distribution centres, using actual orders and forecasts, DRP/MRP or Min/Max replenishment logic. Pronto Xi has the planning tools to best match the level of complexity required by the business with support for both Finite Scheduling and Infinite Scheduling.

Pronto Xi Manufacturing Planning uses Production Plans, Master Production Schedules (MPS), Materials Requirements Planning (MRP), Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP), Rough Cut Capacity Planning (RCCP) Super Bills, Planning BOMs and supply/demand data from the inventory and distribution system to create a list of planned orders. After verification by the planner, work orders or purchase orders can be automatically generated, in bulk, grouped by product or other operational requirements. Planning enquiry screens typically provide single keystroke access to source documents and maintenance functions. Exception messages and action lists are generated by the system, while capacity and materials information can be displayed graphically. Our comprehensive planning capabilities include:

  • Creation of planned work order requirements for components and sub-assemblies;
  • Planning the completion dates for these work orders by using lead time;
  • Print of released planned orders and exception reports.

Sales and Operations planning is supported through the Production Planning module, Super Bills and Planning BOMs.

Production Scheduler

Pronto Xi Manufacturing Scheduler is a visual tool which offers greater visibility of workload versus available capacity and allows you to manually or systemically manage sequence and optimise work.

Pronto Xi Manufacturing Scheduler is a Windows-based drag and drop application which simplifies scheduling and planning for work centres where many jobs are processed simultaneously. It assists in managing variations in the current schedule, provides at-a-glance information when priorities have changed or a work centre is unavailable, and highlights the options available to resolve the change of circumstances.

PRONTO-Xi Analyse

Pronto Xi offers tools to monitor your operations and assign tasks, so you never miss a thing.

Pronto Xi Alert Intelligence

  • Automatically issue an SMS to the Sales Manager when a significant customer order is signed;
  • Send an email to the Scheduling Manager when annual leave is approved for manufacturing staff;
  • Raise the alarm when inventory shipments do not arrive on time;
  • Alert your customers when their order is ready to collect.

Alert Intelligence can send messages to your mobile phone now, the people who need to know what is happening in your business can be informed immediately, whether in the office or anywhere in the world. Alert Intelligence, allows you to establish notification rules for the system to use as it monitors your business processes. Then, as your daily activities trigger these rules, Alert Intelligence takes over to send you - or your staff, your suppliers or your customers - a message. These messages can even include hot links to the underlying Pronto Xi data, making it easy for you and your staff to drill into Pronto Xi and work through the issue:

  • Send a mobile phone Short Message Service (SMS) alert;
  • Display an on-screen pop-up message box;
  • Send an email;
  • Send a fax;
  • Activate a workflow process;
  • Launch a customised application.

Wizards and Templates

Alert Intelligence includes a Wizard to help you create event definitions and nominate recipients quickly and easily. It also includes over two dozen templates that can be used “out of the box” or modified for your particular business needs, including:

  • The Accounts Receivable ‘Overdue Follow-up’ allows AR staff to process overdue invoices that now have overdue follow-up notes;
  • The Customer Relationship Management ‘Opportunity Lost’ alerts sales management when prospects fail to convert;
  • The Inventory ‘Item below safety stock’ ensures that stock levels are maintained at optimum levels;
  • The Project Costing ‘Actual as a Percentage of Budget’ alerts project managers when a project is close to consuming budget;
  • The Purchase Orders ‘Overdue Deliveries’ alerts appropriate staff when goods have not arrived by the expected arrival date;
  • The Sales Orders ‘Price Overrides’ alert can be used when a sale is raised that is below the minimum Gross Profit percentage;
  • The Warehouse Management System ‘Zero Stock’ alert raises an alarm when stock in a dedicated location is consumed.

Self Service Capability

In order to simplify the management of Alert Intelligence, a “self service” subscription facility is included. This allows Pronto Xi users to select which alerts they would like to be notified about. Of course, this is managed by Pronto Xi’s security framework so that only notifications suitable for each user’s security level can be subscribed to.

Extensible Functionality

Alert Intelligence can do more than just send notifications. It is powered by our sophisticated Event Notification System (ENS) which allows it to also launch external programs or to trigger Pronto Xi Workflow Engine processes. This combination of flexibility and extensibility makes Alert Intelligence a powerful driver of business efficiency.

Pronto Xi with Alert Intelligence is the next generation of ERP from Australia’s award winning domestic ERP vendor, Pronto Software.

Pronto Xi Task Intelligence

Pronto Xi Task Intelligence is the software that lets you easily and efficiently manage your staff and workflows. It reduces the administrative overload that managers face by automating the allocation of critical tasks, keeping you on top of your highest priorities.

An extension of the notification functionality of the Alert Intelligence module, Pronto Xi Task Intelligence ensures compliance to business operation standards giving managers peace of mind that mission critical tasks are acted upon. It allows users to be assigned to do items relating to a specific action that needs to be performed.

Clever Tasks Management

Tasks can be created automatically by events triggered in the Alert Intelligence module, or entered manually within the Pronto Xi Task Intelligence module.

Using Pronto Xi Task Intelligence you can define:

  • How a user is to be notified of a task that has been assigned to them;
  • How much time is allocated to complete the task;
  • The priority of the task;
  • How and when a reminder to complete the task is to be sent;
  • When a task should be escalated to another user;
  • The visual feedback about the status of a task given to the user in their “My Tasks”.

For example, a reminder to review or approve a Purchase Order (PO) within a set time such as six hours is triggered from Pronto Xi, with a hyperlink embedded in an email linking to the relevant PO. If it’s not approved within the set time frame, another nominated person (such as a supervisor) is also alerted. Tasks all stay open and visible until completed.

Ease of Use and Deployment

The barriers in place for businesses wanting to automate business processes are tradditional high. Pronto Xi Task Intelligence lowers these barriers by:

  • Removing the need for programming skills;
  • Including a simple, intuitive interface and a single navigation model that makes setting up and completing tasks quick and easy;
  • Providing hyperlinks embedded in the email that links directly to screens in the ERP so that users can act on these tasks quickly without having to navigate through the system;
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook.

Pronto Xi Task Intelligence is built into the ERP system which means no further implementation is required. All is needed is to set up the business rules and you are ready to go.

What’s more, being fully integrated with Pronto Xi, all data is simultaneously updated in real-time in the system once the tasks are completed. This ensures a seamless business process flow, so that you can experience the benefits of using Pronto Xi Task Intelligence straight away

PRONTO-Xi Distribution

As the heart of your supply chain, your warehouse has a mandate to handle inventory accurately and efficiently.

Pronto Xi Warehouse Management System capabilities allow you to streamline your internal and external supply chain processes to deliver real cost savings:

  • Give your staff immediate access to accurate inventory information;
  • Improve customer service by increasing throughput with reduced pick and pack error rates;
  • Reduce labour costs with directed put-away and easy-to-use RF scanning;
  • Optimise space utilisation including 3D warehouse layouts;
  • Increase operational control through automated replenishment and sophisticated stock take.

Indeed, your warehouse is so critical to your operations that often small improvements in warehouse optimisation significantly impact your bottom line. Pronto Xi Warehouse Management System (WMS) fully integrates with other Pronto Xi capabilities to fine tune your warehouse operations and deliver optimum performance.

Sophistication and Ease-of-Use

WMS is a sophisticated warehouse control system designed to maximise warehouse throughput and customer service levels by intelligently controlling movements of inventory into, around and out of the warehouse. It has two levels of warehouse controls and supports multiple bin locations per item with controlled putaway with or without optimised picking. In addition, you are offered total flexibility in the description of the warehouse layout. Each location within the warehouse is specified in a 3D coordinate system. Optimal picking paths can be specified to guide your staff - picker or replenisher - through the warehouse in the most effective sequence. User defined locations are supported, including Carton Line Storage (CLS), carousel and manual pick locations.

For each item, you can set up unit specific storage locations, specifying what unit of measure can be picke for each location. Each item can have an unlimited number of storage locations within a warehouse. Inner cartons are also supported.

Your Warehouse Manager can select and prioritise the orders to be processed. Orders may be produced in batches corresponding to one delivery from a designated pickup point in the warehouse. A consolidated picking slip can be produced to optimise the process of picking orders. Items on the consolidated picking slip are sorted according to the most efficient path through the warehouse. Pronto Xi WMS can also organise pre-pick movements of goods through the warehouse. This allows pallet quantities to be shipped directly to the despatch point from bulk storage.

PRONTO-Xi Facilities Management

PRONTO Xi Project Costing Management is designed to track a project or job from quotation through to completion. Project Costing Management automates many of the tedious areas of job quotation and allows you to accurately control costing procedures.

Project Costing Management integrates with other PRONTO Xi applications, including work orders, sales orders and Service calls. PRONTO Xi is a powerful tool for total business management.

PRONTO-Xi Service Management handles the ongoing servicing of your customer’s equipment. It enhances the quality of your customer service through better call management, faster call resolution and simplified contract management. Service Management incorporates a flexible framework which maps the diverse requirements of our customers to the system.

PRONTO Xi Rental uses PRONTO Xi Rental is a comprehensive module which enables you to record and track your rental contracts. It is a fully integrated, flexible tool which offers you product and contract traceability and the capability to streamline your processes.

PRONTO-Xi Maintenance Management is designed to simplify planning and maintenance procedures. It reduces operating costs with functionality like preventive maintenance, downtime management and fault analysis.

PRONTO Xi Engineer Scheduler offers complete visibility of unallocated service calls and engineer activity. It optimizes dispatcher efficiency with up-to-date call status and easy engineer allocation.

PRONTO Xi Engineer Scheduler is a flexible tool which caters to a wide range of work practices and procedures. Advanced sort and filter options allow you to focus on critical calls. Unallocated calls can be filtered and sorted by service centre, call type, call number, priority, required skills, action type, region and customer; while engineers can be filtered by service centre, engineer number and skill code. Engineer Scheduler makes it easy to focus on your urgent calls or view calls from priority customers. Additionally multiple dispatchers can allocate calls simultaneously if required.

PRONTO-Xi Mobile Service improves the efficiency of service technicians in the field and removes inefficiencies associated with field service paperwork. Using a handheld device, Mobile Service makes it easy for engineers to receive details on pending service calls, record their working and travel times, and collect notes on a service call. All information is automatically passed from handheld units to the central PRONTO-Xi system, eliminating the need for re-keying of handwritten forms and dramatically speeding up communication between field staff and the control centre.

PRONTO-Xi Financials

PRONTO-Xi Financials forms the basis of the ERP system and consolidates all your financial activities into a single control centre. It provides the tools for managing your cash flow and gross margins while offering a high level view of your Key Performance Indicators. Your have immediate visibility of the outcome of your business operations that contributes to your bottom line.

PRONTO-Xi Manufacturing

Pronto Xi Manufacturing is easy to use and implement, and delivers a high degree of efficiency to your operations. It supports a wide range of industries and effectively manages most manufacturing processes including high volume production, lean manufacturing environments and mass customization.

Lean Manufacturing

Pronto Xi can be configured for traditional paper-based environments using work orders to coordinate the planning, execution, raw materials consumption and feedback of production results or in a Kanban or paperless environment, automatically backflushing raw materials.

Optimised Manufacturing

Pronto Xi offers a comprehensive range of flexible tools supporting modern lean manufacturing methods. These include traditional shopfloor control, planning and work order processes as well as order-less production. Product configuration and kitting features offer extraordinarily rich functionality to Make to Order, Assemble to Order and Engineer to Order industries.

Manufacturing Clarity

Pronto Xi Manufacturing seamlessly integrates in your entire supply chain from sales to operations, distribution and finance, providing an accurate view of the critical elements in your manufacturing operation. Materials availability, production results and financial performance are just keystrokes away and are updated as manufacturing transactions are processed.

PRONTO-Xi Report

Pronto Xi now delivers a full suite of applications and out-the-box BI solutions through its strong transactional ERP system, tightly integrated with IBM Cognos 10. Reporting from Pronto Xi with IBM Cognos 10 is now simpler, quicker and better focused on the real problems pertinent to individual businesses.

Turning Data Into Knowledge

Pronto Xi Business Intelligence with IBM Cognos 10 now unlocks the knowledge businesses need to make more informed decisions and turn insight into action, using the powerful Business Dashboards, reports and analytics packages provided with Pronto Xi modules.

To achieve this, we built reporting data packages for the main Pronto Xi modules, which allow users to build reports and ad hoc queries in minutes without any prior programming knowledge or strong understanding of the source data.

Reporting Hierarchy

Pronto Xi uses customisable hierarchies which means that users can choose to model how they want various aspects of their data to be structured and reported. This means that everybody in a business can the information they need, exactly how they want it displayed.

BI, Ready to Go

Pronto Xi now delivers a full suite of applications and out-the-box BI solutions through its strong transactional ERP system and flexible hierarchies all tightly integrated with IBM Cognos 10. Reporting from Pronto Xi with IBM Cognos 10 is now simpler, quicker and better focused on the real problems pertinent to individual businesses.

PRONTO-Xi Sales & Marketing

Pronto Xi Point-of-Sale, Web Commerce and Customer Relationship Management - they all tie together to ensure that your customers are presented with a seamless view of your business that increases your sales and service velocity.

Our sophisticated customer-facing solutions help you to deliver outstanding customer service results. Pronto Xi manages your customer, supplier and prospect interactions, from marketing and sales to service and logistics, increasing your business opportunities and customer satisfaction.

Pronto Xi benefits Retailers by not only creating outstanding customer experiences, but by being the reliable engine that drives all of the inner workings of your business. For example, Pronto Xi can automatically ensure stock coverage at both company and franchise stores using a single process, saving you resources and increasing your stock turns.

CRM extends your reach even further by supporting a managed lead conversion and marketing capability. Pronto Xi allows store, sales and administration staff to focus on what really matters and not get bogged down in administration. Pronto Xi really is what you’ve been looking for.

PRONTO-Xi Specialized Applications

PRONTO-Xi Customer Relationship Management provides 360 degree customer and prospect visibility. CRM provides account status at a glance, reduces time spent drilling into customer details and keeps sales staff up to date. CRM helps you conduct relevant, well-timed marketing programs to enhance customer relationships as well as increase profits. Marketing campaigns encompass telesales scripts and campaign effectiveness can be tracked, measured and graphed within the application. In addition to integrating with Microsoft Outlook TM, CRM ensures your sales team stays on top of customer needs.

Business Intelligence - Pronto Software has extensive experience delivering Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. Our expertise in analytical techniques and sophisticated tools simplifies access to relevant information for superior data analysis and speedy decision making. Our BI solutions make it practical for your staff to create, share, analyze and distribute information, to see the big picture ad drill down into the details.

By adopting our BI solutions, customer using PRONTO-Xi have realized benefits such as:

  • Management of the best practice processes to drive efficiency throughout the organization;
  • Streamlined budget reporting to deliver timely and accurate information in your standard formats;
  • Monitoring tactical initiatives to measure their effectiveness against the strategic plan;
  • Capturing ‘one vision of the truth’ that eliminates information silos within the business;
  • Linking qualitative information and relevant quantitative information;
  • Drill down and drill back to underlying PRONTO-Xi transactions direct from the analytics application reduces staff training and improves efficiency.

Advanced data visualization tools enable you to quickly assess trends and react to challenges and opportunities. These views provide clear comprehension of what is happening in the business and support better informed and more timely responses to both pressing issues and longer term trends.

PRONTO-Xi Supply Chain Management

Pronto Xi Supply Chain Management applications deliver superior co-ordination and integration of your product, information and finance flows.

Increased Business Agility

Increase your business agility with rapid sales order entry and outstanding warehouse throughput. Automated processes including inventory re-ordering, warehouse replenishment and product configuration significantly reduce administrative overhead. Implement best practice inventory control and resource management through synchronised transactions across the extended enterprise including shipping agents and carriers. Deliver in full, on time, every time.

Supply Chain Clarity

By offering a real-time view of your sales, purchasing and inventory, Pronto Xi provides unprecedented supply chain clarity. This enhanced visibility allows you to focus on customer service, schedule staff efficiently, optimise warehouse utilisation and identify your most effective suppliers.

Extended Supply Chain

Pronto Xi offers the ability to extend your Supply Chain beyond the boundaries of your business. By adding collaboration to your ERP system, you are able to share information upstream and downstream in your supply chain to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders is a powerful procurement system which includes functions to help plan future inventory requirements. By combining data on inventory levels, sales history, budget and current commitments, purchase orders can be automatically created. And being fully integrated with other Pronto Xi modules including Inventory, Accounts Payable and General Ledger means that processing purchase orders and shipment receipts automatically update inventory levels and invoices are automatically matched off with, and posted to, the General Ledger.

Other aspects of Purchase Orders include:

  • Purchase authorisation limits;
  • Tracking of orders through placement dispatch, receipt and invoice;
  • Goods receipt by order or shipment;
  • Blanket and contract orders, returns and quotation requests;
  • Tracking of international shipment charges;
  • Calculation of inventory costs from shipment charges;
  • Allocation of costs by various methods, including weight, value or volume;
  • Automatic reordering;
  • Multiple currency;
  • Multiple cost allocations per line;
  • Shipment re-costing;
  • Purchase Orders links to Sales Orders, Service Management, Shopfloor Manufacturing, Project Costing Management, Inventory, Rental and General Ledger;
  • Internal Requisitions.

Intelligent Re-Ordering

The inventory reorder file is a comprehensive presentation of all the information needed to facilitate inventory reordering decisions. The associated outstanding purchase order report is a fully XML enabled report enabling you to drill back into Pronto Xi by simply clicking the purchase order you want to review.

Cost Control and Visibility

Pronto Xi Purchase Orders captures comprehensive landed product costs enabling accurate gross margin analysis and true product profitability. Timely system alerts provide early warnings of diminishing product profitability via minimum margin levels. Pronto Xi’s exceptional cost-control enables you to source locally and globally, confident that you receive goods at the lowest price, within the required time-frame.

Quality Management

Quality Management provides you with the tools to administer your organisation’s quality management procedures and activities. It is a flexible module which supports continuous improvement, tighter process control, increased auditability and certification requirements. Pronto Xi’s Quality Management System includes:

  • Complaint Register;
  • Non-conformance / electronic suggestion box;
  • Document Register with full library facilities;
  • Technical Bulletin tracking;
  • Access to batch / lot tracking of product;
  • Vendor performance / control;
  • QMS file system;
  • Engineering change order register;
  • Technical drawings / blueprint register;
  • Audit scheduling and control.

Radio Frequency

Increase warehouse efficiency and shop floor productivity by utilising PRONTO-RF. Maximise order accuracy and increase the effectiveness of your inventory and warehouse management by introducing wireless data communications.

Extend your ability to reduce paper based business processes to lower administration costs, eliminate errors in standard activities such as picking, and streamline the information flow within your system.

RF allows you to electronically transmit orders using radio frequency technology from your Pronto Xi Sales Order system to your operators’ handheld or vehicle mounted terminals. It also includes options to automate stocktaking, receipting, picking, packing, despatch and replenishment tasks.

Simplify Warehouse Processes

Whether you are operating a small or large warehouse, Pronto Xi RF allows you to take the complexity out of your business processes. Automating time consuming manual tasks will simplify your warehouse operation for consistent performance and ease of staff training.

Pronto Xi RF wireless warehousing streamlines your operations reducing paperwork and double handling resulting in enhanced processes, reduced cost and better customer service.

Integrated Processing

Fully integrated, Pronto Xi RF extends the power of your enterprise management system providing improved visibility and real time processing from your warehouse operation through to other Pronto Xi modules.

Sales Orders

Pronto Xi Sales Orders is a highly functional order fulfilment module suitable for the processing of customer orders. It automates the creation of both customer and internal documentation including picking slips, consignment notes, manifests, labels, invoices and delivery dockets. Numerous options and flag settings allow you to tailor the sales order entry screen and processes to meet your particular requirements. In addition to normal sales orders, you can process credit notes, forward orders, quotations, consignment orders, and intra-warehouse transfers, as well as control Return Authorisations:

  • User defined order entry screen;
  • Automatic inventory allocation to back orders;
  • Internal transfer/work orders for unavailable inventory;
  • Integrated with Kits and Pronto Xi Product Configurator;
  • Credit checking and display at order entry/edit;
  • Multiple warehouse capabilities;
  • Direct links between sales orders, purchase orders and work orders;
  • Automatic freight calculations;
  • Full sales history retention;
  • Item alternatives; multiple selling units;
  • Full backorder management.

Sales Order Integration

Sales Orders are fully integrated with Pronto Xi Inventory, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger and Customer Relationship Management functions. When a sales order is updated, available inventory, customer master, sales history, inventory movements and relevant General Ledger accounts are automatically updated. In addition, a full audit trail is produced at this time.

You can enter sales orders manually, though for the most part they are automatically created by the different modules and business processes of Pronto Xi. For example, sales orders can be created by service jobs, service billing, rental periodic billing, Pronto Xi Avenue applications and contracts.

Sales orders can also be imported via Pronto Xi EasyEDI through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Fast Order Processing

Sales order entry is a three step process – keying data into the sales order header, lines and conclusion. You have the flexibility to configure these three steps to map your business processes and ensure fast order entry. Additionally, to further speed-up the sales order process, you can use templates or copy an existing sales order.

Intelligent Order Fulfillment

If the goods are not available in one warehouse, Pronto Xi can automatically create an internal transfer order and dispatch the items from another warehouse, or transfer them back to the originating warehouse. This flexibility ensures that your staff focus on providing customer service, and leave the management of inventory up to the system.

Shopfloor Planning

Pronto Xi Shopfloor Manufacturing is a flexible and easy to use tool for rigorous cost control and efficient manufacturing. It allows you to effectively plan your production and ensures full visibility of your manufacturing resources. Shopfloor control manages the execution phase of the manufacturing process, while work orders are typically used to manage the planning, execution, raw materials consumption and feedback of production results. For Lean Manufacturing environments, Pronto Xi offers order-less and paper-less reporting of production, using backflush methods of raw materials consumption and progressive crediting of labour and overhead ‘hours earned’.

Efficient Mass Customisation

The Pronto Xi Product Configurator streamlines Make To Order (MTO), Assemble To Order (ATO) and Engineer To Order (ETO) environments.

It dynamically creates inventory items in response to exact customer requirements and turns them into specific shop-floor instructions. It also calculates both cost and price for each individual sales order, which minimises paper work, reduces lead times and dramatically cuts order administration overheads.

Simplified Manufacturing Processes

Pronto Xi Shopfloor Manufacturing supports advanced processes like parallel routing, multiple cavity tooling management, alternative routing streams and outsourcing. In less complex environments, labour and overhead costs can be configured as labour and special items, providing a quick alternative to a full work centre routing setup.

Other aspects of Pronto Xi Manufacturing include:

  • Multiple Bills of Materials - provides full functionality for businesses to optimise the same product in different locations for Costing, Materials, Work Centres and Routings.
  • Production Enquiry - production results can be reported using generic production feedback tools, or a large number of industry specific, customised production entry methods.
  • Alternative Routing - allows selection of a specific route, on the day of actual production, from a range of predefined routings. Special work order types and processes are available for disassembly type industries, and other special operations like rework, repack and others.
  • Lot and Serial Tracking - is supported for finished goods as well as components or raw materials. In addition Pronto Xi Laboratory allows definition and recording of laboratory test results, typically to enable product grading or printing of conformance certificates.
  • Sub-contracting - Subcontracting and outsourcing deliver flexibility and cost benefits to your operations. Pronto Xi’s superior subcontracting logic has the flexibility to handle ad-hoc changes in your manufacturing load, yet is able to accurately track both unplanned and scheduled work, within both the shopfloor and work order environment. Sub-contract purchase orders can be raised at various times. Operations, work centres and subcontractors can be modified or substituted, while goods receipt takes place using the standard purchasing goods receipt functions. Integrity between stock control of goods produced and payment for sub-contracting services is fully preserved, without any double handling, creation of dummy items or otherwise compromising inventory integrity.
  • Make to Stock, Repetitive, Batch Production - Pronto Xi Manufacturing allows flexible but efficient management of this vital hub of supply chain management in the modern manufacturing organisation.

Pronto Xi supports discrete manufacturing, rate based production, parallel routing, multiple cavity tooling, alternative routing streams and outsourcing of subcontract operations. In less complex environments labour and overhead costs can be handled via labour and special items, giving a simple, quick implementation alternative to the complexities of traditional work centre routing.

Make to Order, Assemble to Order, Configure to Order, Engineer to Order - Pronto Xi Manufacturing offers a large range of productivity tools. Simple features and options scenarios are easily implemented through kit BOMs, with or without an associated manufacturing or assembly process. Alternatively the Product Configurator handles rapid creation of totally customised product configurations, creating work orders directly, or via the Bill of Materials module.


Pronto Xi TrueForm is a powerful suite of products that allows you to prepare, format, distribute and administer all customer-facing & business documents from Pronto Xi Enterprise Management System.

Pronto Xi TrueForm Designer

Design high-quality, professional forms such as invoices, statements, purchase orders, credit notes and pick-slips.

  • Fully personalise your customer-facing documentation to ensure it is consistent with your company’s branding requirements
  • Dynamically adjust forms for different geographies, customers or trading names without any manual intervention
  • Remove need for pre-printed forms - avoid costs associated with disposal & repurchase of out of date stationary
  • Get up and running quickly using intuitive user interface & ‘out of the box’ form templates
  • Supports ability to print barcodes helping improve the efficiency of your downstream processing
  • Supports Postscript fonts and alternate line colours

Pronto Xi TrueForm Director

Significantly improve the efficiency of your business document distribution, converting manual distribution processes into a single automated, electronic process. Pronto Xi TrueForm Director is a document distribution workflow designer enabling full automation of print, email, fax, document transfer and file storage processes.

  • Reduce the complexity & number of print queues required on the network
  • Remove physical document storage & distribution costs by using automated electronic distribution processes as a viable alternative
  • Automatically convert raw Pronto Xi data into professionally published PDF documents ready for distribution
  • Quickly define document distribution rules and workflow using intuitive ‘point & click’ graphical user interface
  • Generate PDF documents for distribution via FTP or HTTP; the preferred mechanism for delivery of pick-slips if your organisation uses an out-sourced product distribution warehouse
  • Dynamically define document names and save locations for simple & easy archiving

Pronto Xi TrueForm Mailer

Email and fax any Pronto Xi document or report directly from Pronto Xi.

  • Email any document in high resolution colour, ensuring a professional company image
  • Reduce costs associated with physical postage by using email or fax as your preferred alternative
  • Ensure documents are read only by the intended recipient by adding security to sensitive documents such as pay slips & group certificates
  • Reduce monthly statement run from days to minutes through full automation of document delivery
  • Reduce labour costs associated with folding, addressing and posting documents
  • Reduce carbon footprint by minimizing paper and postage costs

Pronto Xi TrueForm Server

An essential component of TrueForm that performs the operational tasks to ensure forms are created & distributed accordingly. It resides on a Windows-based server and provides administrative functions such as printer queue configuration, management of log files, license administration and access to the reprint manager.

Screen Customiser

Because you have your own way of doing business, Pronto Xi has been designed to take this into account. Pronto Xi Screen Customiser allows suitably trained staff to shape the user interface of system screens to suit the specific requirements of a company, a department or even an individual user. Additionally, it supports sophisticated extensions to screen logic by allowing you to add “triggers” to Pronto Xi fields that can pop-up other Pronto Xi screens or third party applications as required.

Screen Customiser gives you the power to ensure that time using Pronto Xi is spent efficiently and that input errors are minimised. It results in faster processing, reduced costs and improved user morale.

The types of things you can modify using Screen Customiser include:

Change Screen Prompts and Fields

Change position, text, font, colour and display size of screen prompts and their associated fields.

Change Field Defaults

Field defaults may be predefined for different operators or different levels of operator. For example, all Sydney based operators may want the default warehouse to be “SYD”.

Hide Screen Prompts, Fields and Buttons

If a field is not necessary because it will always contain the same value or is not used you can remove it from the user interface.

Add Screen, Field or Button Triggers

Launch a process external to the basic logic of the screen based on a user activity. For example, calculate the default value of a field based on previously entered information or send an e-mail to a manager if a sales order exceeds a specified dollar amount.

Create User Defined Buttons

Create additional buttons on a screen to launch processes that you define.

Add Calculated or Lookup Fields to Data Grids and Forms

Ensure that the screen being used is as information-rich as you like by including data from other tables or information that is calculated on the fly.

Warehouse Management System

Pronto Xi Warehouse Management System is a sophisticated warehouse control system designed to maximise warehouse throughput and customer service levels by intelligently controlling movements of inventory into, around and out of the warehouse. From maximising lines per day to minimising staff and using space more effectively, your warehouse is geared to prevent stockouts and lost sales.

Efficient and Flexible Warehouse Layout

Each location within the warehouse is specified in a 3D co-ordinated system. Optimal picking paths can be specified to guide the picker or replenisher through the warehouse in the most effective sequence. User defined locations are supported, including carton line storage (CLS), carousel and manual pick locations.

Picked in 60 Seconds

Pronto Xi Warehouse Management System fully optimises your warehouse processes including:

  • Intelligent replenishment ensures that delivering on time at lower cost has never been easier;
  • Optimised picking paths, cross docking and directed putaway increase the throughput of your Supply Chain;
  • Sophisticated RF capabilities allow you to run a paperless operation, enforce picking rules and replace staff training with on-screen instructions;
  • Volume-based warehouse management recommends optimal placement of goods received based on product dimensions and physical shelf parameters.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of PRONTO-Xi

Submitted on November 27th, 2021 by Anonymous

Software that looks like it was written in 1982, and has not been updated since. It is - quite simply - the worst ERP software I’ve ever used. If you want to spend a lot of time tabbing through fields you don’t need to use, and don’t mind not being able to use a mouse (remember, in 1982, mice were not ubiquitous like they are now), you’ll enjoy your time with Pronto. If you like having to follow a non-sensical workflow (e.g. working through the multiple pages when simply receipting a PO - why do I have to ‘receive’ a PO and then ‘update’ it, too? WTH?), you will enjoy your time with Pronto. If, however, you want to use a well-designed system so you can maximise efficiency, my advice is to look elsewhere. The developers charge $3400 ex-GST for each backend license, which is insane. Where’s the money going? It’s certainly not being put into improving the software.

The Good…


The Bad…

everything listed above

Submitted on September 15th, 2019 by Anonymous

I cannot seem to find any information on Vendor Managed Inventory. There is functionality to manage consignment but cannot find anything to VMI

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The Bad…